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Published at 6th of April 2020 01:05:04 PM
Chapter 91: 91

There was a term called a 'life reversal . ' In recent times, it was used when a person sitting on a pile of debt won the lottery . It was wrapped in the name of luck but there was also an unknown effort in it .  The same was true for Korea University where Mido was currently taking .

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The prestigious Korea University had invested a lot in virtual reality in antic.i.p.ation of its future and it was now in its prime .  Since the establishment of the virtual reality department last year, it had entered into an agreement with the Union Company, which has leading stock prices . Now it became a department where many talented people wanted to come to .

The professor spoke at the front, “Is your vacation period starting from today? However, I prepared something because I thought you would be bored without any a.s.signments . ”

“Ah . . . ”

Sighs from the students rang through the cla.s.sroom . The professor pushed up his .

“As you know, the game Arkstar has a lot of contact with our department . Everybody knows this?”

“Yes . ”

“It is a game that is inseparable from our department . I also have a job-related program . The thing I'm proposing to you today is something that Union has prepared . ”

Simultaneously, everyone made a ruckus . It was the same for Mido .

'What does he mean by Union . . . ?'

Mido raised her hand and asked a question, “Can you please tell us what exactly do you mean?”

The professor smiled .

“You have to play Arkstar starting from today . You don't need to do much, just investigate a certain thing and then submit a report based on that . ”

“What are we investigating?” someone asked and the professor replied, “The constellations . ”

Once again, the students were in an uproar .  The murmurs were louder than before .  Mido remained silent and waited for the professor to speak .  Professor Yeo said, “There are 88 constellations in Arkstar . Those who discover the most ident.i.ties and abilities will be eligible to work as an intern in Union . ”

The students had different expressions .  Someone frowned while someone else clenched their fists .  They listened to the professor while filled with their own desires .

“You'll need money to enjoy Arkstar, right? Still, don't worry . Union has made it possible for our students to enjoy it for free during the school holidays . All you have to do is take your student ID card and go to the affiliated capsule room . Union will pay the full amount, of course . ”

Everyone's eyes widened .  Some people happily discussed what they wanted to do with their friends next to them .  Maybe their reaction was natural .  Union was currently making an unconventional proposal .

Mido's reaction was the same .  'Wow, I can play Arkstar every day now?'

Mido's heart jumped .  How much had she enjoyed Arkstar in the meantime? The dream that was impossible in reality was being achieved in virtual reality .  Even if it wasn't real, it was a real place for Mido .  It was her other home .

“Those who put yet to be identified constellations in their report will get a higher score . Congratulations on the vacation, everyone . I wish you all good results . ”

“Thanks for the good work!”

Everyone's chair moved back with a loud sound .  Their faces were full of joy .  The same was true for Mido and her friend Sung Gayeong sitting next to her as they smiled and chatted .

“It is really amazing . Right, Mido?”

“Yes, I didn't think Union would make such an unconventional offer . ”

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“I think it was really good that I came to this department . ”

“Yes . ”

Sung Gayeong asked, “Mido, what are you worried about? What are you thinking?”

“It isn't a big deal . I was just thinking about how to play in the future . ”

“Aren't you in the Icarus Guild? You've recently become famous on YouTube . How many people want to sign you these days? Just play as usual . Then it's all going well . ”

“I'd like to do something different than anyone else . . . ”

Mido and Gayeong left the lecture room and arrived at the cafeteria to eat their meals .  Sung Gayeong picked kimchi fried rice while Mido simply picked a sandwich and a small salad .  Sung Gayeong wondered, “Aren't you going to be hungry with just this?”

“I'm on a diet lately . I have to broadcast tomorrow . ”

“You work too hard . ”

“Yes, I'm making a lot of money . ”

“Wow~ I wish I could do YouTube as well . ”

“Then don't eat that . ”

“Forget it . How many delicious things are there in the world? I am a person who can never give up on them . ”

The two people laughed and chatted .  At this time, a message arrived on Mido's phone .

[Cha Jincheol: Mido, let me meet your grandfather . ]

“It is really crazy . ”

Cha Jincheol texted Mido and got a chill .  It was because of the 'one person' he found on his laptop .

“What the h.e.l.l is this grandfather?”

He was told that no one on team two had found the new Star's Beloved .  They were talented people . The fact that this person couldn't be found meant they were in a place no one knew .  Cha Jincheol shone a lamp on dark places just like last time and his guess was spot on—he found clues in a place where users had never set foot on .  The place where he looked up was in the middle of the open sea .

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'How did they get a s.h.i.+p?'

