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Chapter 832: Auction (14)

How could Shen Yanxiao not guess their intentions?

It was a truly good idea to save money.

If it was any other item, Shen Yanxiao would at most despise them for their devious plan. After all, she would only get a portion of the final bid.

However, she had personally concocted those potions so all the income those potion generated all belonged to her. Their harmonious and friendly distribution of potions was clearly harming her interests.

Unacceptable! Absolutely intolerable!

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth when suddenly a brilliant idea surfaced in her mind.

Not wasting another second, she immediately drank a bottle of stealth potion. An advanced stealth potion could turn one invisible for ten seconds, even a Second-Cla.s.s expert might not be able to detect her. She then disappeared from the four beasts’ vision under their astonished gazes.

On the stage, Qi Xia’s lips twitched. Those old foxes were sure crafty.

Just as he pondered about how he could ruin their plan, a familiar voice entered his ears.

A devious glint flashed past Qi Xia’s eyes before it immediately disappeared. The spectators did not notice anything unusual as they waited for the next potion to be auctioned.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao had already snuck back and appeared in front of the four beasts.

The four beasts looked horrified yet slightly excited. Even though they knew that there were many strange potions in the world, they had never truly saw how terrifying it could be.

On stage, Qi Xia looked at the group of sly old foxes with a smile.

“The next eighty bottles of Battle Aura Potion will be auctioned in four batches. Each batch will contain twenty bottles of said potion. The starting bid for each batch will be 100,000 gold coins.” Qi Xia said Shen Yanxiao’s instructions word for word, with a smile on his face.

When he said that, the sly old foxes could no longer languidly sit on their seats.

Four batches? Twenty bottles per batch?

Did that mean that only four of them could get the potions?

The group of big shots were thoroughly depressed.

Who would have expected that the auction house to have thought of such a move? However, they had no way to complain as the other party had never mentioned that they would auction the potions by the bottle. If that really was the case, the auction would probably continue until nightfall.

Even so, the situation did not look good.

Currently, ten bottles of Battle Aura Potion were evenly split amongst ten of the twenty aristocratic families.

But now, only four of them had the chance to purchase Battle Aura Potions. What about the rest?

The families who had managed to get their hands on a single bottle of potion were also unhappy with the arrangement. With their exalted status, they would never settle for just a single bottle. They were already dissatisfied by the initial arrangement of getting 4 to 5 bottles each, but they could only accept it as they were all equally matched.

Anyway, it was impossible for them to return with only one bottle.

The originally harmonious aristocratic families were immediately thrown into chaos by the sudden change.

Their gazes were not as friendly as before.

On the other hand, the ordinary families were secretly relieved. Fortunately, the auction house was kind enough to not announce the sudden change right from the beginning. Otherwise, they would not even have been able to get the first ten bottles.

Some were happy while others were sad. The aristocratic families were initially harmonious and friendly, but Shen Yanxiao’s dirty plan had pushed them to the battlefield. It was impossible for them to continue to live in harmony.

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