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Chapter 1137 G.o.dly Resistance


"Papa! Weird men!" Cai Hong pointed at the three men that were still embedded halfway into the ground with several people trying to pull them out unsuccessfully.

I chuckled, "Weird men indeed. Where to next, Qilin?" I asked, patting the Qilin on its neck.

By now, I've already learned that the Qilin would guide me to the most interesting places without my input so I let it lead us instead.

The Qilin made a happy noise and started trotting down the street with us on its back, walking past those people from the Gou family without even sparing them a glance.

One of them tried to stop us from leaving but the Qilin merely kicked its back hoof out to smash against the guy's face, launching him up into the sky and disappearing with a sparkle.

It then rubbed its hoof against the ground as though wiping off a stain before continuing forward like nothing happened.

Yeah, the Gou family would probably come after us later but who cares? What were they going to do? Make funny faces at us again?

Under the stares of everyone around, we continued down the street and we just so happened to pa.s.s by the waiter who had shown us to our seats.

I used omniscience to figure out what currency they were using before I created a few rainbow coloured spirit stones to pa.s.s to him.

"For the troubles," I explained while pa.s.sing the stones to him.

These should be the most valuable currency they had around here so being handed a few just like that was enough to make the waiter pa.s.s out while standing up.

Was that going to crash the economy? Maybe.

Do I look like I care? Most certainly not.

A few moments later, someone shouted out from amongst the Gou people and someone fired a glowing ball up into the sky, letting it explode like a firework after it reached a certain height.

Guess they must be calling for help.

The Qilin seemed to have also felt something as it slowly went towards the side where the people around quickly dispersed and made way for us, as though trying to show that they were unrelated to us.

In the very next moment, pillars of light came cras.h.i.+ng down from the sky around the people from the Gou family. The light then dispersed to reveal three old men floating up in the air.

When they saw the scene below them, their mouths opened wide in shock.

"What happened here?! Who did this to Patriarch Gou?!" One of them demanded.

Everyone then pointed towards my direction and all three old men turned to glare at me.

The one who looked to be the oldest flew towards me and let a bit of lightning cackle around him.

"You did this? Do you have a death wish, mortal?"

I was about to ask him what made him think I was a mortal when someone spoke up, "It wasn't him, it was me, you old fart."

All of us turned to see a young girl standing behind us while glaring at the old man defiantly.

The old man scoffed, "Do you really expect me to believe some kid did all that to three of my Family members? To Patriarch Gou, no less?"

She smirked at him, "Why don't you come over here and find out?"

The old guy let out a bark of laughter before floating towards her while stretching his arm out to the side to summon several bolts of lightning.

"If you wish to die so much… Then be my gue--"

The young girl leapt forward and slashed her hand in an arc aimed at his neck.

Unfortunately, the old man reacted quickly and leaned back but the slash still caught him on his outstretched arm.

It looked like the blow had hit him but it left no visible marks on him.

The old man floated back and looked at his arm before turning to the girl, "Was that supposed to make me believe you did that to them? Just nothing but useless bravado?"

The young girl stuck out her tongue at the old man before disappearing into the alley right behind her.

He scoffed, "Stupid mortal ruffian… Do you think you can escape a Divine?"

He was just about to follow after her when he suddenly stopped and looked at his arm curiously.

As though on cue, a cut appeared at where the girl had struck the old man before his whole arm separated from his body and dropped onto the ground.

It took a second for the old man to realise what had happened before he started screaming out in pain while clutching at his arm.

His screams suddenly cut off and a line of blood appeared at his neck, causing his head to slowly slide off his body until it bounced on the ground beside his arm.

Naturally, I distracted Cai Hong with a cookie so she did not see any of that.

What was curious was that lightning cackled around his body before suddenly exploding up into the sky, causing the clouds to rumble before dispersing again like it never happened.

"Oh~ That's his Divine essence dispersing. He's well and truly dead~" Iris mused from behind me.

"ANCESTOR GOU!!!" The other two men screamed, rus.h.i.+ng up to the dead man's side.

It seemed like they were too late though, since the old man's body started turning into dust and flaking away to disappear entirely.

"Find that girl!! She's one of the leftover G.o.ds!! Hunt her down right now!!" One of them roared, prompting the others from the Gou family to disperse immediately, abandoning their task of trying to free those three from the ground.

Those two old men did not even acknowledge my existence and also flew up into the sky, flying towards the direction of where the girl had escaped to look for her.

The Qilin seemed to have felt the situation had already concluded and started walking forward again at a casual gait, bringing us to wherever the next 'desire' was.

"You can come out now," I muttered, prompting the girl to appear from underneath the Qilin.

She floated up to a level slightly lower than me and bowed her head in greeting.

"Dragon G.o.ddess Tianya greets All Creator. I thank you for the a.s.sistance, but I must return to the resistance. We would welcome All Creator but as you might know… We're not in the best position right now. We hope you can still enjoy our World while you are here."

She then gave me another bow before leaping off the Qilin and disappearing into thin air.

Wow, this Qilin really just brought us to the thick of it huh… They even have a 'resistance' formed…

Oh whatever, onwards to the next location!

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