The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2540 - Chapter 2540: The Choice of Two Godhoods (4)

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Chapter 2540 - Chapter 2540: The Choice of Two G.o.dhoods (4)

Chapter 2540: The Choice of Two G.o.dhoods (4)

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“The killing force will leave the soul lost in the murders and burn the soul. Once the limit is exceeded, it will recoil on the body. The Killing G.o.d died precisely because of the backlash of this killing force. For a long period of time, the Lord G.o.d did not intend to let people inherit the G.o.dhood of the Killing G.o.d. Until finally, the Lord G.o.d found the right candidate, but in the end, he still gave up the plan because he was worried that the backlash would be too strong.” Xiu explained and continued, “Once the killing force is used, it will gradually consume the soul of the user. However strong the willpower one has, they will gradually lose themselves in the idea of killing and become a weapon that only knows to ma.s.sacre.”

“Who was chosen?” Shen Yanxiao asked.



Shen Yanxiao’s eyes widened. Yaksha was supposed to inherit the G.o.dhood of the Killing G.o.d?

Wouldn’t that mean…

Shen Yanxiao could hardly imagine it. Yaksha himself was already very ferocious. If coupled with a murderous and dreadful G.o.dhood, his character would definitely be distorted to death.

“I suddenly think that the Lord G.o.d is still quite reliable in handling some matters.” If Yaksha really inherited the G.o.dhood of the Killing G.o.d, then he definitely would have been a frightening superior G.o.d. His terror index would definitely surpa.s.s that of the Death G.o.d!

At the very least, the Death G.o.d only collected the souls of the dead and guided them into the Neatherworld. In a sense, he was still a transporter of life.

The Death G.o.d did not produce undeads. The Death G.o.d was merely a porter of souls.

But the Killing G.o.d was born to kill!

Shen Yanxiao was very glad that the Lord G.o.d’s brain wasn’t flooded with water and did not come up with another Killing G.o.d. Otherwise, after the Lord G.o.d disappeared, there was no need for the devils to come out in insurrection. A single outburst of the Killing G.o.d was enough to plague the world with chaos! However, these two G.o.dhoods seemed pretty similar overall. One was not much better than the other.

Shen Yanxiao did not understand why Qi Xia, such a sunny teenager, was favored by these two ferocious G.o.dhoods. There were so many better, perhaps more appropriate, G.o.dhoods here that did not choose him; instead, the Killing G.o.d and the Death G.o.d were the ones that selected him. How would he choose from these two?

Should he choose the unfamiliar Death G.o.d and inherit the unknown power of the Netherworld, risking the possibility of explosion and death?

Or choose the formidable Killing G.o.d, but at any time risk death by the backlash of the killing force?

No matter how one thought, either one would lead to death, okay?!

“Should we wait a bit more? Perhaps there are still other G.o.dhoods that will take a fancy to Qi Xia?” Shen Yanxiao did not want Qj Xia to take such risks to inherit these two unstable G.o.dhoods.

If he were to inherit the G.o.dhood of the Death G.o.d, it was possible to die right here and now. If he were to inherit the G.o.dhood of the Killing G.o.d, he might still die in the future!!!

“That’s impossible.” Xiu shook his head.

“Why?” Shen Yanxiao said.

“The power of the Killing G.o.d is second only to mine. The G.o.dhood’s selection is done in a way wherein the strongest can choose first. Unless the G.o.dhoods of the Killing G.o.d and the Death G.o.d directly give up their choice of Qi Xia, other G.o.dhoods will not make a move.” The G.o.d race also had a hierarchy.

Shen Yanxiao’s shoulders instantly collapsed. She looked up at Qi Xia and found that this guy, instead of being nervous, was smiling at her tangled face.

“You are still in the mood to laugh!” Shen Yanxiao wanted to slap this idiot to death. Right now, he had to take care of his own life and death.. Really, what kind of s.h.i.+tty luck was this in the end? The superior G.o.ds of the G.o.dhoods that he had attracted were simply extremely dreadful!

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The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2540 - Chapter 2540: The Choice of Two Godhoods (4) summary

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