Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 816 - How Shameful, She Didn’t Even Know That She Was Humiliated

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Chapter 816: How Shameful, She Didn’t Even Know That She Was Humiliated

Yao Jing’s smile froze. Her eyes narrowed slightly. But, very quickly, she smiled sweetly and said, “Not bad, you have the guts. You must win later. If not, that’ll be really embarra.s.sing! All the best, Ye Jian!”

50 sit-ups? Does she think that she’s a man?

If Yao Jing lost, she wouldn’t feel embarra.s.sed. After all, there were three professional players in her team. They would be the ones feeling embarra.s.sed.

Yao Jing sneered secretly in her heart. She controlled her breath and looked at the dartboard in front of her. She remembered how she threw a few darts just now and all of them managed to hit the board. A look of resolution flashed pa.s.sed her eyes. The corners of her lips went up.

Let’s see how impressive Ye Jian is!

“Get ready. Ten minutes… start now!” The young man in charge of taking the time shouted and the first player, w.a.n.g Jin, went to stand at the 2.37 meters mark.

The first player of the other team stood at the starting line too. The two bronze darts flew out simultaneously. They landed in the smallest circle almost at the same time.

“Good! Good! Good!” The audience below started clapping. Not bad, they really had some skills!

Both parties achieved good results right at the start so applause sounded below the stage. Each team had people supporting them.

This was an auspicious start so the team members of both teams were smiling.

“Don’t remove the dart. Let me do it!” The young man who was the second in line reminded the player in front of him. One circle could fit two to three darts. After the first player finished throwing his dart, the second player could take over immediately. This would allow them to save time and they could throw more darts.

Yang Heng, who was standing beside Ye Jian, smiled as he spoke to Ye Jian amidst all the cheering, “I’m a little nervous. Don’t blame me if I can’t hit it.”

“Why aren’t you nervous when you’re playing basketball?” Ye Jian only had the time to say this sentence before it was her turn. Yao Jing and her were the third players.

The darts on the board were taken down by the second player. Then, Ye Jian immediately stood on the 2.37 meters mark and raised her hand. The tip of the dart tilted slightly upwards and she held the dart with three fingers. She leaned forward a little and at the same time, moved her arm to test it out. After that, she aimed at the center of the dartboard and threw the dart out.

Right after she threw the dart, she suddenly saw Yao Jing, who was supposed to throw her dart, running forward until she was less than a meter away from the dartboard. Then, she threw her dart out easily.

“I said that it was simple, right? Look, I hit the board.” Ye Jian took her dart off the board and turned around with a bright smile. “This is such a simple game but none of you dared to play it. I didn’t even learn it beforehand like Ye Jian but I hit the circle.”

The situation was not just a little awkward. She did hit the dart but she went so close to it before throwing. Was she here to mess up the compet.i.tion?

The three young men that were in the same team as Yao Jing were stunned. Was she acting or was she really stupid?

Was she in charge of being funny and making other people laugh?

The applause didn’t stop because of Yao Jing. It was for Ye Jian. The ladies especially were clapping really loudly. It was so loud the men had to cover their ears.

“Ye Jian, all the best! Come on!”

“Come on! All the best! Let them do 50 sit-ups!”

No one took notice of Yao Jing. No one went to remind her if she was doing it wrong or not. It was Yang Heng’s turn now so everyone stared at him attentively. They were afraid of missing any interesting moment.

Yang Heng was the fourth person. The moment Ye Jian moved, he immediately threw the dart… The dart landed on the ground. His cla.s.smates laughed. “Our basketball master is still better at playing basketball. Even the teachers said that he is good! As for darts, forget about it.”

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Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 816 - How Shameful, She Didn’t Even Know That She Was Humiliated summary

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