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Chapter 1231 - Friends Arrive

Like so, Landon spent his time hoping around according to his schedule, doing the best he could.

And like so, time pa.s.sed by, with more and more guests arriving in Baymard's Capital city for the big day.

The now King-father Micheal, Monarch Astar, Monarch Henry and several others had shown up.

Be it people from Carona, Arcadina, Yodan, Deiferus or Terique... the V.I.P guests for the event had all shown up during this time.

But even regular people had travelled far and wide to witness the grand ceremony too..

It was a thing of great joy to the entire continent.

And, another shocking thing was seeing Blue people around.

You know, they had seen Lucia's dark-skin tone before, so they weren't too shocked when seeing a large gathering of these dark-skinned people around.

Yes. Thanks to Baymard, many people already knew that blue skin people exist.

But seeing them in the flesh filled many with wonder about how gigantic their world was.


You know, if Baymard hadn't publicized these people's skin tones as being normal, some people or others who were still living in their closed-mind thinking system might've accused these people of being possessed, being evil or something like this.

Mind you, these were dark times, and even their babies were sometimes thrown away or mistreated unfairly. So what more of a stranger?

But you know, ever since the first year Baymard opened its gates to the public, it had created dolls with all the various skin tones in this world and wrote several other stories that blended in with the skin tones of the world.

For example, of course, Snow-white had the Tenola skin tone. Mulan looked like their people from Pyno, Pocahontas, and the little mermaid resembled Dark-skinned people, etc.

He made everything welcoming in various ways long before Lucia's group stepped into Baymard.

And that's why the public began calling Lucia princess when they didn't even know her ident.i.ty.

In short, the first thought when seeing Blue skinned people now wasn't that of repulse, but wonder and awe.

Beautiful! Beautiful! 

They were so beautiful!

Some of the Zalipnians that came to Baymard were indeed Blue toned.


As one had examined earlier on, because of how close Zohl and Romain were, Zohl people would migrate to Romain, and Romain people also migrated to Zohl too.

Additionally, they would marry and have mixed babies sometimes.

That said, amongst the crowd here in Baymard, one can find deeper toned Blue people, as well as light Blue toned people.

It was indeed a fascinating scene to behold.

And back in the palace, the men were also getting to know Uther's squad too.

On the first day of meeting one another, everyone was a little tense and kept a certain degree of formality.

But as the days went by, thanks to the many fun activities and 'adventures' they had, Carmelo, Micheal, Lucius and the rest quickly loosened up when dealing with Uther and his ministers too.

Hey! Some people lost some games, others won and rubbed it in the loser's face, and they even had friendly matches amongst themselves too.

At the same time, their wives were also having the time of their lives, especially now that Mother Kim was back from her trip.

Like so, the older generation had their fun and couldn't be bothered by the youngsters.

So, Landon's age group-gang mingled amongst themselves, with Lucia and Kora in the mix too.


And she also realized how great they all were individually... Especially when they got together and talked about some weird contraptions called the Catapult.

They also mentioned all the problems and battles they've been fighting against in their territories during the year.

It was also amazing to listen in on the many new ways of spreading news faster.

They chose the ringing bell option, alarming all the citizens of any immediate dangers.

In short, the more Kora secretly listened in on their conversations, the more shocked she was.

d.a.m.n. She had arrived in a crazy world.

Looking at Penelope, Kora liked her a lot.

The woman was a tough nut with a warm heart.

She listened to Penelope talking about how hard she had been working to stop slavery around drying the last years and was satisfied with her.

And it's because of its great size that issues might arise.


Carolina had long signed the treaty with Baymard

And for years now, they've been working hard to maintain the new rules.

Of course, because they took action years back, at present, within every corner of Carona, the new laws were known to all.

Last September was when she was 100% sure that every town, village or city got the word.

But you see, listening and obeying were 2 different matters.

So during this period since then, the team of men sent towards each region had been trying to place order into the society and stop slavery once and for all.

One would think that the n.o.bles were the ones that gave the most problems.

But unlike other empires, Carona has always been somewhat 'humane.' 

So the number of rebellious n.o.bles that still secretly kept slaves was quite a few.

No... The real problem came from merchants and visitors! These people liked the slave system and didn't want to let it die... or else wouldn't they have to pay fair wages to the many slaves checking their account books or those running their stores all around the empires?

Do you know how much money they'll lose?

Additionally, Penelope also found that it was these merchants that were primarily ȧssisting the pirates in kidnapping or gathering a large number of people for the pirates and others to take as slaves in other empires.

Sure, some n.o.bles did so... But the number caught was nowhere close to how many merchants they caught this past year alone.

Sigh... The underlying problem truly gave her a headache.

But little did Penelope know that she had now joined the train of Kora's list of Idols



But little did they know that during this great time of celebration, misfortune also seemed near as well.

Hehehhe... Who were the visitors this time?

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