Lust Knight Chapter 455: Are we Going to Swim Only?

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Chapter 455: Are we Going to Swim Only?

As she smiles adorably, Kara begins to open the box in Lucien's hand. She had never felt that way when she received a gift before because he is the most important person to her.

Regardless of what is in that box, be it the most beautiful jewel in the world or a grain of sand, she already knows that it will be the most precious object for her because it is the gift she received from her beloved.

But when opening the little box, Kara is thrilled to see a beautiful and cute red bow tie. It is evident that it is not common, as it has a magical aura and an incredibly elegant red color that matches perfectly with the crimson color of her eyes.

Kara falls in love with the red bow tie the first second she sees it. That is also perfectly matched with her maid uniform and the bow tie ornaments on her sleeves, which were made by the girls who knew about her gift, of course.

"It's so beautiful..." She comments as she takes the red bow tie. So she is even happier when she realizes that there is an 'L' and a 'K' on the back of it.

"Just like you," Lucien comments as he smiles at Kara.

While holding and looking at the bow tie closely, Kara feels familiar energy emanating from it. Although she found it perfectly beautiful, the main characteristic of that bow tie is not aesthetic.

When thinking about what gift to give Kara, l.u.s.t suggested something useful to Lucien. And he did as she suggested. Rebecca created the base for that bow tie using her creation affinity and the best resources that were in the storage treasures of the Sky Realm angels that Lucien and his sisters killed.

After that, Daisy's help was needed to give that bow tie special magical properties, making it able to retain a very high amount of energy and also an automatic function.

Yet, the final touch, the main part, was done by Lucien. He spent several hours ca.n.a.lizing his demonic energies in that bow tie. He had to recharge his energies twice, mainly with Sophia and Amelia, before managing to fill the bow tie with his energies completely.

And the end result was a high-level artifact. That bow tie is perfect for Kara because it will automatically restore her energy as soon as she runs out of it.

Her defensive ability works alone, but she always needs to have energy for it to work. And with that bow tie, she will be able to regenerate her energies six or seven times, allowing her to defend herself from any danger.

Kara usually stays in the Purple World in dangerous situations, but still, Lucien wants to make sure that all his wives are always protected.

He also wants to make artifacts like those for all his wives, but they don't have the resources to make so many like that right now. Yet, Rebecca is already preparing some jewelry for the next girls who are going to have a birthday soon.

l.u.s.t also explained that although those artifacts work on women who do not have his tattoo, it will be significantly less effective, even on his other sisters, because his wives already have a deep connection to his demonic energy.

"Hubby... can you help me put it on?" Kara asks as she hands Lucien the red bow tie.

"Sure, my dear." He takes the bow tie while she turns and holds her hair braids on one side, showing her delicate neck.

Their height difference is really significant, which makes Kara look like a doll. Her skin is so soft and delicate that Lucien enjoys caressing her neck before helping her put on the bow tie.

Then he starts to run his hands down her body while kissing her neck and shoulders. Despite having just turned seventeen, Kara already has a woman's natural scent, in addition to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s being very well developed, enough to make other girls like Mia and Marie envious.

"Mmmm..." Kara softly moans as she feels Lucien's pa.s.sionate kisses on her neck.

He notes that in addition to her natural scent, there is also a familiar scent on her body. "Hmm... what is this perfume?"

Kara blushes as she answers. "That was a gift from Ca.s.sidy. She said that you like it on her body... did it get good on me?"

"Yes, you smell outstanding." He quickly responds as he continues to kiss and caress her body.

As she proudly smiles, he starts to turn her body. Then he takes a good look at her and finds her flushed expression exceptionally adorable. Today she looks like a star s.h.i.+ning with happiness.

"Thank you..." She responds in a timid tone, and he quickly kisses her on the lips.

While devouring Kara's delicious and delicate lips, Lucien hugs her around the waist and raises her body. She wraps her legs around his waist as they hug.

Then he flies to the stairs and jumps from the fifth floor to the ground floor. The hallways in the house are quite wide and seem to be made especially for someone with big wings to fly around.

Lucien flies out the door with Kara in his arms and then heads for the purple sky. While the little maid just enjoys his kisses and caresses, he flies towards a large floating rock far away from the house.

After pa.s.sing through a floating rock where there is a large forest and two other floating rocks, Lucien arrives at the one that he planned. That is also a large floating rock, and although it has many trees, the main characteristic of that rock is an immense lake of crystalline water.

"Woah..." Kara is impressed by the big lake. "It's so beautiful!"

"Ella found it a few days ago when she was exploring this area," Lucien explains as he flies and stops around the lake, where there is a large picnic blanket, a straw basket with wine, cookies, and other delicious foods, and some ornate candles around it.

