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"Come on" Sun Xuanyin couldn't wait, she couldn't wait to do it with Ye Chen.

"wake her up" Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin to wake up the woman she was carrying.

"Um" Sun Xuanyin nodded, she starting to wake up the woman she had crippled.

"You, wake up" Sun Xuanyin woke up the female monster, she told the female monster to get up right now.

"What happened, why am I here?" The female monster said to Sun Xuanyin, why was she in this place.

"I brought you to this place to do something, are you ready?" Sun Xuanyin asked the woman in front of her.

"what's that?" The female monster said to Sun Xuanyin, herself wondering what Sun Xuanyin.

"I found a handsome man, do you want to play with him?" Sun Xuanyin asked the woman in front of her.

"Of course I will, where is he now" the female monster asked Sun Xuanyin, she asked where was the man Sun Xuanyin was referring to.

The female monster looked at Ye Chen, she looked at Ye Chen who was behind Sun Xuanyin.

"is it him, then I'll just go ahead" female monster started to see Ye Chen as a target.

"Wush . ." Sun Xuanyin gave off an extremely strong killing aura, she gave off an extremely terrifying killing aura all around.

"What are you saying, how dare you, don't you know where you are?" Sun Xuanyin said to the female monster.

The female monster was of course immediately frightened. Sun Xuanyin made herself feel afraid. This person's strength was extremely terrifying. She could easily kill him.

"That person is inside, wait here, I will summon you when everything is ready, make sure you don't leave, otherwise you might lose your life" Sun Xuanyin said to the female monster.

"Okay I understand" said the female monster to Sun Xuanyin, Sun Xuanyin was quite terrifying, she was quite good at bullying someone.

"let's go in, let's finish this" Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, time for them to finish this.

Ye Chen took a medicine, he would ensure that Hai Ming would not remember what happened, Ye Chen wanted to see how Hai Ming would react.

Ye Chen threw a smoke bomb inside, this of course made Hai Ming and Chun Linz.

"Who is it?" Hai Ming immediately got up, he immediately put on his own clothes and intended to welcome the person who dared to invade his private place.

This was a private place that belonged to Hai Ming, there shouldn't be many people who would dare to invade this place.

Those who dared to charge into this place would receive an extremely severe punishment from Hai Ming.

When Hai Ming tried to get up, he found that his consciousness was fading, he was starting to lose his sight.

"Who dares you, don't you know who I am" Hai Ming said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen that he was a prince of the Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

"So stupid" Ye Chen said to Hai Ming, Ye Chen said to Hai Ming, he himself told Hai Ming that he was very stupid.

Hai Ming and Chun Linz were unconscious, both of them were currently unconscious, Ye Chen and Sun Xuanyin could do whatever they wanted to Hai Ming and Chun Linz.

"What kind of gas is that, how come you can immobilize them so quickly?" Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know what Ye Chen had just taken.

"It's just a gas with various mixtures of failed herbs and medicines, it could give cultivators trouble if they inhale or consume large amounts of it," Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin.

"Okay, I understand" Sun Xuanyin seemed to understand what Ye Chen said, it meant that these were all failed drugs used as poisons.

"time for the real show" Ye Chen prepared an imaging stone, himself used this to record the Show Hai Ming was about to perform.

Ye Chen gave medicine to Hai Ming, with this medicine Hai Ming will have severe hallucinations , he might do good things with Chun Linz .

"bring her in" Ye Chen told the woman who was outside to come in, it was show time.

The woman who was outside came in, she saw a rather handsome handsome man.

"this is my type" this woman was impatient, to be honest Hai Ming was her type.

This woman dragged Hai Ming, she dragged Hai Ming and started eating Hai Ming on the bed.

"ah . .." a hoa.r.s.e and terrible voice was heard, this sound made the room become noisy.

Hai Ming started to wake up, he woke up and looked in a daze, Hai Ming looked at the woman in front of him, when he saw the woman in front of him, Hai Ming found that this woman was very beautiful and maybe even better than Chun Linz.

"you are very good" Hai Ming started to do hot scenes, both of them started doing this without any force.

"Somehow I want to vomit when I see this." Sun Xuanyin didn't feel good, she couldn't stand this thing.

"just hold on, it will be over soon" Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen himself didn't like it either, he didn't like to see what was in front of him.

"This is all for Xiu" Ye Chen did this for Dongfang Xiu, so he was not bothered.

Ye Chen and Sun Xuanyin looked at the side, both of them doing their best to stay in this place for a long time.

After a long time, the two of them finally finished, Ye Chen got a very interesting recording.

"Good, take that woman away, make sure she doesn't remember what happened." Ye Chen gave an order to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen had Sun Xuanyin take care of this female monster, meanwhile Ye Chen would take care of Hai Ming and Chun Linz.

"I hate this" Sun Xuanyin was a bit displeased, she started to dislike the woman she brought.

Although Sun Xuanyin didn't like it, Sun Xuanyin still did as Ye Chen ordered, she helped Ye Chen take care of everything.

After Sun Xuanyin took the woman away, Ye Chen immediately brought Chun Linz to Hai Ming's side, he made sure Hai Ming was not aware of what had just happened.

"That's interesting, let's see if you can still be happy when you see this" Ye Chen said to the unconscious Hai Ming.

After confirming that there was nothing suspicious in this place, Ye Chen immediately left, he had obtained an extremely precious thing and could destroy Hai Ming so easily.

Ye Chen left, he went out and looked for the best place to spend the night.

Sun Xuanyin also finished, she returned the woman to her place, of course she did as Ye Chen told her and dismissed what had just happened.

"You are quite terrifying, I didn't expect that you would do such a thing to Hai Ming, if he wakes up and finds out what happened, he would probably go mad," said Sun Xuanyin.

"That was my aim, in the past he almost killed me, now I won't let him go" Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

"Oh, so that's how it is" Sun Xuanyin understood, it's not strange that Ye Chen hates Hai Ming so much, it turns out that Hai Ming almost killed Ye Chen.

"I have finished all the preparations, this should be enough, tomorrow will be the happiest day Realm will experience," Ye Chen said in a loud voice.

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