The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2539 - Chapter 2539: The Choice of Two Godhoods (3)

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Chapter 2539 - Chapter 2539: The Choice of Two G.o.dhoods (3)

Chapter 2539: The Choice of Two G.o.dhoods (3)

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As to why he had left his G.o.dhood here, even Shen Siyu did not know the answer to that. The Death G.o.d only said before he left that this world would one day usher in a new Death G.o.d and he had finished his mission.

Today, the Death G.o.d’s G.o.dhood had finally chosen Qi Xia as its inheritor. This unexpected incident surprised the three superior G.o.ds present.

“Did the Death G.o.d really say that? Did he leave his G.o.dhood so that the next inheritor could replace him as the new Death G.o.d?” The Dragon G.o.d gritted his teeth. He always believed that the Death G.o.d was a very unsociable G.o.d.


Furthermore, his power did not belong to the G.o.d race, or even to this world. Just like the phantom beasts summoned by Summoners, he came from another place.

“Perhaps, but we don’t know about the power of the Death G.o.d. He had never really shown his real power in front of us. Although Qi Xia is talented, he is a human being after all. Can he bear the power of the Death G.o.d?” Shen Siyu’s brows wrinkled. The Death G.o.d was the G.o.d they knew the least about. They could not grasp how powerful the Death G.o.d really was. If his strength exceeded the limit Qi Xia could bear, it would be very bad.

“Then let Qi Xia choose the Killing G.o.d?” The Dragon G.o.d suggested. After all, compared with the unfamiliar Death G.o.d, the Killing G.o.d was still a superior G.o.d that they knew about.

However, Shen Siyu let out a sigh and said, “Do you think it’s appropriate for Qi Xia to be the Killing G.o.d?”

THe Killing G.o.d was precisely what its name seemed to indicate: a G.o.d created to kill.

If the Death G.o.d was only responsible for harvesting the souls of those that had already pa.s.sed away, then the Killing G.o.d was the vanguard opening the path to death.

“Uh.” The Dragon G.o.d immediately shut his mouth.

“Killing G.o.d? I have never heard of this superior G.o.d before.” Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. There were many records about the G.o.d race in the world. After learning that Xiu was a G.o.d, Shen Yanxiao had also studied the legends about the G.o.d race, but she had never heard of the name “Killing G.o.d”. It was when she first met Lan Fengli that these two words popped up in her head.

Slaughtering in all directions! With an awe-inspiring, murderous spirit!

Although it was not clear what kind of G.o.d the Killing G.o.d might be, just the sound of its name already felt very ferocious.

“Sky City has not had a Killing G.o.d for a long time. The Killing G.o.d was one of the earliest superior G.o.ds created by the Lord G.o.d after building Sky City.

However, he later fell and his G.o.dhood has been preserved here. The Lord G.o.d once thought that the new G.o.ds bred by other G.o.ds would inherit the G.o.dhood of the Killing G.o.d, but it was a pity that nothing ever came of it” Shen Siyu explained.

From beginning to end, only one Killing G.o.d had existed in Sky City.

“He had fallen? How?” Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Siyu. The G.o.ds had very few chances to die before the war against the devils. Not to mention that they were superior G.o.ds. The reason why there was no record of the Killing G.o.d in the world was obviously because the Killing G.o.d had fallen very early, much earlier than the beginning of the war against the devils, so the world did not leave any words about him.

“Due to the backlash of the Killing G.o.d’s own power.” Xiu’s quiet voice suddenly sounded.

Shen Yanxiao’s heart skipped a beat.

“The Killing G.o.d has a very formidable power. He was the superior G.o.d next to the War G.o.d. The War G.o.d has the power to devour and is the most powerful existence among the superior G.o.ds. However, the Killing G.o.d also possessed an extremely terrible strength. If his killing force is fully utilized, the Killing G.o.d can fully compete with the War G.o.d. However, the power of the Killing G.o.d has one of the most terrible drawbacks: that is, its backlash.” Xiu explained..

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