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Chapter 2149: Rare In This World

“From childhood till our adulthood, we’ve cut ties countless times, but we never succeeded.”

Xia Jinyuan, who was calculating the time, half-hugged Ye Jian, who was sitting by the bed. He rested his chin on her shoulder and secretly kissed her earlobe before getting down to business. “Sun Dongqing rushed to the capital overnight the night before. It must be because of the videotape.”

Ye Jian smiled coldly and said calmly, “I’m 100% sure that she brought the videotape into the capital. Sun Dongqing is very feudal. She’ll probably beat Ye Ying up when she sees the videotape.”

“Ye Ying wore a military uniform to Du Jiayi’s party. It seems that Ye Ying was injured and had to use the military uniform to hide the marks.” Otherwise, with how narcissistic she is, she would definitely want to wear a dress and look beautiful.

Ye Jian, who knew Sun Dongqing well, could actually guess a little of the process without being at the scene. This was what it meant by ‘know yourself and know your enemy’.

Xia Jinyuan liked Ye JIan like this. She was very smart and intelligent. She could find the right direction by catching the clues. Ye Jian made him fall in love with her.

Ye Jian patted her waist and felt the man’s wandering hand. She continued her a.n.a.lysis, “Ye Zhifan didn’t accompany Ye Ying to the Du family during the day. I’m afraid even Ye Ying didn’t want to go over.

“In the end, Ye Ying still went. Ye Zhifan, who was afraid that Madam Li would find out about the videotape, didn’t want to implicate himself. For the sake of his career, he asked for a divorce at night.

“The outcome won’t be good. Sun Dongqing won’t accept the divorce, but Ye Ying has already gotten Madam Li’s favor. She even interacted with Madam Li’s son and thinks that she can marry into the Du family smoothly.”

Li Yuan. In her previous life, she only knew that Ye Ying’s husband’s surname was Du and her mother-in-law’s surname was Li. She didn’t know that Ye Ying’s husband took Madam Li’s surname.

Xia Jinyuan kissed Ye Jian’s earlobe again. He smiled and said, “Continue.”

“I’m not Detective Holmes. It’s just that I know Ye Zhifan.” Ye Jian, who had been kissed by him several times, smiled slyly. She tilted her head and bit his ear in revenge. When she heard him gasp, she smiled deeply. “I sent the videotape to Madam Li because I wanted to cut off Ye Ying’s escape route. Secondly, I wanted Ye Zhifan to be afraid.

“However, I didn’t expect him to be so afraid that he would divorce Sun Dongqing. As expected, people who don’t care about their relatives are very heartless. For his career, he’s even willing to give up his wife and daughter. However, he’s indeed the Ye Zhifan I know.”

He didn’t want a wife or a daughter. He only wanted a position as a high-ranking official. If he had that, he could have another wife and daughter. Especially since Ye Ying and her mother often dragged him down. For the sake of his position, Ye Zhifan would definitely ruthlessly abandon them without haste!

It was rare for a man to be so heartless!

However, Ye Ying was so arrogant that she really thought that she could marry into the Du family. She was arrogant and… stupid.

Had Ye Ying been so stupid in her previous life?

However, given that she could coax Madam Li to bring her around to meet her friends in this life, it was obvious that she was not that stupid. If that was the case, was she stupid or not stupid?

After leaving the hospital, Ye Jian couldn’t help but think.

Knowing that Ye Jian wouldn’t leave until Sunday, Xia Jinyuan stopped thinking about running back to the Southern Province. He asked Ye Jian about the package number that she sent to Madam Li and started to hope that the matter could develop and escalate quicker.

He did not do anything. After checking where the package currently was, he asked the delivery man to deliver the package to Madam Li today.

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