The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2538 - Chapter 2538: The Choice of Two Godhoods (2)

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Chapter 2538 - Chapter 2538: The Choice of Two G.o.dhoods (2)

Chapter 2538: The Choice of Two G.o.dhoods (2)

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“Good thing?” Shen Siyu revealed a wry smile and looked at the two G.o.dhoods floating in front of Qi Xia helplessly. “If it were the G.o.dhoods of other superior G.o.ds then it would really be a good thing, but the G.o.ds that these two G.o.dhoods belong to… why was Qi Xia chosen by them? No wonder it took so long; so, it was like this.”

Shen Yanxiao was confused. She vaguely guessed that it might be a good thing to be selected by two G.o.dhoods, but the thing that was making Xiu frown were the two G.o.dhoods that had selected Qi Xia.

“Which superior G.o.ds did they belong to?” Qi Xia saw that the atmosphere was somewhat solemn and felt a bit curious. His companions did not encounter any problems during the G.o.dhood’s selection, but why was there a sudden change when it was his turn?


“Death G.o.d and Killing G.o.d.” Xiu coldly spat out two names that made people tremble with fear.

Death G.o.d.

This superior G.o.d, who was in charge of collecting the souls of the deceased, was not a true member of the G.o.d race in any real sense. Although he had a divine body and a G.o.dhood, the power he possessed was not divine power but the power of the king of the Netherworld. On the Brilliance Continent, there were legends about many superior G.o.ds, but the legends about this Death G.o.d always made people’s hair stand on end.

According to rumors, when the Death G.o.d came, there would always be terrible disasters. Each vivid life would die, and their souls would be guided by the Death G.o.d into the Netherworld.

The Death G.o.d was not a G.o.d created by the Lord G.o.d. He came from the Netherworld. After the Lord G.o.d and the Devil G.o.d created all things in the world, the Death G.o.d crossed the door of the Netherworld and entered this world. He was responsible for harvesting the souls of all things in the world. Even the Lord G.o.d could not order the Death G.o.d to do anything. He did not listen to anyone’s command. He was only in charge of guiding the souls of the deceased.

In many places, people did not cla.s.sify the Death G.o.d as a G.o.d, but separated him as the emissary of the Netherworld. He made people dread and left them scared. All the records about the Death G.o.d were always inseparable from death.

Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia did not expect that the G.o.dhood of the Death G.o.d would appear in the last temple of Sky City.

Why did this emissary from the Netherworld leave his G.o.dhood in the last temple?

“The Death G.o.d is dead? But I remember that he did not take part in the battle of the G.o.ds and devils.” The Dragon G.o.d, who had been silent all this time, suddenly opened his mouth at this moment. He had a conflicting mood regarding the Death G.o.d. In his impression, the Death G.o.d was such a gloomy emissary who wore a black cloak all day long and kept his body and face under that cloak forever. Even the Dragon G.o.d, who was always so insensitive, could smell the danger when pa.s.sing by the Death G.o.d. Therefore, the Dragon G.o.d never had any contact with this G.o.d at all. The instinct of the dragons made him subconsciously keep his distance from this terrible creature.

“He didn’t die, nor did he go to war. He just left and returned to the netherworld. He said that he would not intervene in the chaos of our world. He then extracted the G.o.dhood from his body and placed it here, waiting for the arrival of the next successor.” Shen Siyu, as the last survivor of the great war, was the only G.o.d who knew what had happened to the Death G.o.d.

The Death G.o.d was not a real member of the G.o.d race. He stayed in the Sky City because he had an agreement with the Lord G.o.d. Through the time when the Lord G.o.d disappeared and the war between the G.o.ds and devils began, the Death G.o.d had always been watching from the sidelines. At the end of the war between the G.o.ds and devils, he chose to leave this world and returned to the mysterious Netherworld..

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The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2538 - Chapter 2538: The Choice of Two Godhoods (2) summary

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