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Chapter 647: As Long As You Admit It

Qi Shaoyuan sighed after he heard Wei Xufeng.

This kid had a problematic brain. His thoughts were too cynical.

Actually, the truth was simple… Lin Yan didn’t have to construct a persona. She had skills to begin with…

Would Yeva have to do that?

In hindsight, if he had been in Wei Xufeng’s shoes, he wouldn’t have believed that Lin Yan was Yeva. He knew that he couldn’t blame Wei Xufeng, as he had discovered Lin Yan’s ident.i.ty due to a twist of fate.

Although Qi Shaoyuan had no idea why his boss had such a bad and tainted reputation in the entertainment industry, he knew that it had all begun when she had debuted.

Qi Shaoyuan sighed quietly to himself. He knew that his friend Wei Xufeng would commit suicide the day he found out about Lin Yan’s ident.i.ty.

Even though Qi Shaoyuan had been yearning to tell the truth, he had vowed never to reveal a word.

He could only fervently hope that Lin Yan would be picked and that Wei Xufeng would witness everything with his own eyes. Then, Wei Xufeng would be forced to believe that Lin Yan did indeed possess extraordinary skills.

“Xufeng, do you reckon that something was amiss with the race between Lin Yan and WW?” Qi Shaoyuan purposely steered the conversation away.

Wei Xufeng replied airily, “Without a doubt. If I were to race with WW, would you believe that I beat WW based on my skills?”

“You would certainly have cheated,” Qi Shaoyuan instinctively answered.

Wei Xufeng quipped, “Although you’re right… I feel like you’re belittling me.”

Qi Shaoyuan smirked slyly at Wei Xufeng. “Believe your hunch. I really am belittling you.”

Wei Xufeng was speechless…

Qi Shaoyuan pressed on, “Just leave the other compet.i.tions aside. The compet.i.tion today… Do you think any cheating will be allowed?”

Wei Xufeng answered without hesitation. “No way! This is the official national compet.i.tion. All the teams in the country are partic.i.p.ating. The outcome will affect the fate and future of all the teams.”

“As long as you admit it.” Qi Shaoyuan sounded comforted.

He was dreading that Wei Xufeng would conjure an excuse to accuse Boss of cheating if she really won.

Hence, Qi Shaoyuan made Wei Xufeng admit that no cheating would be allowed at this compet.i.tion. In that case, if Boss was picked and she won, Wei Xufeng would be convinced.

“Boss… Idol… G.o.ddess… You have to be picked!” Qi Shaoyuan prayed under his breath. All he wanted was for Wei Xufeng to be smacked in the face by the cold, hard truth.

All the reporters had swarmed around the venue, and the commentators were ready.

All the races would be finished in three days.

There were too many teams involved in this compet.i.tion, so it was impossible for the races to be completed in one day.

The teams that were selected to compete were not allowed to leave. Everyone had to stay in the preparation area.

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