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Chapter 2541

“36 Yin Yang Techniques?” She frowned, “What’s that?”

Yang Ye remained composed as he replied, “A very formidable sword technique. Would you like to give it a try?”

She was about to speak when she glanced to the side, and then she gazed at Yang Ye again, “I’ll try it another day. So, are you sure you refuse to come now?”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “I’ll go have a look then!”

She turned around and left.

Gu Nan appeared by Yang Ye’s side, “Be careful!”

Yang Ye nodded. He seemed to have thought of something and asked, “What about Senior Gu Han?”

Gu Han was naturally the former sect master who’d been guarding the Sword Cave!

He’d vanished when Yang Ye emerged from the Sword Cave that day!

Gu Nan shook his head, “I don’t know where he is!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Forget him. Be careful, and don’t let the disciples leave the sect for now. Right, have Gu Nie, Mo Ya, and the others in the War Dimension returned?”

Gu Nan nodded, “They’ve all returned. Would you like to see them?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll do that once I get back!”

Yang Ye vanished into the sky on his sword.

Yang Ye followed the woman high up into the clouds, and there was a huge tea table there with five people seated around it.

While Yang Ye didn’t recognize four out of the five, he knew their names. Because they were the Ye Clan’s Ye Ruxuan, the Leng Clan’s Leng Tian, the Lu Clan’s Lu Yanming, and the Xing Clan’s Xing Ren!

As for the last figure whom he didn’t even know the name of, that was the Soul Clan’s Sect Exalt!

All of them gazed at Yang Ye when they saw him arrive.

Ye Ruxuan nodded slightly to Yang Ye as a form of greeting because the Ye Clan still remained friendly toward Yang Ye.

Yang Ye cupped his fist in response!

Yang Ye walked over to his seat and sat down.

The others gazed at him. Needless to say, they really admired Yang Ye because he’d been able to remain so composed before them, and it was something rarely accomplished by any youth!

Yang Ye didn’t say anything because he was in no rus.h.!.+

The Sect Exalt of the Soul Sect spoke abruptly, “It’s time for the Ancient Sword Sect to leave the annals of history!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Just be frank!”

The Sect Exalt nodded, “Alright, then I’ll be frank. The Ancient Sword Sect has two options. Firstly, submit to my Soul Sect. Secondly, take your people and leave the West Region. As for where you go, that’s your problem.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and glanced at the others, “Is this what all of you think too?”

Leng Tian replied indifferently, “It is!”

Yang Ye smiled, “What if we refuse?”

The Sect Exalt replied indifferently, “Are you planning to choose the first option?”

Yang Ye stood up and glanced at them, “I’m a straightforward person, and I hate beating around the bush or wasting time. The Ancient Sword Sect won’t leave in humiliation, and we won’t surrender to anyone.”

He gazed at the Sect Exalt, “No matter what you have up your sleeves, my Ancient Sword Sect will deal with it.”

Yang Ye turned around and started walking away.

Suddenly, a powerful wave of pressure pressed down upon him.

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at the Sect Exalt with a smile on his face, “You want to fight?”

The Sect Exalt shook his head, “I just want to tell you that you’ll regret this decision soon. At that time, you’ll realize how foolish your choice was!”

Yang Ye looked him in the eyes, “Let’s wait and see!”

Yang Ye vanished into the sky.

Once he left, the others left too.

Only the Sect Exalt and the woman in a black dress remained.

The Sect Exalt spoke indifferently, “There’s no need to disturb the Sect Master for something so trivial. Give the order for all disciples at the World Lord Realm and above to converge in the West Region.”

He turned around and glanced in the direction Yang Ye had left toward, and he laughed coldly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly stopped because Ye Ruxuan was in front of him.

Yang Ye asked, “Do you need something?”

Ye Ruxuan spoke solemnly, “Why did you refuse?”

Yang Ye smiled, “Do you really think I’m a fool? If I lead them away from the West Region, yet the Soul Sect goes back on its word and tries to annihilate us, the Ancient Sword Sect’s morale would be at its lowest and everyone will be trying to flee. Wouldn’t we become easy targets for the Soul Sect?”

The Ancient Sword Sect was united right now, so the Soul Sect would find it very difficult to crush them. But once Yang Ye chose to leave and take the members of the sect with him, their morale would drop to the bottom. If the Soul Sect raised its blades at them then, the disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect would be without the aid of the sect’s formation and lacking in morale, so they would definitely be annihilated!

The Soul Sect wasn’t really planning on sparing the Ancient Sword Sect!

He knew that better than anyone!

Or it should be said that none of these powers would spare him!

