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Chapter 439  The School Belle“s Personal Bodyguard *Doge Emoji

tian du city.

sword card master a.s.sociation.

lu ming pondered for a long time but did not make a decision.

this was a genius young lady like zhou yun.

yang liu-er.

she had such an artistic name.

at sixteen years old, she was a super genius who had already reached peak five-star after graduating high school! this was also one of the most talented young ladies in zhou yun's list!

“16 years old?”

lu ming felt very doubtful.

it was true.

he remembered that the name list provided by the teenager in white had very few ladies in it. furthermore, the age range was from a few years old to 30 years old. why were there that many young ladies now?

“that's right.”

zhou yun blinked her eyes. “don't you find it easier to teach and guide people of that age?”

lu ming was deep in his thoughts.

he suddenly felt that ‘master' zhou yun had misunderstood his objective for recruiting the disciples…

i merely want to increase my talent. h.e.l.l… teach and guide?!!!

furthermore, you are also 16 years old! are these words appropriate?!

or perhaps…

she is hinting at something else?!


she should not be.

this young lady should have already gotten together with the teenager in white. the two of them had experienced life and death together and should be very close with each other now!

then again, the teenager in white had been with the teenager in black for the past two days…

had he fallen for someone else?

lu ming pondered deeply for a moment.

he suddenly felt that he had to provide lessons about romance for the disciples of the sword card master a.s.sociation. especially since 16 years old was the age of adolescent innocence and ignorance.

“don't worry.

“i will help you seek justice fpr this,” lu ming consoled and said.


zhou yun was puzzled.

what justice?!

forget it.

that's not important.

right now, yang liu-er's matter was very important. she had been busy for many days in trying to fool… convince the genius young lady to join them!

“then, yang liu-er…”

zhou yun asked.

“let me think.”

lu ming read the information in his hands again.

yang liu-er.

a peak five-star.

this was a super genius and she was preparing to break through to six-star. due to special circ.u.mstances, she might encounter danger during her breakthrough and thus required someone to protect her for 24 hours!

if she were to succeed in the breakthrough, she was willing to become a sword card master!

the person that she chose for protection was — lu ming!

however, lu ming sighed. this was what he was worried about.

he looked at his near-to-perfect self in the mirror and then at the 24-hour protection request by the young lady. lu ming was filled with worries…

he had a hunch that this lady had an ulterior motive!

the sword card master a.s.sociation certainly needed geniuses but it had not reached the stage whereby he had to sell his body?!

“can we get someone else to do this?”

lu ming felt very bothered.


zhou yun shook her head. “you're the only one who has the capability in our organization.”

“why can't she hire a bodyguard?”

lu ming was skeptical.

“this is because she is going to break through at home,” zhou yun explained. “she comes from a wealthy family. her father has also prepared excellent resources for her. in theory, she will be able to achieve a perfect breakthrough.”

“at home?”

lu ming felt even more perplexed.

why is it dangerous to break through at home?

zhou yun paused for a moment. “her father has three wives and five children. she is the child of the first wife who died. she is totally unrelated to the two stepmothers.”

lu ming rolled his eyes.

he understood now!

this was the inheritance dispute of a wealthy family.

due to certain reasons, it was not convenient for the young lady to hire a bodyguard. therefore, she could only find a friend of a similar age as a precautionary measure.

both lu ming's age and combat ability fit the bill!

as such, she had discussed it and agreed with zhou yun.

lu ming contemplated the offer for a long time but decided not to be involved.

the police would not be around to intervene and the house was very far away in the suburbs. if the other party were to resort to underhand means, lu ming might also lose his life. it was too risky!!!

after all, he was so handsome!

“please reject this for me.”

lu ming's expression was calm.

“are you sure?”

zhou yun was somewhat surprised.


lu ming was very certain.

if he were to protect her for 24 hours, it would certainly end up on one of the websites that start with p… this was what lu ming could not tolerate at all!

i treat you as my disciple but you want to hit on me?!

how is that possible?!


zhou yun felt somewhat regretful. “if she joins us, it will be easier for us to recruit the boys from her school next time.”

“is she a school belle?”

lu ming's heart stirred slightly.


zhou yun nodded. “because of her superb talent, ability and extraordinary looks, she is the most popular student of her school.”


lu ming squinted his eyes.

“do you have her photographs?”

“uh… they're not in the profile but i have few photographs of her.”

zhou yun switched on her communication device and showed lu ming the few photographs she had. lu ming was astonished. her looks, figure and the look in her eyes…



“i think i can accept the suggestion of being a bodyguard.”


zhou yun was puzzled.

you changed your mind just like that?!