Kara can see that Lucien planned everything in advance, which makes her very happy. To thank him, she rubs her face on his chest and kisses him.

Lucien puts Kara on top of the blanket and then begins to dematerialize his clothes, leaving only his underwear. "I wanted you to be the first to swim in that lake with me."

"Are we going to swim only?" She asks while thinking naughty things and blus.h.i.+ng even more.

He just smiles at her with a teasing expression.

Kara is sure of what that expression means, and she is very eager for that.

Since she started to have a romantic relations.h.i.+p with Lucien, she was holding her desires back for several reasons, such as a lack of confidence in her body, fear of disappointing him, and also because most people in Argerim consider being older at the age of sixteen, unlike other worlds where it is normal for people to live for hundreds and thousands of years.

[But now I'm ready!] She thinks as she feels determined to give her body to her lover completely. She had a lot of time to make sure that her feelings were not just physical, and now it was time.

Then Kara begins to undress while maintaining eye contact with Lucien slowly. She wants to enjoy the expression of desire on his face and make him desire her body even more, as much as she craves his.

Her movements are clumsy, and she lacks the sensuality that only a mature woman has. Yet, Lucien finds her actions very cute, and that also makes him h.o.r.n.y, mainly because of her excitement.

Lucien takes an apple from the basket, and his eyes change from it to Kara's body a few times while she continues to undress. Then he kisses the apple in his hands and slowly bites it while his eyes are fixed on the little maid's private parts.

Kara is very embarra.s.sed, but she continues to undress while her eyes are fixed on Lucien's lips and the apple. She can't help but imagine him kissing, licking, and biting every part of her body in that pa.s.sionate way.

She takes off her maid dress and stays only in panties and bra, in addition to the red bow tie, which was made to withstand any treatment, so it doesn't get wet, wrinkled, and also it doesn't burn.

"Do you like it?" She asks in a timid tone.

Lucien looks her body up and down. Although small and very thin, she also has s.e.xy curves, which will improve as she finishes maturing. Her cheeky b.r.e.a.s.t.s are already amazing as her hot a.s.s, making her look wonderful, and her red bra and panties match her eyes and the bow tie, giving her a special charm.

"Perfect," he comments. Then he bites the apple one more time, making Its juice run down his lips. "You are really perfect, my dear."

Kara's eyes sparkle as she smiles. She can see that Lucien's underwear has already become a tent, failing to contain his excitement, and that makes her very proud and confident.

Then she moves her hands to the straps of her bra while continuing to look into his eyes, and slowly, she starts to remove it, releasing those youthful twin peaks.

She continues to look him in the eye, but his eyes are completely attracted to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Then she continues to move her hands down and puts her fingers inside one of Its side wings, giving the impression that she is going to remove it as well.

And while Lucien is eager to see her beautiful pink flower, Kara smiles teasingly at him. "This you will have to remove on your own..."


Meanwhile, in one of the best bedrooms in the castle of Portgreen, precisely the bedroom that was once Mia's.

"You saw it, didn't you?" Wrath asks Donna and quickly continues. "More talented women show up wanting his help, and even if he doesn't want them as wives, ignoring them would be missing the opportunity to become stronger, something he will not do."

Donna rolls her eyes while lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. "I know, I know... He is so handsome, attractive and can strengthen women with pleasure, so it is evident that more women will continue to appear around him. What do you want me to do?"

"The same your other sisters did, of course." Wrath quickly answers.

"What?!? Do you really think I have these feelings for him?!" Donna is upset by Wrath's suggestion; it is evident that she was talking about Sophia and Amelia.

Wrath looks at her with a thoughtful expression. "Don't you love him? I thought you loved all your siblings."

"Of course that I love all my siblings." She quickly answers.

"I'm sure Sophia and Amelia are like that too. They love Lucien and let him help them get stronger while they also help him get stronger." Wrath comments.

"d.a.m.n!! I already said that I will accept his help, so why can't you just wait a while??" Donna complains.

Wrath quickly responds. "Because you're taking so long!! We weren't getting stronger like the others. Gluttony and Greed are already in a medium world, and we are probably the weakest pair today. Do you like things to keep like that?"

Donna sighs. "I'm going to talk to him tomorrow, fine?? That's just hard for me... he's my little brother... and crossing that line is not so easy."

*Knock* *Knock*

They hear a knock on the door, and Donna quickly asks. "Who is it?"

"It's me, sister." Eve's voice sounds in and concerned tone.

[Did she hear that??!?] Donna panics while thinking that Eve heard her conversation about Lucien.

Despite wanting to accept his help to become stronger, she is very ashamed of wanting to 'abuse' her little brother, and she fears Eve's reaction when finding out that.

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