In fact, it cost a considerable amount to buy a s.h.i.+p of this size within Arkstar .  Considering that even a decent merchant shook from buying a small sailboat, it was unimaginable that a single grandfather with a chef cla.s.s had bought it .  The even more shocking thing was something else .

'How can he use the power of another constellation?'

He had heard some explanations from his brother-in-law, Yoo Minseok .  Cha Jincheol remembered the story he was briefly told when he first joined the company .  In fact, it was something that everyone felt was insignificant at the time .  A true legend hidden in the legends—Dr Kang Jaeseong, who was currently in a coma, had said it .  He said that one day, such a thing would appear . Once it appeared, it would overthrow the existing order that existed within Arkstar .

At that time, everyone had joked about it and thought it was a joke .  However, now it was no joke .

“It is real . ”

Cha Jincheol picked up a can of beer from the refrigerator in the monitoring room and turned to the screen again to watch the giant wolves' fight .  It was a fight between an old, dignified white wolf and a black wolf giving off a dark, evil energy .  Then there were the users riding on top of short-legged wolves . Surprisingly, one of them was the new Star's Beloved .

'Is it Firefly Star's Beloved?'

The even more remarkable thing was that the man who helped her eat the Star Fruit was 'Mido's grandfather' that he previously met .

'It is like he knew all the constellations . '

He was busy sipping the beer when his brother-in-law, Yoo Minseok called .  Cha Jincheol answered the phone straight away .  “Yes, what is it?”

-Hey, did you see the news?

“Of course I saw it . ”

-Did team two find it?

“Nope, they couldn't find it and were scolded by Team Leader Woo . ”

-Hmm, I see .  Then at times like this, my handsome brother-in-law . . .

“I knew it and have already started looking for it . ”

-Ohh! As expected of my handsome brother-in-law .  So did you find it?

“Come and see . I have something to tell you . ”

-Huhu .  You've already found it .  You handsome guy .  If I was there then I would kiss . . .

“Come quickly . It is serious now . ”

-What's so serious? I know .  I'll be there soon .  It will take around 30 minutes .

“ . . . I understand . ”

After completing the phone call, Cha Jincheol lowered his phone with a deep expression .  However, there was another vibration from the phone .  Jincheol looked at the blinking screen of his phone and slightly raised the corners of his mouth .  “She isn't easy . ”

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[Choi Mido: I don't want to . ]

Small snow crystals were piled up .  The snow crystals gathered to become snow, the snow gathered to form hills and the hills gathered to become a magnificent landscape that a group of people was crossing .

“Father, are you really going to do it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Pono . Do we have to find his mother? Can't we just take him?”

Just earlier, Taibeus had asked us to find Pono's mother .  I had accepted it without any hesitation .  “That can't happen . ”

“Hing . Why?"

“The emperor penguins can't live outside the North Pole . ”

“Ah . . . ”

Kim Sujeong still looked sullen and I told her, “In fact, there is one more reason to look for his mother . This is the real reason I have to do it . ”

“Huh . . . ? Wasn't it just returning him to his mother?”

“That isn't the real reason . ”

“Then what is it . . . ?”

The answer came from the sky .  It was from Camille .

[The firefly star, 'Camille,' says it is to confirm the life or death of the mother . ]

“Life or death . . ? Is she dead?”

Camille seemed to know the reason .  Indeed, there was no way she couldn't know . It was a reason that wasn't very sweet .

[The firefly star, 'Camille,' says it is still unknown . ]

[The firefly star, 'Camille,' says that if she is dead, this place will be dangerous . ]

“Dangerous? What are you saying? Why is this place dangerous . . . ?”

“That is what I'll explain . ”

All eyes turned towards me .  Kim Sujeong, Gyeonso Dragon, and Drain were waiting for my answer .  I sighed and questioned them, “Do you know why the North Pole exists here?”

“Huh? Of course I don't know . How could I know this?”

“I also don't know, Brother . ” 

“Buroder, do you know?”

. . . I shouldn't know .

“I know . ”

“What is it? Isn't it just because this place is the North Pole?”

Just the North Pole . . .

It was possible to think like this using general common sense .  However, this was a place where common sense was completely different from reality .

“I'm curious, Brother . ” 

“Tell me, Buroder . ” 

My eyes pa.s.sed over the curious faces of Gyeonso Dragon and Drain before falling on Kim Sujeong again .  She looked excited .  She was probably looking forward to the answer that would come from my mouth . . .

However, my words wouldn't be good news .  “The tundra dragon . ”

“ . . . Huh?”

“There is where the strongest ice-type constellation is staying . ”

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