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Chapter 1542: Outrageous

Song Zhiqiu’s move really shocked Wu Bingcheng. It felt amazing!

“You… are too amazing!” Wu Bingcheng grabbed the steel pipe and hurriedly blocked the other party’s swing. He was already full of admiration for his cla.s.smate. “Amazing. Did you learn this before?”

He was still in the mood to chat when he was fighting. It was obvious that he had a good mentality.

Song Zhiqiu kicked away a young man who was shouting and throwing himself at him. There was a hint of arrogance on his immature face. “After fighting many times, you will naturally have experience.”

Did that mean that he used to fight often?

“Stop thinking about it, brother! Watch him.” Seeing that his cla.s.smate still had the time to look at Song Zhiqiu with admiration, Yuan Dabing used his shoulder to push someone away and reminded him, “Ye Jian is fighting eight people alone. Shouldn’t we hurry up and help her after? Liu Yang is already playing hard. Why are you still dawdling?”

Liu Yang’s eyes were red. When his fist landed on the other party’s body, he felt excitement instead of fear.

Hearing the screams of the other party, he felt as though a wild beast was charging out of his fist.

The more he fought, the more excited he got and felt that he was very powerful!

Wu Bingcheng, who had never been in a fight before and had always been strictly restrained by his parents, saw that Liu Yang had gone crazy. His adrenaline surged, causing his breathing and heartbeat to accelerate. The weak and gentle blood in the scholar’s body started boiling. He was affected and started to protect himself and his comrades.

The five boys formed a circle with their backs against each other and fought against more than ten gangsters. It was a tough fight.

However, no one cried or screamed in pain. Even though they felt as though their bones were broken from the pain of the steel pipes, they still clenched their fists tightly.

They had not started learning close combat. However, after a few months of physical training, they had changed. They were calm and composed in the face of danger.

Knowing that he wasn’t as good as Song Zhiqiu, Wu Bingcheng waved the steel pipe in his hand. The strong wind caused the young people who wanted to beat him to be careful, afraid that they would be hit.

Among the five people, Song Zhiqiu’s fighting style was the most technical. As long as he hit someone, the scream would be the loudest. It made people’s scalps numb and their hearts nervous.

Song Zhiqiu was indeed someone who often fought. In the past, he was in junior high with his cousin, Yang Heng. The two brothers often agreed to go to the internet cafe to play games. The internet cafe was a place filled with all kinds of people. People with bad tempers would start fighting whenever they were unhappy.

The two cousins were very good at playing games. They often formed teams in the internet cafes. Because there was only one internet cafe, people would often come to the internet cafes to play games with them.

As time pa.s.sed, the two cousins became famous in the vicinity.

They had a great reputation. Some people were unwilling to accept it and brought people to challenge them. At that time, the two cousins were still young, and their personalities were not stable yet. After they gained some fame, they couldn’t help but feel proud. It was inevitable that they ignored their words and offended people accidentally.

It could be said that the cousins fought from the eighth grade of middle school to the third grade in high school. In the end, one time, the two cousins fought and ended up in the police station together.

This time, the matter was blown up. The parents of the cousins rushed over from overseas. After cleaning up the mess, their families went to the vicinity to investigate. Only then did they know what their children did.

However, their parents were furious. From their academic results, it was impossible to tell that they were so lawless!

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