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Chapter 740

In this information, there are not only direct attacks by alien races, but also riots in certain human race groups. It sounds like they are seeking their own interests, but there are shadows of manipulation by others behind them.

“Have you investigated the forces behind the scenes?”

“I have found out some of them. There are the Thora Mercenary Group, the Sieo Mountain Group, and the Bouhor forces… Some of them are simply destroying things, and some have invaded some rune factories in the Federation to steal our technology.”

“Not enough, continue to investigate!”

The Thora Mercenary Group was a large-scale mercenary force with a total of ten times the United States. They were stronger than many countries. They did not have a base on the surface, and their whereabouts were uncertain. They were not afraid of the top forces.

However, they could not provoke the great Dao Sect or the human race for no reason.

Tang Yu looked through the information and noticed that the Thora Mercenary Group was very experienced. Their target did not seem to be the great Dao Sect, but some family businesses in the Federation.

However, it just happened to destroy many key rune factories.

In other words, the production of rune equipment had now adopted the supply chain mode. The orders that were entrusted to the various territory lords were just a part of a certain rune product. Even if it was stolen, it would not be able to a.n.a.lyze anything. The core technology was in his hands.

“I have to kill the invaders with thunderous methods to deter all the forces that have plans!”

Tang Yu observed the development of more than a hundred territories in the human Federation.

In addition to the orders that the “Gathering Treasure Pavilion” entrusted to them, the territories were also developing their own channels to make money.

Some territories had a suitable climate, many medicinal herbs, and had embarked on the path of farming.

Some tribes originally knew how to tame some beasts, and after they had their own territories, they began to expand their scale.

Some territories wanted to develop business, some wanted to accept more orders from the “Gathering Treasure Pavilion”, and some territories…

However, Tang Yu discovered a phenomenon. Although these territories were developing slowly and he had spent a lot of money on them, they still cared about their own development and formed groups, rarely communicating with each other.

The difference between different territories was obvious. Many customs and habits were still the same as when the tribe had been.

Only a small number of merchants traveled between different territories, and many of them were non-human forces.

“That won’t do.” Tang Yu shook his head.

The two neighboring cities only cared about their own development and did not communicate. How could they be considered the same country?

If he did not correct them now, it would be even more difficult for them to wait for several decades or centuries.

“We have to start from three aspects. One is the upper level, the other is an ordinary Awakened, and the other is an ordinary person.”

“The upper level can allow the higher levels of each territory to gather together once in a while and have a meeting to communicate. He can then clarify the development plan…”

Tang Yu had a strange expression on his face. He had actually become someone who liked to attend meetings.

However, for him to let someone else attend a meeting, he felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.

The initial stages of the meeting need to be more frequent. Those who attend the meeting do not need to be the lords of the various territories. The consuls in the territory are enough. If you are hosting the meeting… Tang Yu felt that he needed to find a suitable candidate from Tree Shade City to understand his essence.

He moved very quickly. The clone in Tree Shade City had already found Chen Haiping and asked for a government official with a level of 90 +.

At the same time, the order in Seven Luminaries City was also issued. The messenger was driving a floating war chariot, holding a seal that had been changed and heading to various territories. The Federation had a vast territory and could not send real-time messages at the moment. Only in the areas where territories were built could there be signals.

“Ordinary Awakened ones, apart from serving in various legions, most of them are still free. They rely on hunting beasts or completing missions issued by the ‘mission hall’ to make a living. And the ‘mission hall’ currently has branches in the main cities.”

The headquarters of the “Mission Hall” was located in the Grand Dao City. It was a functional building he had built with the power of the system. He thought of a few rules in his mind and quickly announced them at the headquarters of the “Mission Hall”.

[Help each other]

Description: The establishment of the Human Federation requires the offense of a small fry. Some territories are peaceful, while some territories are in danger. Humans need to help each other and survive the crisis together.

Rules are clear and detailed: Awakened ones have completed the mission outside of their household. The reward is 10%.

Duration: One year.

The “Mission Hall” was available in all the territories. Most of the missions had been issued by the people in the territories. The “Mission Hall” was just a platform. It was responsible for ensuring the interests of both parties involved in the distribution and the completion of the missions.

When many Awakened ones accepted missions, they would directly filter out the ones in their own territories.

It was normal, but Tang Yu needed to communicate with each territory.

[Unity, Friends.h.i.+p, Harmony, Rich and Strong]

Description: Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the great Great Dao Sect Master, the human race should be a whole. Their skin color, tribes, and countries should not be discriminated against. The human race should unite and achieve development and win-win.