He had numerous precious treasures and a Sprite Progenitor. It could be said that he was worth more than the Ancient Sword Sect. Yet now, he was with the Ancient Sword Sect, so how could they let such an opportunity slip by?

Never believe the kindness shown by your enemies!

Ye Ruxuan sighed softly and said, “I can’t say much. All I want to say is that my Ye Clan’s att.i.tude toward this is that we aren’t taking anything, and we won’t take any action toward the Ancient Sword Sect either.”

Yang Ye asked, “Was it Zhibei?”

Ye Ruxuan nodded slightly, “She insisted!”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Help me thank her! And thank the Ye Clan for me too!”

Ye Ruxuan glanced at him with a rather complicated expression on his face, “Take care. And Zhibei asked me to pa.s.s you a message—staying alive is more important!”

He vanished into the sky once he finished speaking.

Once Ye Ruxuan left, Yang Ye glanced at the sky and vanished on the spot.

The Ancient Sword Sect.

Yang Ye was at the training grounds, and all the disciples of the sect were before him while the elders and the others were at the sides.

Sword cultivators!

Yang Ye felt very gratified as he gazed at all the sword cultivators who still remained in the sect. They were sword cultivators, so while they knew that they were facing a formidable enemy, they didn’t choose to cower and were extremely unyielding.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. In the end, his gaze descended onto a robust man who stood at the front of the group. He had a huge iron sword on his back!

He was the top elite disciple of the sect, Gu Nie!

Previously, Gu Nie had always been away from the sect and never bothered about the sect’s affairs. Now, he’d been summoned back to the sect!

Gu Nie was a disciple of the Grand Elder who’d left the sect now. It could be said that the Grand Elder had raised him!

Yang Ye nodded slightly to Gu Nie and moved his gaze away. He glanced at everyone here and said, “I can tell you clearly that the Soul Sect will be attacking us soon. Not only the Soul Sect, even the other powers may attack as well. It can be said that even if we stop the Soul Sect, it won’t be peace that we gain, it will be a worse storm. Let me be frank, they are determined to conquer our sect!”

He pointed at the area below the mountain, “If you want to leave the Ancient Sword Sect, you can do so now. I will not stop you. You have the right to choose your own path. Everyone does.”

He refused to force them to stay. All of them could choose to leave!

Countless sword cultivators gazed at Yang Ye in silence, and none of them left.

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Then stay, and fight with me against the Soul Sect and the other powers.”

“Fight!” Countless roared with fury. At the same time, sword howls resounded through the sky.


All of them left to attend to their respective jobs.

However, Gu Nie, Mo Ya, and Xue Yiren remained. They went over to Yang Ye.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Yang Ye sized up Gu Nie, “What do you think about all of this?”

Gu Nie looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Master would never betray the sect!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “He didn’t really betray the sect, but he just chose a different path. If you want, you can choose their path too.”

Gu Nie fell silent for a long time and said, “They did a lot for the sect!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I have not denied their contributions. But allow me to be direct with you, are you considering making the Ancient Sword Sect submit to the Soul Sect, just like they did?”

Gu Nie fell silent.

Yang Ye smiled, “They wish to protect the Ancient Sword Sect and its inheritance. However, they never considered that placing their fate in another’s hands is an extremely foolish thing to do. The Ancient Sword Sect’s fate should be in our own hands.”

Gu Nie remained silent for a long time and walked away.

Xue Yiren surrendly said, “Actually, he’s the one who’s impacted the most by all of this!”

Mo Ya nodded slightly, “He’s our most dazzling disciple, and the Grand Elder raised him too. It can be said that he has always treated the Grand Elder like his father. Now that the Grand Elder has left the sect, it definitely hurts for him.”

Yang Ye glanced at Gu Nie’s vanis.h.i.+ng figure and said, “He has to endure it.”

He gazed at the others and said, “What about you? Are you staying? Let me tell you something, and I’m not joking when I say this. If you stay, you really might die in battle!”

Die in battle!

Actually, he was mentally prepared!

It would definitely be a difficult battle!

Mo Ya and the others exchanged glances. In the end, Xue Yiren smiled, “If we leave now, how will we continue cultivating the sword? Sword cultivation is cultivation of the heart. If we leave now, we will never be able to forgive ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Mo Ya gazed at Yang Ye, “What about you? As far as I know, you can leave, so why are you staying to deal with this mess?”


Yang Ye was stunned and smiled, “So long as it’s a responsibility that I have undertaken, then I will do it well! Of course, if I can go back in time, I would absolutely not choose to be the sect master! I was tricked!”

All of them felt speechless.

Suddenly, a woman arrived outside the Ancient Sword Sect.

Bare feet and a linen dress!

She looked up at the sect, “Am I the first to get here?”

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