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Three days later.

It was morning, and Lucien was training with his troops as usual.

Jeanne also started to partic.i.p.ate in the training, mainly to learn with Lucien because he is very skilled with various types of weapons.

Everyone had lunch together and went back to training in the afternoon. Then in the late afternoon, Lucien returned to the castle to bring his women to the purple world.

He opened the portal, and the other girls went home while he waited for Marie and Lena, who were still in the room where they have magic lessons with Angela and the other girls who have some magic apt.i.tude.

The magic lessons were already over, and the wizards of Lucien's troops were back in the barracks, but Marie and Lena were still finis.h.i.+ng something in the study room.

Then Lucien received a mental message from Lena. 'Hubby, come here to see something amazing.'

Lucien wasted no time and went up the stairs, heading to the study room. When he entered the room, he saw several ice birds flying around Lena.

"Lucien, look at this," Marie exclaimed and moved her hands in the air, her fingers started glowing with blue light, and water started to flowing from her fingers and froze, becoming more ice birds.

He clapped his hands. "Your mastery of ice- or would it be water? Either way, you girls are incredible."

Marie spoke with a smile on her face. "Before, we were only able to use ice well, but now we can practically generate and control anything made of water or ice. Of course, within our mana limitations."

Lena kept laughing with happiness. "Lucien, this is fantastic. We only started having s.e.x less than a week ago, but we're already having tremendous improvements."

l.u.s.t, who was always at Lucien's side, explained. "You two inherited an incredible water affinity from your mother. You would probably reach that level when you get to the Mortal Realm, but with Lucien's help, you can develop your abilities faster and sooner."

Lucien couldn't help but smile. "See, you have to thank your mother for being so talented."

"But even she doesn't have such good control over the water... You should help her too, Lucien." Lena suggested naturally, seeing no problems with that idea.

Marie has more straightforward thoughts, but she also knew that it was unfair to want to deprive her mother of being with Lucien just because she didn't want to cross certain taboos.

"Yes, mom should be with us."

"Of course, I also want her with us, but I don't want to force things, so we will have to wait until she is comfortable with that," Lucien said.

The girls could only be happy that Lucien was always thinking about their feelings. He sat on a couch to watch Marie and Lena making more ice birds.

Lena seemed to have awakened her compet.i.tive side and tried to make more and more ice birds, then make them fly around Lucien, so she quickly ran out of mana and "accidentally" fell on top of him.

He held her in his arms and started to stroke her hair. "You don't have to try so hard."

She started kissing his lips while taking short breaks to speak. "I want to try my best, because I want to be pampered a lot."

Lucien began to kiss Lena while his hands ran over her slender body pa.s.sionately. She naturally started to make cute moans as Marie made an upset expression.

He noticed Marie's mood and stopped kissing Lena to invite Marie to join them. She didn't think twice before jumping on the couch with them.

Then they started kissing and touching while the cute moans of the two blue-haired princesses filled the room. l.u.s.t entered Lucien's body to give them time alone.


Angela was in her new bedroom, leafing through some books on magic. As an ice wizard, most of her books were about ice element.

But now that she was helping Lucien's women and his troops, she was also giving lessons on other elements.

She wanted to be as useful to him as possible because he is helping her family and people a lot. In fact, he is already her family, not only as a son-in-law but also as something else they are developing.

Angela found some books about earth and fire elements among her old books and left her room to take these books to the study room, so she would not waste time on the next day's lessons.

She climbed the stairs to the second floor and headed for the study room, where Lucien was now having some fun with Marie and Lena.

As she approached the study room door, Angela began to hear moans and words that made her blush instantly.

"Mm… Lucien… It's so good…"

"Ahhh... Kiss me more... Touch me here... Mmm... Yes..."

"Mm... This... Ah! It's already so hard... Hehehe...."

"Uhm… Come on... Let me take care of it... With my mouth."

Angela quickly understood the situation and couldn't help but think to herself. 'Why are you doing this here?!?!'

She quickly turned to go back to her room, but then she heard something that made her stop.

"It's already so big!!'

"I love it inside me!"

Images of the ma.s.sive thing in Lucien's pants began to appear in Angela's mind. She couldn't stop wondering how big his hard member is.

Then she had the idea of ​​a quick peek. 'No, I shouldn't!! They are my daughters in there... That would be weird.'

Angela used all her will to try to start moving her legs away from the study room, but then again, she heard words that prevented her from leaving.

"It smells so good... This texture... I love it so much."

"I'm going to swallow it all... Thanks for the meal!"

At that moment, Angela forgot that Lucien could hear more than three miles, and l.u.s.t could feel presences even further away.

'Just a peek.' She just wanted to see what that was like.

It was too tempting for her not to look. 'I will be quick. No one needs to know.'

Angela slowly approached the study room. The door was just slightly open, but it was enough of a gap that she could peek on them.

Angela saw Lucien sitting on the couch while Marie and Lena were kneeling on the floor in front of him. Their position was perfect because it helped Angela to not be noticed so easily.