“if the other party is outstanding enough, it is definitely worthwhile for us to invest more resources.

“this is for the sake of the a.s.sociation's development.

“this is also a form of respect for genius disciples!”

lu ming said seriously, “if it is true that she can influence the decisions of the geniuses who may join us later on, we can give it a try. anyway, it's just for 24 hours.”


zhou yun was grateful.

master is indeed master. he is so big-hearted.

on the one hand, he was not lured by self-interest and is able to reject missions without much difficulty! on the other hand, he is also able to sacrifice himself to complete the mission for the sake of the a.s.sociation's future! he was very flexible!

this is the hero of modern times, indeed!

very soon, the bodyguard mission was confirmed.

lu ming would keep this lady company until she successfully attained a six-star breakthrough. he only needed to stop any accidents that might occur.

of course, it was also possible that there would not be any opponents.

the next day.

in the afternoon.

at a certain hotel.

lu ming turned up for the appointment.

miss yang liu-er was as good looking as her photographs!

lu ming and yang liu-er had an in-depth conversation and he found out why she needed someone to protect her.

seven color tea was an expensive kind of energy tea leaves. they could instantly supply enough pure spirit energy to support one in their breakthrough. the only problem was that the person could not move for some time after taking the tea, due to the explosive nature of the energy.

most interestingly…

the tea leaves were actually a gift from one of her stepmothers.

“why do you have to use them then?”

lu ming was surprised.

“she gave them to me in front of my father.

“she is challenging me!”

yang liu-er sneered. “don't you find it satisfying to see the helpless look on someone's face when you break through in front of her? and using the resources she provided?”

lu ming was speechless.

oh my goodness!

this family is full of vicious people!

true enough, wealthy people have evil hearts!

he had a feeling that he was watching the drama “empresses in the palace”.

at night, lu ming followed the young lady home.

the living room was filled with all the members of the yang family.

they were aware that yang liu-er had chosen tonight to break through. therefore, most of them had come home. the one sitting in the middle was yang liu-er's father.

beside him were two women who had above average looks.


they were undoubtedly the two madams of the family.

“this is…”

surprised, father yang stared at the teenager whom his daughter brought into the house.

“my cla.s.smate.”

yang liu-er said calmly. “he heard that i was going to break through to six-star today and came to learn from me.”


father yang's eyes lit up.


those looks…

he looks like me when i was younger!!!

“h.e.l.lo, cla.s.smate. h.e.l.lo, cla.s.smate.”

father yang felt very grateful. he took the initiative to pull lu ming towards him and then asked quietly, “young boy, what are your views on marrying into a family?”

lu ming was speechless.


yang liu-er rolled her eyes furiously.

“okay, okay, okay.”

father yang appeased her and said, “alright, i won't talk about this. i won't talk about this. liu-er, father has prepared everything for you. you have enough!”

“you didn't need to!”

yang liu-er sneered. “you're so busy. how were you able to spare the time to prepare everything? i'm afraid they were prepared by the women beside you. haha, i'll rather do it myself.”

with that…

her gaze swept across the two women beside her father.

“let's go!”

she brought lu ming to her villa.


father yang sighed.

this child…

“she's very guarded against you,” his wife said.

father yang sighed.

to ensure that his daughter would break through successfully and not fall behind the starting point of geniuses, his wife had spent several months obtaining the seven color tea!

“it's okay.”

madam yang said gently, “it's fine as long as she is happy. it's better that she breaks through in her own villa.. i've already told the security officers to be prepared. there shouldn't be any problem.”

“that cla.s.smate of hers…”

father yang pondered deeply.

he still felt somewhat worried.

after all, he was too handsome…

what was the usefulness of having such good looks? he had first-hand experience! old zhang, his cla.s.smate for 10 years, was single for 30 years. on the other hand, when he was at lu ming's age, he was already very experienced…

“that cla.s.smate of hers is not an ordinary person,” madam yang smiled faintly and whispered into father yang's ears.


father yang's eyes lit up.

that was quite good.

right then…

lu ming followed yang liu-er curiously to her villa.

he had to admit that a wealthy man's life was boring and simple. she was staying alone in a standalone villa…

“i'm preparing to break through now.”

yang liu-er closed the doors of the villa.

she activated the restrictions.

she did not want to give those two women too much preparation time.


lu ming nodded and expressed his understanding. “those two ladies don't seem like bad people.”

