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Rebecca's smithy, Portgreen, during the night.

The sounds of metal against metal echoed through the room as Rebecca hammered a metal breastplate.

She was finis.h.i.+ng a black cuira.s.s that was very thin but incredibly durable. She sighed as she spoke to herself.

"This will undoubtedly be my best work. I should have charged him more for this masterpiece."

As she continued to work on the black cuira.s.s, she also thought about Lucien and how handsome he is. But then some of her thoughts caused her to blush.

"Maybe I could request a special reward from him? Perfect, that definitely sounds reasonable…"

Then she heard someone knock on the smithy's door. "Who could it be at this hour?"

Rebecca pushed her up onto her forehead and went to see who was knocking on the door. She also took her forge hammer in case the person was looking for trouble.

"Who is there?" She asked, looking at the door.

An angry voice came from outside. "Open the d.a.m.n door right now, or I'll break it."

Rebecca held firm the handle of the hammer as she spoke in an upset tone. "f.u.c.k you, who do you think you are? I'm going to smash your face in and then call the guards to drag you to prison."


The door was kicked open, breaking the lock and sending it flying through the air. The door was very durable, so Rebecca was sure that the man who kicked it is very strong.

Still, she wasted no time and attacked him with her hammer. "Your b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

But the big man quickly grabbed the handle of the hammer and stopped Rebecca from moving it. "You are very bold, as I was told."

Rebecca took a good look at the big man and recognized him quickly. "Black Hand? What do you want here?! I have nothing to do with mercenaries."

Black Hand pushed Rebecca back and threw her hammer to the floor. "You refused to pay the protection fee to my boys... They also told me that you are beautiful, so I had to come and personally solve this problem."

He got a good look at Rebecca. She appeared to be almost 1.70 m tall, fair skin but slightly tanned because she spent a long time in the forge, green eyes, and medium-length blond hair.

Rebecca was disgusted by Black Hand's gaze. "Then that's it? you just attack anyone now? Aren't you afraid of the Guild?"

Black Hand started walking towards Rebecca as she was walking backward. "The Guild does nothing without a leader. I am the city leader, and now everyone has to follow my orders."

She kept stepping back because she knew the city was really in chaos, and Black Hand is currently the most influential person still here.

"I don't have so much money right now. I received some orders recently and spent almost everything I had buying materials."

Black Hand looked at her with a malicious smile. "If you have no money, you can pay me in another way. Like serving me."

Rebecca was really disgusted by his expression. "I would rather die than serve a pig like you."

He put his hand on his sword that was on his belt. "If you prefer the hard way, that's fine. But know that I will let my boys play with you before you die."

Black Hand started to take his sword out of his sheath, but then he stopped and took a step back while laughing.

"I heard that you are an excellent blacksmith, and as you are gorgeous, I will give you two days to think. You either pay me or work for me."

He didn't wait for Rebecca's response and left the smithy. Outside there were several mercenaries, and he pointed to some of them while giving orders.

"Watch her. In two days, bring her to me." Four mercenaries stood guard at the blacksmith's door while the group followed Black hand.

He required "protection fees" from everyone in the city. The adventurers didn't like it, but they couldn't do much about it, because the mercenary groups Magic Band and Red Lady's Party accepted the command of Black Hand after their leaders disappeared along with part of their elites.

While the Guild was desperately trying to find Olivia and Ivan, the adventurers tried to stay out of trouble with the mercenaries.

Some tried to ask Lord Larousse for help, but he only cared about finding his son and sister-in-law, so Black Hand had no problem taking control of Portgreen city.

Inside the smithy, Rebecca started hitting the furniture and throwing things at the wall while she was furious.

"d.a.m.n mercenaries!! Go f.u.c.k yourselves!!"

Rebecca, like most people, did not think the situation would get so out of hand. She thought of leaving town before but chose to stay in the end.

Now she looked hopeless. She knew it wouldn't matter to ask the Guild for protection. Before, maybe, but now that Black Hand had personally requested her services, no one in the city would protect her.

She thought of running away, but she saw the four mercenaries watching the door. She could defeat two at most, but the four together would be a problem.

While Rebecca thought about what to do, she heard some strange noises outside the smithy. She was surprised when she looked at the broken door.

The bodies of the mercenaries who were watching the entrance were quickly thrown into the smithy.

"Who's there?!" Rebecca asked with a worried tone because there were arrows in the bodies of the mercenaries.

Then four hooded figures entered the room in a swift movement.

One of them took off his hood and smiled. "Nicely done!! The synchronized arrows were perfect."

The others took off their hoods as well, revealing their faces. A woman could not help but commend her teammates in a cheerful tone.

"That was amazing, really well done, guys."

"I thought it would be difficult, but it was actually quite easy." Another of them commented.

The man who had first removed the hood responded. "It was easy because our targets equaled our numbers. If they outnumber us, they could have alerted others."

