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Chapter 1980: This is a very beautiful painting

so Ye Chen’s chances of winning were very small at all, Peng Cong would be able to defeat Ye Chen very easily at all.

” what kind of technique is that, I’ve never seen it ” Peng Cong had never seen the technique used by Ye Chen.

For Peng Cong what Ye Chen did was quite mysterious, Peng Cong was curious and curious about what Ye Chen painted.

Ye Chen ignored everyone around him, he ignored everyone and focused on what was being painted.

The way Ye Chen painted was much faster, he painted very quickly once, only less than 2 minutes Ye Chen finished his painting.

” Okay done ” Ye Chen told Peng Cong that he had finished painting.

” Eternal Sky ” Ye Chen wrote two sentences, this writing was obviously much more complicated and longer than Peng Cong’s.

Peng Cong looked at the painting made by Ye Chen, when Peng Cong looked inside, he found that Ye Chen’s painting was incomprehensible to him.

” what is this, this writing style is very deep, how is he able to paint like this, even though the technique used is very random” Peng Cong said to himself.

Peng Cong couldn’t understand Ye Chen’s painting, it was much deeper than he had.

people also felt the same way, they all felt that Ye Chen’s painting was very deep.

“It looks more ordinary than Peng Cong’s ” people noticed that Peng Cong’s painting looked very ordinary.

” that’s right, obviously the winner this time is Peng Cong ” since Ye Chen’s painting looked very ordinary, then the winner was Peng Cong.

” it seems like this is my victory ” Peng Cong said to Ye Chen.

Peng Cong told Ye Chen that this was his victory.

“are you sure, you should find a jury that knows more about this painting, ordinary people won’t understand” Ye Chen told Peng Cong.

Ye Chen looked at the people around, it seemed like they wouldn’t understand what Ye Chen and Peng Cong were painting.

” so you still don’t accept your defeat, what a pity ” Peng Cong said to Ye Chen.

” this is your lose, just accept it ” Yu Ting helped Peng Cong, Peng Cong had done a good job, she was indeed the most useful among the four Rich Young Masters.

“no one can say that, this battle is not over yet” Ye Chen said to Yu Ting and Peng Cong.

“step aside” an old man told the crowd to step aside.

Everyone instantly stepped aside, they all gave way to this old man.

“looks like you guys are doing an interesting thing” the old man said to Peng Cong and Ye Chen.

” great master, what are you doing in this place ” Peng Cong seemed to know the old man who had just arrived.

“this is a rare big event, of course I came out to see what happened” this old man told me that he came out because there was an event of this magnitude outside.

This old man was master He Yangzou, he was a master teacher who was steeped in ancient literature and his knowledge was very deep.

“since the Great master is here, why don’t you see the result of my hand painting” Peng Cong said to he Yangzou.

” Oh, you painted the writing, Okay let me see it ” He Yangzou wanted to see how Peng Cong’s painting, whether it had developed into stronger or not.

” please ” Peng Cong invited He Yangzou, Peng Cong invited He Yangzou to see his painting in person.

He Yangzou looked at Peng Cong’s painting, he looked closely at the painting that belonged to Peng Cong.

“Hmmm, pretty good it seems like the abilities you have have progressed so astonis.h.i.+ngly” he Yangzou said.

” thank you very much for the praise given by the Great master ” Peng Cong thanked him for the praise given by He Yangzou.

“hahaha it’s comparable to what you can, so I give you the judgment I have” he Yangzou said to Peng Cong.

” then get there give a comment as well for that guy ” Peng Cong told He Yangzou to give his a.s.sessment to Ye Chen.

” oh, so this is the opponent you are facing so interesting ” he Yangzou was interested when he saw Ye Chen he wanted to see the ability possessed by Ye Chen.

He Yangzou went and started looking at the painting that belonged to Ye Chen, when He Yangzou looked at the painting that belonged to Ye Chen, he saw something that he had never seen in his life.

“here . . . . .” He Yangzou didn’t expect that he would see something this great.

He Yangzou was silent for a while he was silent for a while when he saw the painting that belonged to Ye Chen.

He drowned when he saw the painting owned by Ye Chen.

” great master ?”Peng Cong asked He Yangzou, himself asking what He Yangzou was doing.

He Yangzou did not answer Peng Cong, he was still engrossed in looking at the writing that Ye Chen had.

“no way ” He Yangzou couldn’t believe what he was seeing at the moment.

“did you paint this?” He Yangzou asked Ye Chen, was it Ye Chen who had painted this profound thing.

“who can do this but me?” said Ye Chen to he Yangzou.

“who are you really?” He Yangzou asked Ye Chen, he wants to know about Ye Chen.

“I’m just an ordinary person,” Ye Chen replied.

“how interesting ” He Yangzou was interested in this, a true master would indeed not be easy in exposing his own ident.i.ty.

” Grandmaster how did it Go ” Peng Cong asked He Yangzou, he wanted to know the result.

“you lost badly, I said that his level was far from you” He Yangzou told that Ye Chen’s level was far compared to Peng Cong’s.

“what ?”Peng Cong looked shocked when he heard this, to be honest he didn’t expect that he Yangzou would say something like this.

“the image quality of this young master is very deep, I’m afraid that his ability is already above me” he Yangzou replied to Peng Cong.

“what ! ! ! !” everyone looked surprised when they listened to what He Yangzou said, even someone like He Yangzou would acknowledge the ability that Ye Chen possessed.

Peng Cong and Yu Ting looked towards Ye Chen, they both didn’t expect that Ye Chen would be this great.

“it seems to be my victory again” Ye Chen said to Peng Cong.

Peng Cong was speechless, he was speechless as he listened to what Ye Chen said.

“young master, if I may I want to buy your painting” He Yangzou bid for Ye Chen’s painting.

” of course, I’ll give it away for free ” Ye Chen gave the painting away for free.

“thank you very much, Great Master” He Yangzou thanked Ye Chen, even a master to the point of being made into this by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s abilities were indeed insane, he had abilities that were quite insane and could not be imagined by others.

“are you done?” asked Ye Chen to Peng Cong.

Ye Chen wanted to know if Peng Cong still wanted to continue the battle or not.

” this is my defeat ” Peng Cong admitted his defeat, he admitted that this was his defeat.

Having already lost to Ye Chen Peng Cong decided to leave this place.

” where are you going ?”Yu Ting asked Peng Cong.

” I’ve lost, so I’ll Go ” Peng Cong tells her that he has lost, which is why he has no face to look at others.

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