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2958 Stay With Her

It wasn’t a fixed target. As long as she thought that she could shoot, she had to shoot. She couldn’t wait or she might miss the opportunity.

This time, Ye Jian wouldn’t wait for anyone else.

After persevering in training for so many years, this was a good time to check her professional skills.

The metal ring trembled slightly from the rain and wind… Slowly, the metal ring seemed to be magnified and branded into her heart. Just like every time she held a gun, her heart was already aimed at her target.

She adjusted, zoomed in on the target, and took aim… The cross-aiming position was already on target. She adjusted it slightly… The metal ring trembled gently. Raindrops dripped on the metal as if they were splas.h.i.+ng on the heart instead.

The raindrops were like shattered crystals. They were beautiful yet easily shattered.

Through her night vision, Ye Jian seemed to see another world. It was a sniper world that belonged to her. Wherever she aimed her gun, it would be her target.

The hole in the middle of the metal ring became clearer and clearer. The wind seemed to have stopped, and so did the rain. Ye Jian placed her slender finger gently on the trigger and curled her finger. Then, a faint smile appeared on Ye Jian’s lips.

Her finger that was hooked onto the trigger pressed down…


The sound of a gun was heard. The bullet was squeezed out of the barrel by the high pressure. It tore through the air and headed toward the metal ring…

The bullet shattered the rainwater. The trajectory left behind by the bullet cut through the air and rainwater as if they were solid objects.

The recoil of the rifle made Ye Jian’s shoulder lean back a little. It also shook Xia Jinyuan, who was acting as a ‘balance frame,’ as if something had hit his waist.

This was the power of bullets. It was also the ability of an outstanding sniper. Once the target was aimed, they would shoot immediately.

The bullet pa.s.sed through the metal ring and the center of the ring. The power of the bullet made the metal ring tremble even more.

The infrared device was activated. The Chinese team had completed the metal ring target.

Ye Jian took the heavy rifle off Xia Jinyuan’s body. Her lips, which were a little cold from the rainwater, pursed slightly. “It’s a hit.”

She kept her rifle and stood up.

In the darkness, the slender figure stood upright like a pine tree. Her bright and confident eyes stared ahead. At that moment, the light seemed to be with her. No matter how dark the night was, one could see her proud figure clearly.

“Not bad.” Xia Jinyuan smiled and praised her. Not bad. It was not bad to be able to hit the metal ring in such an environment!

Li Jinnian had been waiting for Ye Jian’s news. When he heard the word ‘hit,’ a smile appeared on his cold face.

The most difficult metal ring target in the first shooting zone was taken down by Ye Jian. The morale of the entire Chinese team could be said to have reached its peak.

G3 and the rest, who had been silent all this while, finally opened their mouths. They knew how difficult it was to snipe a target this time. They didn’t dare to open their mouths before the compet.i.tion. They didn’t even dare to say a word of encouragement.

That was because at a moment like this, a sniper needed to be absolutely calm. They needed to clear all the mess in their mind and heart and reach a state where there were only snipers, guns, and targets. Only then could they complete this compet.i.tion better.

Encouragement would sometimes increase the pressure on the team members.

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