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Chapter 1134 Let’s Just Chill Here


"Papa, big horsey trouble?" Cai Hong asked while sucking on her finger.

I patted her head, "Does Cai Hong want Papa to save big horsey?"

Cai Hong puffed her cheeks, "Two meanie bully big horsey! Papa help?"

Well, you heard the loli, I can't ignore it now.

I dismounted from our Qilin and stepped out of the invisibility barrier, letting myself appear out of thin air to those two floating in the sky.

Akari still remained on my shoulder, too busy cuddling me to even care about what was going on around us.

The one with the sword turned his sight to me immediately, "And who might this be?"

I waved at him, "h.e.l.lo, I'm just a traveller pa.s.sing throu--"

"How dare you speak to me you filthy mortal? Repent in your next life for your transgressions against a Divine Being like me!"

He slashed out his sword, sending a sword wave towards me aimed at my neck.

I already knew something like that wasn't going to hurt me so I simply stood there and prepared myself to face it head on.

Unexpectedly, the wounded Qilin actually used the last bit of its strength to leap in between me and those two, blocking the sword wave from reaching me with its own body.

It let out a roar of pain as it crashed back into the ground, part of its body sliding into the lake and tainting the surface red with its blood.

Why did that Qilin do that?

The guy with the sword narrowed his eyes at the Qilin, "How interesting. The beast actually risked its own life to cover for someone else? Are you also some kind of beast that has taken human form?"

I ignored him and went towards the Qilin, dropping down on a knee to pat it on the head softly.


I wasn't expecting an answer but surprisingly, it let out a breath before speaking directly to my mind, "All Creator…"

So it knows… And it must have thought that allowing me to be attacked in its presence was something it could not live with, hence it tried to protect me despite the fact that I would not be hurt by it.

I heard the sound of metal swinging through the air from behind me and the sword of that guy rested on itself on my neck.

"To think you even have the audacity to ignore a Divine Being like myself. Not even your next life is enough to repent for your crimes anymore. Suffer in purgato--"

He didn't get to finish his words before Akari shot out one of her tails to smash into his face, breaking his nose and several of his teeth in the process.

The force of the blow was strong enough to send him barreling into the sky, flipping head over heels like a ragdoll and disappearing into the horizon.

"Eeeh… I thought he would be stronger than that with how loud he is. Seems like he's also pretty weak," Akari muttered disappointedly before going back to cuddling me.

The idiot's companion blinked once, twice, then only realised that the idiot had been sent flying away before he turned to gape at the sky.

"Young Master Gou!!"

Without looking back, he flew into the sky after him, also disappearing into the horizon.

I snapped my fingers and the Qilin was healed back up without any signs of its previous injuries.

If it was surprised by this turn of events, it certainly did not show it.

The mythical beast simply crawled out of the lake before bowing its head to me and speaking into my mind, "All Creator… Thank you… This World… G.o.ds were overthrown… Humans took their places… Everyone else is suffering…"

I turned back to see the other Qilin still laying down beside the lake and had fallen asleep. Cai Hong was beside it and waving in the direction of where the idiot had been sent flying while cheering "Sparkle, sparkle!"

Cai Hong is cute as always but the Qilin… Really? You brought us here and you're not even going to talk to this guy at all?

Iris on the other hand was simply looking at me with her usual smile like always.

I turned back to the larger Qilin, "Did you call for help?"

"Everyone… Did… We wished for a miracle… To save us…"

And then this Qilin answered their call by bringing me here? Why did it… Ok, omniscience start explaining what the heck is going on.

Woah seriously? This Qilin was born as a result of the energies released when Diao Chan and I had s.e.x. Because she's done the most times with me, the amount of energy released was also much more potent, especially during the time when she was trying to ascend.

It seems like the cosmic energy she had been gathering went to creating this Qilin instead and now that she had ascended, it also occupied part of her domain as a beast that answers wishes.

But to think that Diao Chan who had turned herself into a succubus would have a Qilin as her first creation… There's definitely some form of irony in there somewhere.

Still, it seems like we came to another World where the beings here are suffering enough that their wish actually reached me. That means that I should help out right?

Wait a minute… I just had a great idea~

We're in a new World where no one here knows who we are… I still have several days to burn while my disciples are still training for the battle royale… Wouldn't this place be the perfect spot for me to explore with my Cai Hong and Iris right now?

Yeah! Instead of simply just snapping my fingers and solving everything just like that, why not just walk around with Cai Hong, Iris and Akari to see what's happening in this World and decide from there?

Who knows, maybe the G.o.ds here were the bad ones which led to the humans overthrowing them from the start?

Yep, that sounds like a perfect idea!

'Ara, ara? Is Master refusing to use omniscience to find out about the truth also to keep things interesting?'

Oh, that's right, Iris. Did you already find out if that was the case?

'Ufufufu~ Of course not Master. It would be boring if we already knew the answer at the start, right?'

Ohhh! Iris is really learning! Come here and I'll give you a head pat!

Needless to say, I ended up having to pat Cai Hong and Akari after that thoroughly too.

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