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2726 Deeply Agitated

Xia Jinyuan looked at the time and was about to get up when Li Jinnian, who was camping a little farther away, walked over.

Li Jinnian’s tall figure blended into the night. Covered in a cold aura, he walked straight to Xia Jinyuan with the solemnity of the night.

“I heard Z7 saying that the communication is ready, but I can’t enter the channel to contact Azure Bird.”

His voice was so hoa.r.s.e that Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but frown. “He said that the communication device has been repaired and is re-establis.h.i.+ng communication. We’ve lost contact with the military too. Both sides will establish communication at the same time.”

He got up and said, “Your condition isn’t good.”


“It’s a low fever caused by anger. I’ve taken medicine.” Li Jinnian squatted down as he spoke. He wanted to enter and take a look, but it was already very crowded with the pile of communication equipment and Z7. He imitated Xia Jinyuan and squatted outside to ask, “Should we contact the military first or contact Azure Bird?”

“Synchronous contact. I have two terminals. It’s not conflicting,” Han Zheng replied. Right on the heels of that, a bar that represented the percentage of connection appeared on the screen of his notebook. As the bar filled up, Han Zheng, who was staring at the screen, smiled.

Communication established successfully…

“Report! The latest news from Tibet!”

The technical soldiers in the duty room immediately reported the latest news they received. Commander Xia, who had been in the military office, hung up the phone and leaned back in his office chair. After a while, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, there was news.

After that, the commander-in-chief called Major General Yang directly. “Confirm their condition and whether any of them are injured. There are still ten days before the 26th of July. Nothing must happen to any of them!”

It was impossible for the commander-in-chief to keep an eye on the training every day. He couldn’t interfere all the time either. He would only appear if there was a serious situation.

After all, Major General Yang was the person in charge of the Xueyu unit.

Major General Yang, who stayed in the office for the night, had a serious expression on his face. He replied to Commander Xia, “Apart from Azure Bird, who hasn’t returned to the team, the rest of the members are fine. They’re not injured.”

Azure Bird hadn’t returned to the team!

Commander Xia, who heaved a sigh of relief just now, had a cold facial expression. “What happened? Why is Azure Bird the only one who didn’t return to the team?”

“She and Q King were in charge of recording the shortcomings of every member. They followed K7 and encountered a bear. Then, they encountered a mountain collapse. The bear instinctively ran toward a dense forest. Azure Bird and Q King chose the same direction and route.

“The collapse of the mountain caused the bear to be irritable. As for Q King, who has climbed through piles of dead people, his killing intent and viciousness are too strong. The irritable bear had its eyes on Q King.

“Azure Bird decided to protect her commander. When Q King suggested that he lure the bear away alone, she jumped down from the rock and lured the bear away herself. Her killing intent isn’t as strong as Q King’s, but in order to lure the danger away, she might have faced it directly. She purposely let the bear think that she was aggressive toward it…”

This female soldier was always full of surprises.

Commander-in-chief Xia’s expression was extremely dark. He was a mighty soldier. Now that he was sitting alone in the office, the s.p.a.ce seemed cramped.

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