“you can't judge a book by its cover,” yang liu-er said coldly.

amongst the two wives of her father, the second was very hostile toward her. however, she was most fearful of the gentle and understanding first wife.


lu ming shrugged.

he took out a few cards and guarded the young lady.

“thank you.”

the young lady felt more at ease.

just as her heart warmed, he saw lu ming taking a few of the energy cards meant for her breakthrough. “i may deplete a lot of energy tonight. let me take some energy cards in advance.”

yang liu-er was speechless.

she took a deep breath and drank the seven color tea.


colorful lights emerged.

the energy surrounding yang liu-er suddenly began to increase!

the breakthrough had begun.

“is this the seven color tea?”

lu ming squinted his eyes.

it was interesting.

he looked at yang liu-er breaking through curiously. in fact, he was not that worried about protecting her. yang liu-er's father was present and he did not think the women would mess around.

he felt that… yang liu-er let her imagination run wild!

wealthy people would not be that stupid.

in the past, people dared to kill others in front of many people because they were not as civilised! there were no surveillance cameras, fingerprint recognition, abilities or dna testing! they could just kill as they pleased!


who would dare mess around?!

lu ming felt that this event came about because yang liu-er lacked a sense of security.

when he saw yang liu-er beginning to break through, he already felt at ease and was eating a piece of watermelon from the table.

her villa had everything that one could ask for. from fruits to melon seeds, they were all of high quality and contained a lot of energy. it was very beneficial for one's cultivation!

this was also the reason why zhao yunshan was a six-star despite having ordinary talent.

having grown up in such an environment, how could he not be a six-star?!

krypton gold big shot!

it went without saying that people like the young lady who were both wealthy and extremely talented, could reach six-star without doing anything!

she would far surpa.s.s zhao yunshan!



lu ming was having a feast.

yang liu-er, who was in the midst of a breakthrough, was speechless.


“focus on your breakthrough.”

lu ming noticed her gaze and immediately revealed a friendly smile. “i will protect you well.”



he was enjoying the feast.

yang liu-er clenched her teeth.

she was furious.

it was true.

she seriously doubted what kind of big shot she had hired! therefore, the young lady was not trying to break through anymore. she was glaring at lu ming, like a tiger watching its prey.

lu ming looked up and the two glanced at each other.


lu ming compromised.

taking into consideration that he wanted to recruit this lady for the sword card master a.s.sociation, lu ming reluctantly put away the watermelon which was obviously imported…

“i'll check the surroundings.”

lu ming stood up.


yang liu-er felt more a.s.sured to continue with her breakthrough.


lu ming dumped xiao-xiaojian beside the lady to protect her.

afterward, he began to wander in the room. he had no choice, yang liu-er would glare at him the moment he skived. he had a feeling that he was under supervision.

he had already promised to protect the young lady. he could not possibly bully her, right?

lu ming had never been a bodyguard before!

what should he look out for?

he should check whether someone was ambus.h.i.+ng!

lu ming paced back and forth in the room, occasionally opening a cabinet to check if someone was hiding inside, until he opened a wall cabinet…

lu ming then quietly closed it.


the aura of yang liu-er's breakthrough suddenly froze.

obviously, she had noticed lu ming's gaze.


lu ming felt somewhat embarra.s.sed. “i didn't know that linger** was inside… don't worry, i am just checking.”

with that…

under miss yang's fierce gaze, lu ming changed his direction and opened another wall cabinet. there was a row of strange clothing made with very few pieces of fabric hanging inside…

lu ming fell silent instantly.

yang liu-er's face turned even paler.

this person…

this is so infuriating!!!


lu ming wanted to close it.

however, just as he wanted to do so, he was shocked to discover a piece that he had seen before! it was identical to something little lu ming had worn!


lu ming said surprisingly, “it's the same as the one that i wore?”


there was suddenly silence in the room.

speechless, yang liu-er's gaze at lu ming gradually became bt… [2. bt is biàn tài, the abbreviation for ‘perverted' in chinese. it is usually used to criticize someone's weird actions.]

lu ming was speechless.

oh d.a.m.n!

seemingly, he had a slip of his tongue…


lu ming closed the cabinet. he walked to the door and looked up at the sky.

forget it.

to h.e.l.l with checking!

yang liu-er was speechless.

at this moment, there was pin-drop silence in the room.

afterward, yang liu-er had a strange expression and one could not tell what she was thinking about. she also did not dare to chase lu ming anymore. she simply continued with her breakthrough.

the effect of the seven color tea was ultimately top-notch!

in just half an hour, yang liu-er was already at her peak!


energy was surging.

yang liu-er was only a step away from six-star.


lu ming squinted his eyes.

he had already said it.

how could there be any!


in the darkness, there was a sudden flash of murderous intent. a beam of cold and chilling light streaked across the sky and dashed into the room. the powerful aura sent chills down one's spine.

this is…

a peak six-star!!!


do they really exist?!


lu ming hollered.


there was a deafening sound.

the original card returned instantly and blocked the's path.

