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Chapter 1939: The Crisis in Tianya's Manor V

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Nan Feixue sneered and looked at Qiu Hui; a cold light flashed in her eyes.

She rose in the sky, holding her sword high before pointing it at Qiu Hui and rus.h.i.+ng toward her.

Qiu Hui had to take care of Xia Xia in her arms and could only fight with one hand. She was like the wind while her long sword was like a light beam, colliding with Nan Feixue's sword in the air again, splas.h.i.+ng sparks everywhere.

If it were the old Nan Feixue, she would never have been Qiu Hui's opponent. But recently, her strength had improved by leaps and bounds, causing Qiu Hui to feel somewhat tired from countering her attacks.

Furthermore, at this moment, many skilled masters from the Nan family came with her. Her expression darkened as she looked at the others standing in Tianya's manor, a flash of determination appeared in her eyes.

“Xia Xia!”

A voice came from the side.

The moment Qiu Hui turned her head to look, she saw Tang Yin and Nalan Jing coming toward her.

They looked somewhat anxious.

Silver Snake Queen, Xiao Ya, followed from behind. They were both in a hurry and soon arrived in front of Qiu Hui.

A light flashed in Qiu Hui's eyes. She turned to Xiao Ya and said with a firm expression. “You must help me protect Xia Xia. Just stand here and don't move!”

Since Xia Xia was in her arms, she did not have much energy to deal with Nan Feixue. If she allowed Xiao Ya protect Xia Xia, maybe the situation would be much better.

As for why she did not let Xiao Ya take Xia Xia and leave…

She did not know how many other skilled masters of the Nan family were out there. In case someone attacked them out there, it would be like delivering Xia Xia right into those people's hands.


Xiao Ya extended her hands.

Qiu Hui threw the little girl in her arms toward Xiao Ya.

Only when she saw Xiao Ya take the little girl into her arms did she turn and face those people in front of her. There was a sense of fierceness in her eyes.

“Nan Feixue, you shouldn't have come to Tianya's manor!”

Qiu Hui raised the long sword in her hand; she smiled coldly. “And you shouldn't have touched Xia Xia. Even if I can't kill you this time, when Tianya and Maiden Feng come back, you will find it difficult to escape. They will never let you go!”

Xia Xia was the life of everyone in the whole manor.

Anyone who wanted to hurt her would never have any good end.

As she spoke, Qiu Hui did not give Nan Feixue another chance to speak. She moved as fast as lightning, and in an instant, she was in front of Nan Feixue.

The powerful force spread throughout the sky again, making the sky of Wu Shang City all gloomy as if there was a violent storm coming.

The Nan family people wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Xia Xia. So, they swiftly rushed toward Xiao Ya, instantly surrounding her.

“Aunt Tang, hold me.”

The little girl knew that it was not easy to fight with Xiao Ya holding her; she stretched out her tiny hand toward Tang Yin and smiled brightly.

Looking at the smile on the little girl's face, Tang Yin's heart ached, and endless anger surged up to her heart. She looked at the group of people with eyes full of rage.

Xia Xia was such a cute and kind little girl. Tang Yin did not understand why some people kept wanting to hurt Xia Xia!

“Little Xia Xia, let your uncle hold you. I want to get rid of these people.”

Nalan Jing was stunned.

Well, since his future wife was stronger than him, he could only be the one holding the kid.

Perhaps it was because Xia Xia almost had an accident the last time that had caused Tang Yin not to waste her time and start cultivating harder. She had not yet fought anyone, but she needed to be better through fighting.

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