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Chapter 2540 – I Know 36 Yin Yang Techniques!


Yang Ye sensed a Domain, but he didn’t know what Domain it was!

Meanwhile, the woman didn’t attack him. She looked up at the dragon in the sky above, and then she made a grasping motion at it.


The dragon seemed like it had been struck by a sledgehammer and crashed to the ground.

Spatial Energy!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Now, he understood the Domain she possessed. It was s.p.a.ce, a s.p.a.ce Domain!

Her attack hadn’t been a pure attack completed with s.p.a.ce, and it could be said that her strength had completely surpa.s.sed Three-Dimensional s.p.a.ce! Or to be more precise, she had mastered s.p.a.ce that surpa.s.sed Three-Dimensional s.p.a.ce.

It was a different form of s.p.a.ce!

On the city walls, she glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then she tapped a finger at Yang Ye.

It was like a rock descending into a lake, and the s.p.a.ce around Yang Ye started to ripple.

Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically because the s.p.a.ce there had actually started to burn!

It was burning on its own!

The energy coming from it even made Yang Ye’s heart palpitate slightly, and he shot over 100m back. However, no matter where he went, the burning s.p.a.ce followed him!

Or to be more precise, he was trapped in there!

It was a very strange ability!

Yang Ye knew he had no choice but to break through it by force!

Yang Ye flipped his palm and Executor released a wave of sword energy!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

In an instant, the s.p.a.ce around him was sliced into bits by Executor.

Since he couldn’t avoid it, he just destroyed it!

His attack had sliced open the s.p.a.ce there. However, the woman suddenly appeared before him.

Yang Ye’s flying sword shot at her!

Meanwhile, the woman didn’t dodge and allowed it to strike!

Yang Ye’s sword struck!

It cut through her from top to bottom!

Even s.p.a.ce had been sliced open!

However, she was still there without suffering any real damage.

It was a very strange scene!

She just stood there as if she was in this part of s.p.a.ce, yet she seemed like she wasn’t as well!

Meanwhile, she suddenly attacked. She just gently slapped her palm at Yang Ye like a child trying to slap another child for fun. It carried no strength or made any fluctuations in s.p.a.ce!

Yang Ye moved 30m back again when facing this strange attack. But the attack still remained before him. An instant later, Yang Ye’s sword descended, but it still hit nothing!

His sword had pierced through her hand and sliced s.p.a.ce open, but her hand remained unharmed!

Conversely, her palm pressed against his chest!


The s.p.a.ce around Yang Ye instantly shattered, and then Yang Ye was blasted over 3km away. While his figure was blasted away, the s.p.a.ce around him started to condense in layers while strands of mysterious energy ceaselessly damaged his body!

Moreover, the energy actually ignored his sword intent!

Yang Ye hurriedly activated the Sword Domain, and then he immediately sensed something different. It was a difference in this energy, or it should be said that he’d sensed the source of it!

Hiss! Hiss!

Along with two flying swords shooting through the Sword Domain, something within it seemed to be sliced apart, and then the woman returned to the city walls at the same time.

There was an obvious injury on her palm!

She glanced at her palm and looked down at Yang Ye, “No wonder they were no match for you!”

Yang Ye stretched his body, and with the help of the Primordial PaG.o.da, his body had recovered completely!

His recovery speed was beyond terrifying!

Yang Ye looked up at her and said, “A s.p.a.ce Domain?”

She spoke indifferently, “The Ancient Sword Sect will be removed from history, and no one can stop it.”

The other Lord Realm experts returned to the city.

Meanwhile, a wave of mysterious energy enveloped the city, and then Yang Ye watched as the city gradually turned ethereal and vanished.

It had just vanished!

There were no traces of it!

Yang Ye gazed at the mountain range before him, and then he activated the Sword Domain, but even the Sword Domain couldn’t help him locate the city.

The city was gone!

He knew that the city had been moved somewhere else!

Yang Ye didn’t stay a moment longer and just left with the others.

Yang Ye returned to the Ancient Sword Sect, and it was on high alert now!

There were only a few people in the hall, and all of them were the few remaining higher-ups of the sect!

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “I was at an ancient city. I don’t know if that’s their main base. If it is their main base, then they aren’t that terrifying, but if that wasn’t their main base, then the Soul Sect may be much, much stronger than we ever imagined!”