“who is that?!”

lu ming said coldly.

in front of him…

there was endless cold.



cold beams of lights streaked across the place.

a figure in black emerged from the darkness and struck at lu ming without any hesitation. the powerful combat ability of a peak six-star erupted and every strike was lethal!

it was coming.

lu ming instinctively wanted to cast his cards but it was not an option!

he needed time to cast the cards!

and unfortunately…

this was an!

a peak six-star!

when facing an opponent at this level, lu ming did not have any time to unleash the effect of the card. as long as one card could not kill the opponent, he would be annihilated on the spot!


it was impossible!

his mission was to protect yang liu-er!

“moonlight card!”

lu ming strengthened himself and the original card immediately!

since he had no time to use delay cards, he would fight his opponent head-on!


he immediately became one with the sword and unleashed his most powerful combat ability. using his card as his sword, he fought his opponent with swordplay!

peak six-star?


lu ming had already reached advanced five-star and he did not feel the slightest bit fearful!

moonlight card strengthening + man and sword becoming one + one hundred thousand points of energy, lu ming actually fought to a draw with the peak six-star!

of course, this was close to lu ming's upper limit!

“bring it on!”

lu ming did not conceal his aura.



each beam of aura exploded into the sky.

he believed that yang liu-er's father would arrive very soon to end the fight. that would be advantageous to him. as long as he lasted until someone came…

however, at this moment, two more men in black appeared in the darkness.

“oh no!”

lu ming's expression changed drastically.


there were three peak six-stars?!



cold beams of lights streaked across the room.

at this moment, the three shadows and three auras locked onto lu ming from three different directions. their murderous intentions were obvious.


the forces of the trio intersected in the sky.

they formed what was akin to a net.


terrifying pressures landed.

lu ming could sense the domineering aura from the bottom of his heart.

d.a.m.n it!

the forces of the trio were identical and they could enhance that of one another!

lightning slas.h.!.+

lu ming cast his most powerful move without any hesitation. however, the original card merely left a trace of blood after it swooped across the trio.

it was very light.

it was very faint.

the trio had increased their power and the effect of this attack had been greatly weakened!


lu ming spewed a mouthful of blood.


he could not beat them!

he could barely deal with one of them and they were one vs. three now. furthermore, the three were coordinating with one another. how could he possibly beat them?!

the yang family…

was the yang family that fearsome in their inside fighting?!


lu ming took a deep breath.

the three men in black circled him and he did not have any confidence about beating them!

well, he could only turn the tables!

as to whether yang liu-er could break through successfully…

only G.o.d knew!

however, if he were to turn the tables…

there was only one way — exploding the vocation cores!

he felt his heart ache at the thought of it.

these were vocation cores that had broken through a few days ago at the card creators a.s.sociation…

his heart pained at the thought of their self-destruction!

this was energy!

ma.s.sive amount of energy…

he might not be able to find someone as generous and foolish as the card creators a.s.sociation in the future!


lu ming adjusted his thoughts and was prepared to destroy the cores. with such a big commotion, he believed that yang liu-er's father would rush there very soon.

however, just at this moment, lu ming found another card.

it was the new card.


lu ming threw the card out. he did not care whether it was a delay bomb or if it could meltdown parts… he would just use it. there would ultimately be some effect…

however, what surprised lu ming was… the moment he cast the card, a beam of light flashed across the sky.


the card dissipated.

a gush of strange powers suddenly landed on the men in black.

at that moment, at that second, a gush of strange and mysterious powers suddenly shrouded the three men in black and then locked onto the vocation cores in their body, freezing them in the sky.


lu ming could clearly see the three vocation cores hanging high and bright in the sky.


there were three daggers.

be it aura, texture or looks, they were identical. afterward, that strange and mysterious aura strung the three vocation cores… in the blink of an eye…


the three vocation cores exploded instantly!


the three men in black spewed blood and were sent flying.

lu ming was speechless.

“d.a.m.n! what is this about?”

he stared at the three men in black covered in blood and then remembered that uncanny scene earlier. after feeling stunned for a moment, he finally realized what had happened.

“wait a minute, could this be the legendary candy crush?”

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