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Chapter 2236: Quite Awkward

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ye Jian’s gaze swept past his face. She didn’t say ‘Cousin’ immediately.

The Demon King was her captain during her training period. She had been scolded and shouted at by him. The Demon King’s cold image had long been ingrained in her mind. Now that she had to suddenly call him ‘Cousin’, there was an indescribable vague feeling in her heart. It was quite awkward.

The old man, who was immersed in his sadness, noticed Ye Jian’s slight pause. The old man, whose heart was as clear as a mirror, understood everything. However, he couldn’t say it. He couldn’t force his granddaughter, who had only returned home after 20 years, to acknowledge Li Jinnian as her cousin so quickly.

He couldn’t do that, much less dare to.

Her calling him ‘Grandpa’ today had already given him a huge surprise. He still had to give her time to get used to their relations.h.i.+p.


“Good child, what happened back then was because our Fu family was unkind and made your mother suffer. It’s all our fault. It’s all our fault…” The old man didn’t want his granddaughter, who had finally returned home, to be sad. His wrinkled face was solemn as he said to Ye Jian solemnly, “A mistake is a mistake. No matter how much time has pa.s.sed, we have to admit this mistake!”

Although the past was already in the past, the damage left behind would not disappear because of this. If you did something wrong, you had to fix it. You had to fix it properly!

Ye Jian shook her head gently and comforted the old man. “I know what happened back then. Grandpa, you didn’t do anything wrong. My mother didn’t do anything wrong either. Also… Dad didn’t do anything wrong as well. None of you did anything wrong. What was wrong was the timing. What was wrong was fate.

“Don’t worry, I really don’t have any resentment. To be honest, I did hate you in the past, but I don’t anymore. I know that you’ve been looking for my mother and that you still miss my mother even when my grandmother and aunt have pa.s.sed away. I also know that my father never remarried because of my mother. Why would I hold any resentment knowing all this?

“All my resentment is gone, really. It’s not that you didn’t want me and my mother. It’s just that we missed out on each other… I don’t resent it. I’m just happy now. I didn’t think I’d ever have a grandfather or a father or relatives whose blood is thicker than water. I really never thought that this would happen to me… but it has. I really don’t have any more hatred or resentment. I’m just happy, Grandpa. I’m happy. Very, very happy.”

As Ye Jian spoke, the tears that she had finally stopped flowed again.

Oh, two lives. It had taken her two lives to enjoy such close family relations and a home she truly loved. This time, the tears she shed were no longer filled with sorrow but joy!

She was really, really happy!

The moment she cried, the old man couldn’t control the sorrow in his heart. Tears flickered in his wise eyes. He held Ye Jian’s hand tightly and said with a trembling voice, “Good child, you’re indeed a good child. Thank you.”

Pure kindness and righteousness. It was all thanks to Ye Jian’s mother that he could see his only granddaughter. In the future, when he was in the netherworld, he would be very happy to tell his wife that she had a good granddaughter—a very, very good granddaughter!

The two of them started crying again. Li Jinnian gave Xia Jinyuan a look, signaling him to persuade Ye Jian. He persuaded the old man, “Grandpa, if you continue crying, I’ll have to call the doctor over.”

On the other hand, Xia Jinyuan comforted Ye Jian gently, “Old Master isn’t in good health. If you cry, he’ll inevitably be even sadder. Little Fox, today is a good day. Let’s not cry so much. We have to smile more.”

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Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 2236 summary

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