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2956 Good Start

There was a moment of silence in the silent swamp. The snipers entered a fixed distance and calculated the distance of the first target. Then, someone started shooting.

The gunshots came from the American camp in the ninth district. As usual, the Americans started shooting first.

Xia Jinyuan stood behind Ye Jian and looked at the female soldier who was ready. There was deep trust in his sharp gaze. He believed that his comrade and lover wouldn’t disappoint everyone.

One shot, two shots, three shots… The 24 snipers fired their first shots one by one. There was only one shot for each target. After one shot, regardless of whether the target hit or not, they had to retract their guns immediately. Otherwise, even if the second shot landed, the results would be invalid and they would not be able to fire their last target.

Each sniper would only get five bullets. Once they were used up, that would be it.

No sniper dared to shoot recklessly. They all knew if they missed one, the score would have a ‘zero.’ Because of this, everyone aimed and only fired when they were 99% confident.

Hence, the gunshots in the sniping compet.i.tion were much weaker than the gunshots from rifle shooting. There were no dense gunshots at all.

Xia Jinyuan, who was looking at Ye Jian quietly, could hear how many gunshots there were. When the tenth shot came, he said to Ye Jian in a low voice, “The tenth bullet has been fired.”

It was almost time for China to act.

Ye Jian hummed softly, indicating that she was aware. At the same time, she gently placed her fair finger on the trigger…

The rain was falling. The raindrops dripped on the leaves before dispersing into a hazy mist. Through the night-vision scope, the dark green world was not clear. There seemed to be layers of dark green light around. These factors would all affect a sniper’s performance.

Some snipers from other countries had already failed.

In the wind and rain, Ye Jian looked at the left side of the target and deviated from the target by 10 degrees. At that moment, she pulled the trigger and fired the first bullet from China.


The first target, the ‘plaster egg target,’ was shattered by the bullet. This target was only the size of an egg. It was made of plaster. When the target was. .h.i.t, it would trigger the infrared sensor. The referee immediately knew that the Chinese soldier had successfully hit the first target.

“A hit.” Ye Jian retracted her gun and told her comrades that her first target had been completed.

As she got up and went to the second target, Li Jinnian completed his bull’s eye target. His indifferent voice reached the team members’ ears. “A hit.”

Two bullets, two hits. It was a good start.

The Chinese special forces soldiers who were waiting revealed reserved smiles.

The adjudicator regiment already knew that the Chinese team had completed the hit. The shooting range was pa.s.sable. One hit and the score was successful.

Li Jinnian’s second target was the sh.e.l.l. The sh.e.l.l was a large-caliber empty sh.e.l.l. There was no ammunition inside. The position was already fixed. He was just waiting for the snipers to finish sniping.

Bullet were a special target that required a lot of technical skills. The chances of success were higher during the day. At night, the target was very small, and it was raining right now. It was not easy to hit it in one shot.

Hence, when they reached the sh.e.l.l targets, the gunshots in the air above the swamp became much weaker. All the sniper rifles were still adjusting the scale and angle so that they could hit the target in one shot.

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