Rules are clear and detailed: The mission completed by the cooperation of two different teams in different households will be rewarded with 10%.

Duration: One year.

Mission: Help the newcomers.

Mission Introduction: As the Great Dao Sect grows stronger and stronger, the continent and even the Endless Sea will have more and more human groups coming because of its fame. The old territory can choose to lead the development of the new territory. The teams can choose to teach or accept new people and help them better integrate into the Human Federation.

[Task requirements: ]

Reward: 100 to 10,000 Points

Note: All interpretation rights belong to the Hall of Missions.

Tang Yu nodded in satisfaction. He did not know what kind of sparks could be produced between different customs.

From the headquarters of the Hall of Missions to the various branches, the updates could not be real-time. However, it was only a day. However, in just one day, the Awakened ones from all over the human Federation discovered the version update of the Hall of Missions.

There was immediately movement.

“The reward will float up to 10%. Oh my G.o.d, that’s great!”

“We need to complete missions from other cities? I think there are too many teams here, too few missions, and we can’t do anything about it. Now that we have a new rule, it’s a profit!”

“If we go to other cities and cooperate with the team there to complete the mission, wouldn’t that be double the profit”

“Any mission will do? No, I can’t take a day off. Immediately, gather all my team members for me. We are going to set off!”

The various teams who often paid attention to the “mission hall” immediately set off a wave.

With the prestige of the Great Dao Sect at present, a single order could allow all the Awakened teams to go to other cities. However, what forced them to do was to lack subjective initiative. Luring was the best strategy. In any case, the transportation was convenient now. There were railway tracks built everywhere. The runic train could lead to most cities. The cost of going to other territories was very cheap.

There were no losses after going out for a walk.

Naturally, there were also some who remained unmoved. However, most of them could not resist the temptation of 10 floating up. Each mission could be increased by 10%, 20%, five hundred million, and they could buy a divine weapon!

As long as these Awakened ones took the first step and were no longer limited to their original tribes, countries, and gathering places, Tang Yu’s goal would be achieved. Over time, the human race would no longer be separated from each other – if the two sides could cooperate to complete the first mission, there would be a second, a third, and a countless number.

The “dong dong dong” rune train started, carrying many fully armed awakened people, heading for the distance.

“There are ten people in our team who are hunting the Moonlight Bear. They are mainly warriors, and their levels are all above the tenth level of awakening. Let’s have a team that is not a territory of Pingping Mountain. It is best if there are mages and gunmen. As long as the level is above the eighth level of awakening, it will be enough.”

“We are driving. The destination is the cemetery of Red Tribe. There are six empty seats for the 100-man team. However, the independent team can be divided according to the general plan armor. The is the best and does not want a Launcher.”

“The fifth level awakened mage, please lead the team. You will definitely be able to break through in three months. You can sign a long-term contract.”

This mission hall was located in the Crescent Moon Territory. It was a small territory. The lord Chang Shu was a senior who had stepped into the Void Realm and founded the Chang Family from scratch.

Although Chang Shu had taken 108 wives and concubines, that was only after he had reached the Void Stepping Stage. The level of life in the Void Stepping Stage had changed, and it was not easy for him to have descendants. The Chang Clan was now just a rising clan, and its population was thin.

Many of the previous generations were the territory of the clan, and they could easily recruit hundreds of thousands of Awakened ones. As for the Moonfang Territory, there were less than a thousand permanent Awakened ones. Many missions in the “Mission Hall” were unable to be completed, and the development of the territory was delayed.

Even if Chang Shu was rich, the rules were limited. The missions issued by the “Mission Hall” had an upper limit and lower limit.


With a single rule, the figure of many Awakened ones appeared in the Moonfang Territory.

“Finally, there is a place to spend money.” Chang Shu sighed.

“Although the Moonfang Territory is small, it is rich.”

Outside Moonfang City, in the bushes on the hillside.

There were many outsiders with sharp blades protruding from their skin, looking at the small city from afar.

There were many mottled marks on the walls of the city, left behind by the humans when they attacked the Seven Luminaries Federation.

Behind the alien race,

There were also many Awakened ones with similar appearances, their figures hidden among the trees.

They were the Blade Tribe, a group of bandits that were roaming the northern plains.

“Back when we were still in the Seven Luminaries Federation, each city had more than one Void Treading realm expert overseeing it. There were countless high level awakened cultivators in the city pond, and there were also many who had awakened to the Great Circle of the awakened realm. But now…”

The leader of the Blade Bandit Group snickered.

