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Chapter 629

Within the Mirage Illusion Mountain Range,

The Unicorn roared continuously. Its wide wings flapped, stirring up a hurricane that broke through the layers of sound barriers and fled into the distance.

In the surroundings, the alarmed supernatural realm beasts fled into the distance in fear.

Those with lower life levels, those that were only at the awakened realm, could only tremble under the savage aura of the Unicorn.

As the overlord of this area of a few hundred kilometers, many beasts knew each other.

However, the Unicorn was still running.

For the first time, it complained that its territory was too big.

That hateful human’s flying speed was no less than its own. Every time it slashed out, the flames that filled the sky would bring it heavy damage.

Its wings and tail had been repaired countless times.

Every time, it consumed 2%, 3% of its source energy.

If it didn’t recover and its combat strength was damaged, it wouldn’t be able to last much longer in the hands of that human.

However, it will soon…

When the Unicorn was left with about 80% of its origin, its eyes lit up. It no longer tried to escape. It waved its two front claws, and a golden light spun as it shot towards the pursuing human.

Ever since Tang Yu had comprehended the laws of fire, the power of the fire battle techniques and spells that he had casually executed was several times greater than before.

An ordinary fire slash had broken through the long-charging attack of the Unicorn, and the remaining momentum did not diminish as it slashed towards the Unicorn.


An orange-red flame rose into the sky, illuminating the dark mountain range.

What Tang Yu saw now was not the broken body of the Unicorn, but a huge, red, black turtle with countless profound lines on it.

It was another overlord in the Mirage Illusion Mountain Range – the True Fire Black Turtle!

The True Fire Black Turtle was an extraordinary beast that was good at defense, and it was also a fire attribute. Its two front hooves raised high and stomped down heavily. In a split second, a red, translucent light s.h.i.+eld rose from all directions and wrapped around the huge turtle body.

As soon as the True Fire Black Turtle appeared, it was stuck on the path of the Unicorn.

The Flame Slash collided with the flame s.h.i.+eld. The translucent light s.h.i.+eld shook violently, and the flame sword light that was dozens of meters long was also continuously melted.

In the end,

The light s.h.i.+eld was broken, and the flame sword radiance was only the size of a palm. When it landed on the True Fire Black Turtle’s sh.e.l.l, it was neither painful nor itchy.



The Unicorn and the True Fire Black Turtle looked at each other.

Tang Yu did not understand beast language, and his spiritual perception had to be close to it – these two were genuine Rank Two Extraordinary beasts, after all. He would not underestimate them too much, at most, he would look down on them – on Earth, apart from Tree Shade, there were no more than three Rank Two Transcendents.


He could also guess that the two beasts were discussing their strategy.

A fire turtle the size of a small mountain was at the front, and the Unicorn was at the back dealing damage… He, Great Lord Tang, had already understood this strategy ten years ago when he played games.

He also knew how to counter attributes.


When the True Fire Black Turtle once again condensed a flame s.h.i.+eld, he took out a staff inlaid with water gems from his spatial ring – after many years of cultivation, he was no longer the novice who only knew a few fire moves.

He raised his hand,

Two water dragons flew out, spinning, and instantly broke through the flame s.h.i.+eld, spraying the True Fire Black Turtle’s face.

His other hand was still holding the divine weapon long sword, slas.h.i.+ng out sword shadows, clas.h.i.+ng with the golden light in the air, exploding b.a.l.l.s of energy flames.

With the strength of one person, he forced the two beasts of the same rank to retreat.


Another roar sounded.


It was the fourth and fifth.

Tang Yu glanced around.

A ten-meter-tall black ape was holding a rough black stone stick in his hand.

A Mountain-Piercing Rat that glowed with an earthen-yellow l.u.s.ter, its back covered in scales and spikes.

There was also a spherical beast that was surrounded by thunder and lightning.

Sky-Swallowing Giant Ape, Mountain-Moving Rat, Thunder Cloud Beast!

Streams of data flashed through Tang Yu’s eyes. Compared to the ma.s.sive database formed from countless books in his mind, he immediately saw the bloodlines of these five Rank Two extraordinary beasts.

For example, the Unicorn… its name should be called the Golden Horned Beast.

It could be considered a bit n.o.ble among all the beasts.

Beasts were very particular about bloodlines. Those with n.o.ble bloodlines didn’t need to cultivate. As they grew naturally, their level of life would rise. This was stronger than humans, but it was also easy to be shackled by bloodlines.

There was a saying that beasts didn’t transform.

However, he had read in the doc.u.ments that there were some large beast clans that, after tens of thousands of years of propagation, might gradually become closer to humans – cultivating with human or humanoid bodies was in line with the laws and easier to break through the shackles of the bloodline.

The price was that the help formed by the bloodline was much weaker.

Two paths,

One was the body of a beast. As the level of life increased, it generally grew larger.

The other aspect was the human form.

In general, the beastmen were humans, and the beasts that were inclined towards humans crossed the barriers of their race and were born.

According to the historians of the Second Epoch, the first beastmen that appeared was most likely centaurs.

The five Tier 2 Extraordinary beasts in front of him were undoubtedly very pure.

They occupied the five overlords of the inner layer of the Mirage Illusion Mountain Range.

There was a human-like teasing look in the eyes of the Unicorn, as if it was saying, ‘Little Brother Human, did you think of that?

There are many beasts, that is, they can do whatever they want!




The Five Tyrants of Mirage Mirror rubbed their palms together, and a terrifying aura enveloped a radius of a hundred miles.

The wind stopped.

Tang Yu glanced over with no fear on his face.

It wasn’t that he was confident in his own strength.

One against one, he could kill any second rank beast.

One against two, he could easily suppress them.

One against three, at most, it could only be a draw.

One against five? He was still a little confident in his own strength – these exotic beasts with n.o.ble bloodlines weren’t weak in the second rank.


Tang Yu snapped his fingers.

s.p.a.ce rippled and blue light dots formed a light door.


Elaine and the others, who were already prepared, walked out of the circular light door.

The unstable light door quickly broke into countless tiny light dots.

The Unicorn and the other beasts counted the new humans one by one.

Two, three, four, five, six…

Six human.

Their auras were no worse than theirs!

There was one more person than them!

The Unicorn panicked.

They were the five tyrants of the Mirage Illusion Mountain Range, but they were born at the top of the pyramid. They usually only bullied those extraordinary little beasts. They had almost no real life and death battle experience.

Never been in such a desperate situation.

They panicked all of a sudden.

The true fire black tortoise and other beasts looked at the Unicorn with unfriendly expressions and almost cursed.

Cheating their teammates!

Would it be too late to return it now?

Would a human let go of a person who revealed his belly and begged for mercy?

“Oh, roar!”

The Unicorn shouted, its eyes looking deeper into the mountain range.

In the core area,

There was also an Emperor among the beasts.

They hadn’t lost yet!

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