'Wow!!!' She couldn't help but exclaim in her mind when she saw Lena holding Lucien's c.o.c.k. 'It's really so big!! Looks so hard…'

Then Lena started to lick Lucien's c.o.c.k from the top to the b.a.l.l.s while Marie sucked on Its head.

Angela could hear the lewd sounds that her daughters' tongues made when it came into contact with Lucien's big meat rod.

A part of Angela wanted to get out of there and stop peeking, but her body couldn't help but find it so exciting.

Marie began to swallow Lucien's c.o.c.k deeper and deeper into her throat as Lena swallowed and sucked on his b.a.l.l.s.

Her daughters continued to moan while they seemed to be taking great pleasure with Lucien's c.o.c.k, and Angela started to imagine how delicious it is.

Angela's body started to heat up, and her most private part began to tingle.

She didn't take her eyes off Lucien's c.o.c.k and didn't even notice when her hands moved instinctively toward her p.u.s.s.y.

Her love juices had already wet her panties and were now going through the fabric of her pants and running down her leg.

Angela was unable to contain her growing desires and reached inside her panties. After years of living alone in her bedroom, Angela gained some experience in playing with herself.

And she has never had such fantastic visual and sounds as she does now. Seeing Lucien's c.o.c.k and imagining it inside her, she began to move her fingers inside her pink cave.

She used to take about half an hour to come alone when she tried hard. But seeing Lucien's big c.o.c.k and imagining the taste and smell of it, she knew she could come with her fingers in half that time.

Marie and Lena took turns swallowing Lucien's c.o.c.k and licking it in many different ways. Ten minutes later, he held Lena's head and pushed his c.o.c.k deep into her throat.

"Oh…" He gave a slight moan as he fired a hot load of c.u.m into her throat.

Lena had an expression of immense pleasure as her love juices ran down her legs. She had an o.r.g.a.s.m just by drinking Lucien's delicious c.o.c.k milk.

"Mmm…" Angela was also delighted just to imagine being in Lena's place. She also started to have an o.r.g.a.s.m while watching Lucien also give Marie his c.u.m.

Lucien also shot his white c.u.m on the girls' faces as they licked and cleaned his d.i.c.k.

Then suddenly he turned and looked at the door, surprising Angela.

"AHH?!?!" She took a step back, but as she was having an o.r.g.a.s.m, she lost her balance and fell on her b.u.t.t while she squirted her love juices on the floor.

Angela turned as she tried to get up to run, but l.u.s.t materialized in front of her.

l.u.s.t shook her head as she smiled at Angela. "Naughty woman, you made such a mess on the floor."

"No!! No... I... I didn't... This... Just…" Angela was very embarra.s.sed and started to crawl back.

Then she felt her body being lifted. "What? How? Who?!"

But quickly, she smelled that pleasant fragrance that she loves so much and felt the warmth of the arms that she never wanted to leave.

And she heard the charming voice that could calm her heart in any situation. "It's all fine. I caught you, mother-in-law."

Lucien carried Angela into the study room and closed the door.

Marie and Lena were unable to contain their laughter when they discovered that their mother was peeking on them like a naughty kid, which made Angela even more embarra.s.sed.

As soon as Lucien set Angela down on the floor, she started to stutter as she tried to explain the situation.

"T-that was not w-what you think!! I... I... I just came to bring some books... This is your fault!! Yes, you shouldn't do that here!!"

Lucien, Marie, and Lena just laughed while Angela kept trying to say that was their fault, and she was just a victim of the situation.

He stopped laughing and looked at her with a loving expression. "Okay, Angela. But what about now? The girls already understood that the best thing for everyone is to be together. So, join us."

Angela wants to be with Lucien, but she didn't think she could do that at the same time with her daughters.

She started to step back. "I... I think I better leave you alone... You can continue…"

She turned to run, but Lucien took her arm and pressed her against the wall. Before Angela could realize it, her lips had been sealed by his.

Lucien kept her hands on the wall as he pa.s.sionately kissed her lips. He sucked on them and stuck his tongue inside Angela's delicious mouth.

His tongue moved wildly and marked every part of her mouth with his taste until he was satisfied.

Then Lucien broke the kiss, making Angela's mouth follow his lips as she blushed.

He looked into her eyes as he spoke in an affectionate tone. "I will not stop you from leaving anymore. But before you try leaving again, I want to make something clear."

Lucien started giving Angela quick kisses on the lips as he spoke. "I really want you to stay. Not only now, here in this room with me, Marie, and Lena."

"Not only as my mother-in-law. Not only as part of my family."

"I want you as my wife. I love you, and I want you by my side always along with everyone else."

Then he gave her one last kiss and sucked her lips before he started to step back.

Angela was very flushed. Not only was her body very hot, but above all, her heart was warm as never before. A warm sensation she never wants to lose.

She forgot about taboos and any discomfort. She stopped holding her feelings and jumped into Lucien's arms.

"I want to! I want to be your wife!! Now and ever!!!"


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