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Chapter 2237: Just Waiting For You

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He was also afraid that Ye Jian would cry too much. It was not a good thing to cry too much. It would hurt her body and mind!

Xia Jinyuan, who felt sorry for his lover, said in a softer voice, “Just now, the Demon King was waiting for you to call him ‘Cousin’. In the end, you didn’t call him ‘Cousin’. Instead, you put it off until you cried with the old man. That won’t do. It’s bad for your health to cry too much. It’s fine since you’re young, but it’s not the same for the old man.

“Now that you have Grandpa and a home, you must want Grandpa to live a long life too.” This last sentence was the most effective. It stopped Ye Jian’s tears.

Ye Jian, who was crying until her breathing was unstable, was coaxed and persuaded by him. The impulse to cry in her heart gradually faded. When she stopped crying, Ye Jian’s face was pale.

She had cried… a little too much today. She seemed to cry at the slightest thing. If her heartstrings were touched just slightly, she would not be able to control them at all. Her tears flowed like a tap that was not tightly closed.


She had clearly cried all her grievances away, so why did she start crying again like a child?

He reached out to wipe the tears off her face. Seeing that she was crying like a rabbit and her breathing was uneven, Xia Jinyuan, who was coaxing her, patted her back with heartache. He picked up the cup of warm water on the coffee table and said, “Have some water before you talk to the old man. Also, look at Li Jinnian. He’s still waiting for you to call him ‘Cousin’.

“He’s the demon king in the unit and the captain of the soldiers. But at home, he’s just your family member and your cousin. Why shouldn’t you call out to him? It won’t hurt you to call him ‘Cousin’. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another family member who’ll protect you and love you?”

The old man, who had already been persuaded, wiped the corners of his eyes with a square handkerchief he carried with him. When he heard the young man he did not know say this, he could not help but take another look at him.

The young man had been accompanying them quietly. From the moment he entered the house until now, he had not paid attention to the young man. Now that he spoke, he was speaking up for the Fu family. He looked at his granddaughter and saw that she was willing to listen to his advice. It could be seen that their relations.h.i.+p was extraordinary.

The old man looked at Xia Jinyuan gratefully. Although he didn’t say anything, it was enough to make Xia Jinyuan happy. It meant that he had left a good first impression on the old man.

Xia Jinyuan valued Ye Jian and her family.

Li Jinnian, who had advised the old man to calm down, felt his emotions rising and falling. The word ‘Cousin’ was quite unfamiliar to him. Although he was the eldest grandson of the Li family and had several younger relatives, they had been estranged since they were young.

He did not expect to be close to his stepmother’s children. He just hoped that they would not harm him. As for calling him ‘Brother’, he held even less hope for that. The children raised by the Li family had inherited the Li family’s cold bloodline.

The current Old Master Li had all the a.s.sets in the family and the lives of several of his brothers in his hands. In Old Master Li’s words, a young woman could not be considered a member of the Li family, but she could be a ‘dog’ for the Li family for the rest of her life.

The head of the Li family was a warlord, and his great-grandfather had married a total of 12 concubines. Other than the current Old Master Li, who was born to the first wife, the other 16 sons were all born to the 12 wives. However, in the end, only the first wife, his great-grandmother, survived.

Survival of the fittest was the rule of the Li family. Whoever survived would be qualified to be the next successor of the Li family. Old Master Li had survived until now by stepping on his family’s bones.

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