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Seeing Susu and Chen Mu leave happily from the lower level, Karen bit her lips while her tears ruined her eye makeup. Her mascara and eyeliner made lines across her face as she wiped her tears sideways using her sleeves. She kept whispering Susu's name while gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth against each other.

"A soon to be dead person like you should just die faster. Why are you walking around faking smiles and ruining others' lives? Huh? You want to compete with me? You don't even stand a chance." She breathed heavily as she heard notifications from her phone.

When she unlocked her phone, she saw many messages from her parents asking how the compet.i.tion went. Pictures and voices from the event started haunting her once again. Her fingers shook as her vision blurred.

She saw Tian Yuo's name and went through the texts that they've sent to each other. While scrolling through the conversations, she saw the pictures of the pills that he took from long ago. She remembered telling him that those were birth control pills, but never really looked into what these pills were for. A part of her became suspicious as she recalled Susu hating any form of medicine.

"What if these pills.. weren't just regular medicine... but for her ...cancer?" She mumbled and quickly wiped her tears away. Quickly, she left the building and went to a few nearby pharmacies to confirm her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Susu, Lily, Lin Que and Chen Mu decided to do some shopping for tonight's dinner. Earlier, Chen Mu and Lily set out different reasons for why Susu should eat homemade food for dinner. Ever since her recent throat infection recovery, Lily and Chen Mu always checked up on her.

Chen Mu would ask her about how she felt every day and made sure that she was alright. Lily would send herb deliveries to their condo to make sure that everything is stocked up and convenient for Chen Mu to use.

Susu mentioned that she wanted to eat out for the night, and Chen Mu reminded her that her monthly body check was coming up. "Don't forget that you just recovered from a throat infection. Outside food has a lot of oil and we'll never know whose hand touched what while the dishes are made. How about you tell me what you want to eat and I'll make it for you?"

"Mm..." She understood his concerns and started thinking about different dishes that she wanted to eat.

"How about we eat something light? We can have chicken congee for tonight with a few vegetable dishes on the side." Lily understood that Susu was thinking about everyone else and their preferences so she made this suggestion for her.

Susu asked, "But are you sure you guys are fine with all these simple dishes? I don't want you guys to feel hungry after this dinner."

Lin Que smiled, "Lily and I have eaten too much fried food lately. We need to balance our diets. We aren't picky eaters so as long as Chen Mu's cooking is edible, it will do."

Susu looked at Lily again to confirm that it was really alright to keep it simple. Lily nodded in response and hugged her arm, "So~~~ While you guys are going to shop for tonight's dinner ingredients, we will be walking around for entertainment for tonight's celebration."

Right after she said that, she pulled Susu towards the mall direction and left the guys by themselves. Lin Que patted Chen Mu on the back, "So, it's only us now. Knowing Lily's personality, she must have something in her mind. Hah, let's hurry and shop for our girlfriend's stomach."

"Yeah....Let's just cross our fingers and hope that whatever entertainment that they end up choosing are normal..." Chen Mu s.h.i.+vered at the thought of Lily's creative capabilities. Ever since they've started dating, he realized that many naughty ideas that Susu wanted to try out were all inspired by Lily's words. As much as he enjoyed those bedroom stuff, he can't imagine how extreme Lily would get when it comes to being in charge of a double date night.

After splitting up, Chen Mu and Lin Que gathered everything that they needed within half an hour. Since they worked together and always kept in touch about Susu's condition, they knew which ingredients would provide the best nutrients for her. Lin Que didn't forget to grab a few golden dragonfruits and strawberries because those were Lily's favorites.

Lily and Susu had smiles on their faces when they exited the mall and met up with the guys. Seeing the curves on their girlfriend's lips, Chen Mu and Lin Que exchanged glances as they prepared their hearts for the upcoming entertainment activities. Just like that, the four of them went back to Chen Mu's condo and started to party.

Since it was still early, Chen Mu washed the vegetables and seasoned the chicken for the congee before joining the three of them at the couch area. The first game that Lily took out was Monopoly Deals. It was a simple deck of cards mixed with money cards, action cards and property cards. The first person to stack the required colors and show three properties on the table will be the winner.

This was Susu's first time playing this game since she was never too much of a board game fan. Since she was a beginner at it, she lost a few times and learned some new tricks. Even though she lost, Lily quickly shuffled the cards and distributed them again.

"it's okay! This is your first time playing it. It's all good. You'll get the hang of it. Here, let's play another round." Lily comforted her and was obviously biased towards her. She gave Lin Que a few looks when he attacked Susu multiple times and took all of her properties. Since Lin Que dared to bully Susu, Lily didn't leave room for him to survive in the game either.

Lily started throwing down action cards to attack Lin Que and ended up winning the last few games. Susu couldn't help but laugh at this lovable couple in front of her. Chen Mu joined after they had started another round. He sat next to Susu and said, "Don't worry, with me here, you wont lose."

Chen Mu helped Susu throughout the entire round and left the other couple speechless. He waited until the useful action cards were used up by Lily and Lin Que before making a move. Lin Que was so close to winning and Susu had two properties with a thick stash of cash on the side.

"Draw your cards," Chen Mu calmly whispered to her ears. She nodded and showed him the two property cards that she drew. He smiled, "Perfect."

With the two gold property cards that were stacked together from Susu's pile, Chen Mu placed the third gold card, which made it a set and then a rent card on top. "Are you going to stop this action card?"

Lin Que gulped, "I can't." Lily patted his back, "It's okay. After this, you can still win with the properties that you have left."

"Not if I do this." Chen Mu placed the Double Rent card on top of the Rent card.

"d.a.m.n!!! You sucked me dry! I was this close to winning!" Lin Que stared at his collection of properties and watched everything of his go towards Susu's side.

"Pfffft! Aiyo, seems like my Susu is the winner for this round! Wooooo! That was such a ending move!! d.a.m.n!" Lily laughed and rubbed Lin Que's hair to comfort him.

After playing a few more rounds, Chen Mu and Lin Que went to prepare dinner for their girls. While they were cooking, Lily and Susu giggled and whispered secretly to each other. The guys pretended to not hear their tiny voices, but they've already prepared their hearts for the next activities to come.

Of course, before continuing their gaming sessions, food is more important. Even if the girls don't need the energy, they definitely need it to entertain their queens for tonight. Besides, Susu had to take her medicine so she needs to eat something first.

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