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Chapter 678 Forbidden Dimension

Wizard Hubert was extremely excited. Even though half of the men in his team were dead, they had finally entered this orc G.o.d ceremony dimension.Now all they needed to do was to face 25 orcs…25 head commander level orcs.

Not mentioning the intermediate wizards, even head commander Donald could easily wipe out these 25 orcs.

This was due to their differences in rank. A commander level orcs could only be considered as intermediate level orcs in the orc battle at best, but these 5 men were all elite fighting powers.

During their teleportation, K3516 suddenly popped into Wizard Hubert’s mind again, and a suspicious look emerged on his face. K3516 should be in the orc empire already, according to his speculation, but then he remembered all the challenges then he went through.

He couldn’t help but shake his head. Maybe k3516 was already rotting in some corner of the orc empire, just like Wizard Bayard, who had died in the desert of death.

Wizard Hubert quickly shook these thoughts away because they soon had landed on the orc G.o.d ceremony dimension.

The orcs were shocked by humans, and they quickly put on their battle pose.

Head Commander Donald stood in front of the wizards. The atmosphere was very tense; a battle would soon be unleashed.

At the same time, Abel jumped down from his mount wolf and padded the 2 orcs in front of him.

The 2 orcs turned back to Abel. They knew Abel was asking them to step aside, so they quickly did.

Abel gently walked towards head commander Donald. At first, the orcs were about to attack, but they all suddenly stopped their movements. Their attention s.h.i.+fted to Abel.

As Abel slowly approaching head commander Donald, a spark of murder flashed in head commander Donald’s eyes. He wanted to unleash his combat qi, but he suddenly realized it was not working.

But at that moment, he no longer had time to think about why his combat qi was not working; Abel had already entered his attack range.

‘Die!’ Head Commander Donald yelled. Although he did not use any combat qi, he still had his skills and body.

Although a head commander’s combat qi store was quite big, most of the time, they still relied on their body strength and knight skills to fight. Their bodies were far stronger than any normal commander, and they could fully suppress them just by that.

His strike was extremely powerful even without the strengthening of combat qi. He was a confident guy, even with one hand. Just his knight skills alone would be far superior to anything a wolf riders captain could ever do.

Abel gently waved his hand and grabbed head commander Donald’s right hand. It looked so effortless; it was almost like he was just taking something out of a bag.

Head Commander Donald always prided himself on his strength, but Abel had barely even used any force before he could s.n.a.t.c.h the knight sword from his hand.

Head Commander Donald felt his hand let loose. He suddenly realized something was wrong, so he quickly stepped back.

But it seemed like this step back had gone a little too far. Head commander Donald b.u.mped into the wizards, and they landed on the ground.

Wizard Hubert’s face looked horrified. He was already trying to prepare a defense spell when Abel was approaching, but somehow he could not even move a single bit of magic power from his wizard core.

This meant that he couldn’t use a spell. An intermediate wizard without magic was basically a normal person.

Then he tried to open his portal bag, but he kept failing. This suggested that magic was surpa.s.sed in this orc G.o.d ceremony Dimension. This suppression seemed to be strong as well; even using a tiny bit of magic, such as opening a portal bag, could not be done.

He then turned towards the other 3 intermediate wizards, who all started to turn white. They were also going through the same thing.

“Donald, it seems like this knight sword had returned to its original owner!” Abel said with a human voice.

Abel waved around the sword in his hand. He realized magic was banned in this dimension as soon as he got in, but this knight sword was different. It was not a magic weapon; it drew its energy from skull gems.

At first, Abel was also feeling quite irritated. Other than the Horadric Cube on his left hand, he could not open any other portal objects.

Fair enough; just the Horadric cube by itself was quite good. However, the s.p.a.ce in that thing was extremely small. Not much could be put in it, so Abel normally stored his belongings in other places.

There was also a personal storage box in the Horadric Cube he could open, but there were not many things inside it either after cleaning it up so many times. The only thing inside was some damaged objects from the G.o.ds and super exploding b.a.l.l.s.

Abel felt extremely vulnerable in this place. He could not use any spell. Even though he could press on the skill tree in his Horadric Cube, his wizard core just wouldn’t move a single bit of mana. It was like turning on a rice cooker without rice.

He was immediately attracted to the knight sword on head commander Donald’s hand as soon as head commander Donald appeared. It was the perfect weapon in this situation.

In this unknown dimension, who knew what dangers could emerge. It was a suitable weapon, crucial for safety.

After hearing Abel, head commander Donald’s eyes sprang wide open. He knew who was the original owner of this double absorption knight sword, so of course, he knew what Abel meant by returning it to its original owner.

However, head commander Donald could not understand how k3516 could transform into a wolf rider captain as well as being selected as one of the 30 orcs in the orc G.o.d ceremony.

‘You are k3516!” Head commander said with certainty. He was 100% sure this wolf rider captain in front of him was k3516.

Although the orcs couldn’t understand human language, they could all sense something strange going on. How could an orc know the human language when there were zero humans around the places they were raised?

Abel sounded flawless, without an accent. It was the most official language of the human; only a human who had undergone official n.o.ble training could speak like this.

Just through this, they knew there was something wrong with Abel’s ident.i.ty.

“Welcome!” An ugly smile emerged from Abel’s wolf face.

He kept walking forward. Head commander Donald punched forward, and Abel totally disregarded him. It was true. A large chunk of a knight was from their weapon. Abel couldn’t even bother to punch him back, even though he always wanted to kill this irritating head commander.

He was in the orc empire; he didn’t want to kill another human as long as they were not a threat to him. There were more than 20 bloodthirsty orcs behind them anyway, and Abel was not planning to save them.

He was not that kind-hearted, so he would leave these things up to fate.

But still, Abel needed to take some compensation from them for messing with him. He gently twisted with a smile and dodged head commander Donald’s punch. Then, he casually pulled the sword cover off his body.

Without the portal bracelet or portal bag, a sword cover might come in handy.

Afterward, he jumped over head commander Donald and arrived in front of the wizards.

“Help me! We are of the same race. Please help me. I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!” Wizard Hubert was begging Abel. Even he himself could not believe what he had just said.

Wizard Hubert always thought he was a strong wizard, but when he lost his magic, his dignity was lost as well.

It was almost like he was naked–a total embarra.s.sment. All he knew how to do was to beg in front of this human masked as a wolf rider.

Abel shook his head and s.n.a.t.c.hed his portal bag. Afterward, he did the same with the other 3 wizards. However, they tried to fight back. They were so easy to push around; even a novice knight could hold them down, let alone Abel.

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