Gu Nan spoke solemnly, “Actually, the Soul Sect isn’t the most terrifying, it’s the other powers. The Soul Sect has definitely come to some sort of agreement with them, so it’s very likely that they secretly help the Soul Sect in the Soul Sect’s battle against us. That will be lethal for us.”

Yang Ye nodded, “We need help!”

Gu Nan laughed bitterly, “Where will we get help? If it were in the past and our previous sect master was still alive, then perhaps someone would take our side. But now, the previous sect master has perished, and the ties of the past have been lost. All of these things only last while a person is still alive!”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything. He walked to the exit of the hall and looked up at the sky. He spoke softly, “We’ll have help!”

Gu Nan and the others exchanged glances. They couldn’t figure out this sect master of theirs because he was too mysterious!

A short while later, Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, “How’s the situation right now?”

She replied solemnly, “The desolate race hasn’t made any movements, nor has there been any movement from Eternal Kingdom’s War Dimension. As for the Soul Sect, they are still ceaselessly extracting souls. However, it’s only limited to the West Region, and they aren’t active in the other regions. Obviously, they are targeting us.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Anyway, does the Ancient Sword Sect have any especially good treasures?”

Gu Nan and the others had rather weird expressions on their faces! They wondered if this fellow was planning to take the sect’s treasures and flee!

Sword Scroll clearly understood what Yang Ye meant and replied, “The Ancient Sword Sect occupies the West Region, and it’s a huge territory! Moreover, I’m sure you’re aware that Eternal Kingdom has that spirit vein, right? The Divine Vein!”

Yang Ye nodded.

Sword Scroll spoke solemnly, “The North, South, East, and West Regions are on that Divine Vein, and the entire Eternal Kingdom can be considered to be relying on that Divine Vein. The Soul Sect doesn’t want the treasures of the sect, it wants the territory above that spirit vein. After all, possessing this territory is equivalent to possessing a part of that Divine Vein. Only by possessing that will they be able to gain a certain level of authority to make decisions in the Eternal Kingdom! That’s what they really want.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “As for why the other powers chose to work with them, it's naturally because the previous sect master has perished. Coupled with the fact that the Soul Sect made Elder Xue and the others take their side, it can be said that if you hadn’t been here, they would have obtained the Ancient Sword Sect at the lowest cost, and the other powers would have been able to gain a lot without doing anything!”

Yang Ye smiled, “The Ancient Sword Sect is in a hopeless situation!”

Sword Scroll glanced at Yang Ye and said, “You should be able to sense the spirit energy here. Especially in the Sect Master’s Abode, the spirit energy there is the densest, and it isn’t any inferior to the world within the Primordial PaG.o.da.”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly. He suddenly realized that he’d never sat still since he arrived here!

At the moment he became the sect master, he thought his luck had changed, and it was a blessing from the heavens! However, he hadn’t expected that it was no blessing, it was a curse to kill him!

Sword Scroll walked over to Yang Ye and spoke softly, “No matter what you decide, I will stay by your side!”

Yang Ye glanced at her. He knew that she was telling him that she would leave with him if he chose to leave.

Leave the Ancient Sword Sect?

Yang Ye shook his head. He would be a true coward if he left now! Moreover, so many people in the sect had stayed to follow him, so if he left now, then what about all of them?

Some things and responsibilities had to be done well once they were accepted!

Moreover, his intuition told him that even if he left the Ancient Sword Sect, he wouldn’t be able to escape this vortex. Those powers and people of Eternal Kingdom were aware of his true ident.i.ty!

It could be said that countless experts would try to stop him if he tried to leave Eternal Kingdom now!

Perhaps they still hadn’t figured out how they would act against him!

But that day would come, sooner or later!

Suddenly, a woman in a black dress appeared in the sky above the sect.

In an instant, countless strands of sword intent surged up into the air and enveloped her.

The sect’s sword formation!

She looked coldly down below. While the sword intent had enveloped her, she wasn’t affected by it at all!

She just ignored it all!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye left the hall, arrived in the air, and glanced at her. Needless to say, her s.p.a.ce Domain was quite mysterious!

She glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The Leng Clan’s Patriarch, Ye Clan’s Patriarch, Lu Clan’s Patriarch, and my Soul Sect’s Exalt request your presence!”

Yang Ye was shocked, “Me?”

She replied indifferently, “Yes!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and asked, “Can I refuse?”

She laughed coldly.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I really can’t stand the sight of you!”

She looked at him with indifference, “Me too!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, “How about we spar a little? Actually, I know 36 Yin Yang Techniques. We can have a good spar…”

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