“We can’t afford to offend some of the powerful territories of the human race, but there aren’t many experts in the Crescent Moon Region apart from that expert. Later, I will stall that human expert and you all will loot the treasure vault in the city as fast as you can. But remember, we are targeting the Crescent Moon Region. We are only looking for money. Don’t kill too many civilians. Otherwise, if your nature changes, you might be hunted down by the human race.”

The Blade Bandit Group disguised as a merchant group and walked towards Crescent City from one side of the hill.

In the middle of them were three cargo trucks that were pulled by beasts and horses. However, what was hidden inside were not goods, but some heavy weapons.

Around the trucks were members of the Blade Bandit Group who were trying their best to dress less ferociously.

There were two to three hundred of them, and more than half of them were high-level awakened ones.

As long as they could stop the lords of the Moonfang Territory, the city guards, and the awakened ones did not need to worry about them.

Ten minutes later, the caravan was close to the city. There were many armored awakened ones at the city gate checking the people and vehicles pa.s.sing by.

“They are all good runic armors and weapons…”

The Blade Bandit Group looked on with red eyes.

There were also many foreign merchant groups in the Human Federation, but they did not have a pa.s.s and knew that they could not hide it. Pretending to be a merchant group was only to buy time.

They exchanged glances and suddenly exploded when they approached the city gate.


The sharp blade stabbed at the city guard soldiers. The blade collided with the soft armor at the neck. Under the great force, the blade cut through the soft armor and pierced into the neck. Blood continuously poured out and the city guard soldiers knelt on the ground.

The people of the Blade Bandit Group quickly took out heavy weapons from the truck carriage. They were some explosives, heavy firearms.

They threw down the truck and quickly rushed into the city.

At this time,

The rest of the city guards had already reacted. A sharp and rapid sound rang out, and the Awakened ones patrolling the city quickly approached the city gate.

A tyrannical aura erupted from the center of the city, and a figure stepped into the void.

It was the Lord of the Moonfang Territory, Chang Shu.

He shouted angrily, and a bright energy ball condensed in his hand, pus.h.i.+ng downwards.


The shockwaves exploded one after another. Two figures flew out from the bandit group, one on the left and one on the right, stopping Chang Shu.

At this moment,


There was a flash of fire at the city gate. The violent explosion caused part of the already bright city walls to collapse.

The Awakened ones patrolling the city were at a loss. Several captains were knocked down to the ground by the bandits, their lives unknown.

The rest of the bandit groups followed the original plan and went straight to several treasure houses.

“The guards of Moon Fang City are really weak. It is too easy to loot a city.”

At the same time,

The Awakened ones who were recruiting members in the Mission Hall and preparing to depart had all received an urgent mission – [Guard Moonfang City]!

The reward was so generous that it made one’s heart beat. More importantly…

“My team has been stationed in Moon Fang City for a long time, but there are still people who dare to cause trouble? They are not putting me in their eyes!”

“Emergency mission? It is said that the reward is the most generous. I am shocked! I am excited! I have finally waited for you in my lifetime!”

“Which bandit group is so reckless? I must praise them!”

“Ola Ola Ola Ola—”

“Seeking group, asking group, asking group, asking group——”

The members of the Blade Bandit Group went straight to the treasure house and the big shops in the city as if there was no one around.

There were not many residents in the city, and they closed the doors and windows and hid.

The most prosperous commercial street of Moon Fang City appeared in front of the bandits.

Some sold runic weapons, some sold potions, and some sold beasts. Although they were not like the large-scale selling places like “Gathering Treasure Pavilion” that covered the whole world, there were also several shops in the city, which were chain industries under the large territory of the human Federation.

The quality of the goods was good, and there were often many in stock.

The target of the Blade Bandit Group was these goods in stock – they had also specially learned that the chain stores of the large territory were supplying goods at the beginning of the month, and two days ago, it was the time that the runic train pa.s.sed by Moonfang City.

There were not many guards in the shops, and in the face of the aggressive bandit groups, many Awakened ones only had to grit their teeth and resist, but they suffered heavy casualties in a moment.

The ordinary people inside and outside the shops were already scared silly.

“Weak human, remember, the one who killed you is the Blade Master of the Blade Bandit Group!”

“Who! Who dares to use my Blade Master’s name!”

A loud shout came from the side of the street, and a sharp blade light cut through the Blade Master, sending him flying, blood spilling from his chest.

The person stepped on the ground, holding a scimitar in his hand, “I am the Blade Master!”

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