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2586 I Sacrificed My Appearance

“It’s really convenient.” Z7 whistled lightly and smiled at the waiter. “Beautiful girl, what do you think is the best lunch here? Can you recommend something for me? I’m very willing to follow your recommendation. I think it’ll be a hundred times better than what they ordered.”

After he finished speaking, his hands naturally reached for the waitress’ hand. At the same time, a small dollar bill was stuffed into the waitress’ hand.

Ye Jian felt that this scene was a little irritating, especially when she saw that Z7 was already flirting with the service staff. She couldn’t help but turn her body and say to Xia Jinyuan, “As expected of a playboy. No matter where he goes, he’ll leave behind a string of love affairs.”

“A hopeless man who wants to take advantage of every woman he sees.” Xia Jinyuan unfolded Ye Jian’s napkin gentlemanly and placed it on her knees. “I think he’s found another partner that he can spend the night with.”


The two of them communicated in English. Their voices were neither loud nor soft, so Z7 could hear them.

Z7, who was still holding the waitress’ hands, coughed and said to her, “Very well. I’ll order that. I like the food recommended by beautiful girls the most. I believe it’ll satisfy me.”

“Yes, sir. I think you’ll be satisfied.” The Caucasian waitress maintained her sweet smile. She didn’t pick up the menu and leave until the customer took the initiative to remove his hand.

Z7 picked up the gla.s.s of lemonade and swirled it as if he was tasting red wine. While maintaining his flirtatious smile, he said in a low voice, “d.a.m.n it, even the waitress carries a gun. This hotel is a huge problem!”

“So, you still remembered what you had to do. I thought you had forgotten.” V8 unfolded his napkin and placed it on his knees. He mocked, “You’re the best at taking advantage of people. Did you almost touch that woman’s chest just now?”

“Cough!” G3 coughed appropriately to remind his comrades to be careful. Azure Bird was still with them. What nonsense were they talking about?

V8 chuckled. He picked up his gla.s.s and smiled at Ye Jian. “Come, come. Beautiful girl, let me toast to you as an apology.” He was able to speak very fluent and pure American English. There was no trace of a Chinese accent.

It was a pleasant meal. The steak that the waiter recommended to Z7 was indeed big and delicious. Xia Jinyuan glanced at it and told Z7 that his meal had to be paid for by himself. Z7 finished his meal happily, but when he heard those words, he wanted to vomit the steak out of his stomach and return it.

“… My monthly salary is gone!” Z7 pounded his chest. What was Kobe beef? Why was it so expensive? It cost hundreds of dollars! If he sacrificed his body, could he get reimburs.e.m.e.nt?

“A man should be responsible for his own decisions, Brother.” V8 felt at ease. He glanced around and looked at the service staff in the restaurant. He stood up first and said softly, “They treat us as special guests. All of them are looking at us.”

Ye Jian finished the lemon water in her gla.s.s and said with a fake smile, “The waitress that I teased just now probably has a boyfriend. Now, her boyfriend has sent people to take revenge on Old Z.”

From the front desk receptionist to the service staff at the restaurant, they all had guns in their hands. It was indeed interesting.

“It’s not easy to run a hotel in a country that suffers from so much internal strife. It’s so chaotic outside, but the front desk receptionist told us firmly that the gunfire won’t affect their hotel. This confidence isn’t fake. It’s because they truly think that the people outside won’t dare to fire at the hotel.”

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