The group seemed very excited after killing the mercenaries, which made Rebecca very confused.

"Who are you?! What do you want here?!?"

The group leader made an embarra.s.sed expression as he bowed to Rebecca. "I'm sorry, my lady. We are just messengers."

"Messengers? You killed them!! What kind of messengers kill others like that?!" Rebecca asked in an upset tone.

The woman of the group responded in a respectful tone. "We listened to your conversation and knew they were hostile to you or are you okay with serving that big ugly guy?"

Rebecca was disgusted just by remembering Black Hand. "You're right. I needed help. But why did you help me?"

The leader approached Rebecca and held out his hand with a letter. "We have a letter for you, my lady. Also, our boss would like us to help you."

She took the letter but still kept her distance from them while reading it.

Rebecca was surprised to see that the letter was from Lucien. He said he sent armor and other equipment for her to fix, but he also sent more money.

She continued reading and was even more surprised when he said that Bluewind was becoming a better place after some changes and that he was inviting her to go there and work with him.

Lucien explained that he wanted to equip an army and would pay Rebecca a lot of money just as he would give her anything else she needs.

As soon as Rebecca finished reading the letter, she looked at the group, and the leader extended his hand to her with two storage rings.

"My lady, here's what Lord Lucien sent to you."

Rebecca took the rings and quickly looked inside them. She was surprised again to see armors with the great sun and a lot of gold coins.

She was very curious about Lucien and looked at the leader of the group. "Lord Lucien? Who exactly is he?"

The man spoke with honest expression. "He is Queen Angela's ally and is helping Bluewind to become a great place. Also, he is the princess's husband."

Rebecca remembered that Lucien and Marie seemed to have a good relations.h.i.+p. "He's the husband of the second princess, right?"

The woman in the group giggled. "I think both."

"What?!" Rebecca couldn't help but exclaim.

The leader of the group also cannot prevent himself from smiling, but he still tried to speak in a solemn tone.

"My lady, we have to leave before more mercenaries come. If you are in trouble, we can help you leave town."

Rebecca made a curious expression. "Do you really know a discreet way to leave the city?"

The group leader nodded. "Yes, we know some guards so we can leave without any problems. But we have to go now. Will you come with us?"

Rebecca didn't really need to think about whether or not to leave town because Black Hand would only cause her trouble. In the end, Lucien's offer came at the best possible time.

"Yes, I will leave with you. Just give me a minute to get my stuff."

The group leader nodded, and Rebecca went to get some things. She was sad about abandoning her smithy, but just thinking about Black Hand made her want to throw up while working with Lucien didn't look bad.

Anyway, she just wanted to leave Portgreen to avoid problems, and Bluewind was the place where she had more friends.

As Rebecca picked up her things, like her tools, materials, anvil, finished and unfinished work, and other miscellaneous stuff. Anything too big had to, unfortunately, be left behind for now. The group of spies began to talk. One commented. "Why are all the women around Lord Lucien charming beauties?"

The women responded quickly. "Because he is strong and handsome. Handsome as f.u.c.k!"

The leader shook his head with a sad expression. "No matter how incredible he is, many women can only cause problems. At some point, they will drive him crazy."

The woman smiled. "The problem is that most men are not able to handle many women at one time, because they are weak. Lucien is not a normal man."

The leader couldn't help but comment in a mocking tone. "Oh, are you in love? If Lord Lucien is as amazing as you say, maybe you should join his harem."

"Of course, I want to join his harem. But I'm not notable like his wives…" She spoke with a sad expression.

One of the other men answered. "Then join his army of women. When we left Bluewind, he had recruited bandits, so I'm sure he would accept a talented girl like you".

The woman smiled as her eyes shone expectantly. "Yeah, great idea. I'll ask boss to help me with that."

The leader can't help but shake his head again and sigh. "I really feel sorry for him. So many women together can't be good."


At the same time, in the purple world.

After bringing everyone home, he finished his bath with Jeanne, and they went to the first floor.

Jeanne got along very well with everyone, so no one thought it was strange that she accepted Lucien's tattoo.

While some women were cooking in the kitchen, Lucien was sitting on a large sofa in the main hall.

Mia and Ella were kneeling in front of him, sucking his c.o.c.k while little Ko was sitting on his shoulder, licking his cheek, and he was patting Oya.

The house is enormous and comfortable, but what really makes it home is the fact that they are together, surrounded by a loving family atmosphere.

Of course, Lucien was enjoying his time with his growing family a lot, but he was still focused on reuniting all the women in his family together with him.

The next day they continue their routines. During the day, they practiced combat and magic, while at night, they received demonic energy from Lucien in many pleasurable ways.

As Lucien gained more control over the demonic energy, he could make the women stronger and faster even without having s.e.x.

Of course, the benefits of drinking special milk are still less than having it shot directly into them during s.e.x. Still, everyone was getting stronger together while improving their relations.h.i.+p with Lucien.


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