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Chapter 1110: Help

The Lofer Brothers moved in a strange way with their stiffened bodies. They could only use poison creepers to carry them forward.

Big Druid Lendo stopped after he entered the tree of life valley. Abel and the brothers approached the tree of life.

Abel ignited his soul speaker ability and placed his hand on a branch.

He immediately received a sense of grat.i.tude from the tree of life regarding the increase in defense before he even raised any requests.

Although the tree of life was in the valley, it was always aware of the things occurring in the Ervo forest.

Its grat.i.tude was not just a matter of words. Greenlight began to flash off its leaves, and life force began to sift out.

Small glowing crystals appeared. They were little drops of water of life.

More and more droplets were gathered, and finally, a liter was gathered.

It then floated in mid-air in front of Abel.

Abel would not reject an offer like this. As far as he knew, the tree of life valued fair trade.

He built defense for the tree of life, so the tree of life had to do something in return.

Of course, this is only possible because Abel had a contract with the tree of life. There was no way a dragon would trade with an ant.

Big Druid Lendo and the Lofer Brothers were stunned. This is the most amount of water the tree of life had ever produced at once.

Big Druid Lendo almost wondered if the tree of life saved water for Master Bennett during its normal production.

However, he soon got this idea out of his head. He would never think that of a spirit like this.

He could watch painfully as master Bennett took out a jar and put the water away in his portal bag.

The most valuable resource of the elves was the water from the tree of life. The herbs grown in the valley were just subsidies.

There was a wide range of usage for those waters. For example, before master Bennett’s light healing potion was a thing, its water was made into powerful healing potions.

It was just that they had to limit its power and dilute it because of its rarity.

The water of life was also what kept Wizard Marlon alive in his puppet state.

Abel couldn’t care less about what big Druid Lendo thought. He wouldn’t mind taking the water of life. His friends and family in the Holy Continent could make good use of it.

Afterward, he turned to the desperate-looking Lofer Brothers and raised a request to the tree of life.

“What?” Abel was stunned by the tree of life’s reply.

Helping 2 rank 23 druids level up to rank 24 needed 400 top level gems. This was beyond anything he expected.

Although he did not lack in gems, no big organization in this world could bear this price.

After all, all magic circles were run by gems, and top-level gems were the panicle of energy.

What the tree of life asked was simple, using large amounts of energy to alter the bodies of 2 big druids.

Abel shook his head and began to take out green gems from his holy portal bag.

Although the Loafer’s brothers’ faces were stiffened, they were stunned by master Bennett’s action.

100 gems, 200 gems, 300 gems, and finally 400 gems were put down. They were glistening under the sunlight, which almost made the elves go blind.

It was a huge sum of wealth, but Master Bennett was willing to make this sacrifice of the Lofer Brothers.

Big druid Lendo was already planning to report this to Queen Luisa as soon as they returned to repay Master Bennett.

He didn’t believe 8 battle forts was an equal trade for 400 top level gems.

If Abel didn’t make light gems so popular, mana gem would be the most stable currency.

Of course, Abel also wondered if the tree of life just needed more energy to replenish the water it just gave out.

The tree of life reached out its root and dragged the gems down.

Afterward, 2 green beams shot out from its branches. They wrapped around the Lofer Brothers and carried them in mid-air.

The brothers sensed that their souls were being scanned. It was almost like there was nothing they could hide.

After the tree of life understood the Lofer Brothers and their knowledge of natural energy, it began to transfer information that could help them level up into their souls.

All of a sudden, every question they ever had was answered. They were enlightened.

The Lofer Brothers were twins, and they trained together, but their enlightenment was different.

After all, only the tree of life could make a druid feel enlightened tailored to their being, making them level up almost instantly.

Abel sensed large amounts of life force rus.h.i.+ng into the Lofer Brothers. Although he could not sense the change in their body, he could see their faces soften up.

Initially, they were as stiff as 2 blocks of wood, but now some human emotion began to emerge.

Abel realized why 400 gems were needed. Although the tree of life kept a little for itself, most of it was still spent on the brothers.

Slowly, the energy of a 2 rank 24 druids began to emerge.

The green glow faded after an hour, and the Lofer Brothers were lowered again.

The Lofer Brothers did a backflip in mid-air and carefully landed without stomping on any herbs.

Drops of tears began to roll down from their wooden faces.

No one could imagine how they made it through the past 100 years. Their bodies were so stiff they couldn’t even make a sound. All they could do was think.

They almost felt like they were a block of wood instead of beings.

If they didn’t support each other as twins, there was no way they would make it to this day.

Ever since they heard about Master Bennett after they came out of retreat, they wanted to ask master Bennett for help. Even as rank 23, their bodies remained a limit to their level up.

“Thank you so much master Bennett!” The big brother said in excitement.

His voice was still sounding a little raspy, but it sounded like a normal person.

“We owe our lives to you!” The little brother added.

“Don’t say that. It’s my duty to help the royal elves after receiving your gifts!” Abel smiled.

However, the Lofer Brothers knew very well it was near impossible for them to get 400 top level gems even at rank 24.

Still, they wouldn’t let their emotions affect their training. It was not something Abel wanted to see anyway.

“Big druid Loafers. The royal palace will make up for Master Bennett’s expense. Lets head back and let the queen know about this good news!” Big Druid Lendo stepped up in excitement.

The Lofer Brothers were the most powerful druids besides the ones in the temple. Their mission was not to repay favors but to strengthen their power for the unexpected war.

On the way back, they jumped on a mad wolf, just like a normal big druid.

Abel returned to the golden castle with 8 more battle forts in his holy portal bag.

The first thing he did was step on battle fort no.1 and let out his 8 new battle forts.

Luckily the altered 8-star magic circle formed by the 10 battle forts formed a separate dimension allowing him to take out the 8 new battle forts and the 2 other ones Abel obtained recently.

He placed the 10 new battle forts in a position according to the altered 8-star magic circle and ignited their spirit one by one through the commander spirit.

When everything was set, he named them battle fort no.11 to no. 20 and connected them to the magic circle spirit and black spirit.

“Magic circle spirit, set them up!” Abel said in command.

Soon, battle fort no 11 to 20 began to rise in the layout of an 8-star magic circle and stopped 100 meters above.

“Master, please choose between setting up a new 8 star magic circle with battle fort no.11 to 20, or creating a new magic circle with all 20 battle forts!” The magic circle spirit sounded.

The precision the magic circle spirit required was not a magic circle amateur like Abel could comprehend.

“Magic circle spirit, which one has stronger defence?” Abel asked.

“Master, creating a new magic circle with all 20 battle forts will be stronger! Please supply the power required,” The magic circle spirit replied.

Abel immediately knew what he should do.

He flashed into the operation room of battle fort no.1 and took out the Lance Spirit from his holy portal bag filled with mana gems, and installed it onto the fort.

“Magic circle spirit, you can use the power of the Lance spirit!” Abel said.

Afterward, large amounts of energy rushed towards the Lance Spirit and the magic circle spirit.

Abel waited patiently. He knew how complicated a magic circle must be.

He stayed in the operation room for 6 hours, and a dark gold flash on the Lance spirit began to dim.

“Master, after going through all the data from the research spirit and the Lance spirit, a star light defence circle is available to set up!” The magic circle spirit sounded.

“What so special about it?” Abel was curious about what took so long.

The Lance spirit was responsible for running an entire continent. With all its data working together with Abel’s other spirits. How powerful was this star light defense circle?

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