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Chapter 454: A Maid's Journey

While Ron, Lucien, and his group have a lot of fun talking at the table, Kara's mind goes back in time.

She remembers when she was just a little kid with no parents inside the big Bluewind castle. She always had the support of Ron, Angela, Marie, Lena, and many servants of the castle, but she still felt alone.

That castle looked so big and cold while she felt smaller than an ant, without purpose, with no desire to do anything.

Then one day, she asked Rom what he was doing. He explained that he served the King and the Queen for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Little Kara was not satisfied with that answer and asked exactly why he did those things. She wanted to know what motivated him.

"I like to make people feel happy, protected, and satisfied." He said. "I like to know that my actions do good for others; I like to help and feel useful."

Those words opened little Kara's eyes to a new purpose. The next day, instead of running and playing around the castle with Marie and Lena, she went looking for someone to help.

That was not difficult because, in a big castle, there are always many servants doing hard work. Little Kara found a cleaning lady was.h.i.+ng a very dirty courtyard, so she started helping that woman clean that area.

Despite being just a kid, Kara worked hard, and that woman, who was very tired, couldn't help but be happy with that help.

The cleaning lady thanked Kara many times, and the smile on her face warmed the little girl's heart. Kara realized that helping others and feeling that her actions were important to them was really enjoyable.

So she looked for other servants around the castle and helped everyone she could. With each smile of thanks, she was happier and felt more useful.

As time pa.s.sed, little Kara grew up, and due to her helping several servants every day, she learned all kinds of housework, such as cleaning, cooking, decoration, and others.

But as she grew up, becoming a young lady, the smiles of thanks were diminis.h.i.+ng. Since she was just a distant relative of the sick Queen, Kara was never seen as royalty but as part of the servants, and they expected her to work hard like all the other servants.

She never ran away from hard work, so she ended up becoming just another servant, a gear part of a big system and not the special little girl she was before.

Kara stopped feeling that her actions were really important to others, and that made her stop feeling good as before. But she did not give up and tried hard to be the best maid in the castle. She wanted to be so good at housework that everyone would recognize her work and the importance of her actions.

She was doing an excellent job and excelled at any task. However, one day, she met Lucien and his group, and while trying to make him feel comfortable, she suggested that he leave his two tigers in the kennel, along with other animals.

Kara acted very respectfully to him, and that suggestion shouldn't offend him. However, Lucien was very stressed, and his overprotective personality was activated when he thought of his two loyal companions sleeping together with usual beasts.

He ended up being rude to little Kara, who apologized and went back to doing her tasks. However, that did not leave her mind. She continued to blame herself for upsetting Lucien, which made her depressed.

And when Kara was feeling worse, the King even tried to abuse her body. Fear, anger, and despair began to destroy Kara's mind. She would really go crazy and break.

But in that dark moment, someone came to save her. She wanted a knight in s.h.i.+ning armor, but who came to help her was Lucien.

[Why this rude man?? Why does the one I offended be the one who saved me???] Kara's mind got even more confused, and she didn't know what to do.

But after those unpleasant events, things started to get better. The King was punished, and the Good Queen returned to lead the castle. Also, that rude man started to live in the castle, being part of their life.

Whether she liked it or not, Kara began to have several interactions with Lucien. He always seemed very sorry to have been rude to her, and with each interaction between them, she was more sure that he was a kind and caring man.

As time went by, Kara became more and more fond of the interactions with Lucien. She found him fascinating, and the grateful smiles he gave her when she did something for him again warmed her heart. In fact, his sincere grat.i.tude for her hard work was the most pleasant thing she has ever had.

Not only because of Lucien but also because of his wives, Kara's life has been brighter than ever. Those days were amazing for her, and things like cooking for them, tidying up their bedrooms, and was.h.i.+ng their clothes, especially Lucien's underwear, were very pleasant for her.

Kara felt she had found her real purpose: to take care of Lucien's family. But while she enjoyed taking care of them, she was also worried about them leaving Bluewind.

She knew that someone incredible like him would not be there for long. He and his group would travel through the universe living unforgettable adventures while she, just a maid, would continue in that cold and lonely castle, doing her best to get smiles from people who don't really love her...

But fate smiled at Kara, or rather, Lucien smiled at her and offered her an opportunity to change her life. She no longer needed to be just one of the castle's maids, a simple servant, and not even an alone girl.

Kara didn't think twice about accepting his proposal. She would be happy to just follow his group, taking care of their needs. She would be fine just being their maid.

But Lucien offered her a lot more. He gave her a house, his home. Not only did he give her the purpose of taking care of her huge home and all his family, but he also made her part of his family.

Not a secondary member of his family... He gave her his love and the t.i.tle that all women in the world now want. He made her…

"My beloved wife..." Lucien's voice makes Kara's mind go back to the present, and she sees him raising his gla.s.s of wine as he smiles at her.

In the sky above Portgreen City, the two moons of Argerim are in a position that means that one day is over, and a new one has begun.

"Happy birthday." Lucien completes his sentence in a loving tone.

"Happy birthday, niece." Ron also raises his gla.s.s of wine in Kara's name while he embraces her with his other arm.

"Happy birthday, sister." Lena is the third to congratulate Kara, followed by Zora and all the other girls.

Lucien's wives go to Kara to hug her and give her gifts such as dresses, shoes, earrings, and various other things that a young lady would like to receive.

Kara is so touched that she starts to cry, tears of happiness, of course. Although Ron has always done something special for her on her birthday, this is the first time she has felt so good on such a day.

Lucien and his wives are not just being kind to Kara because she is part of the group, but they are demonstrating how much they love her and are grateful for the loving and dedicated way she takes care of their home and their needs.

And she knows that; Kara lives with those women and knows them well. She knows how much they love her, and she loves them too, all of them.

While being moved by the beautiful gifts she receives, Kara keeps giving Lucien quick peeks, and no matter what he's doing, he always smiles back at her with a loving and sensual expression.

The hours go by, and the girls don't notice. They are all very excited about helping Kara to try out all the gifts she got while talking mainly about how it will be her first time with Lucien.

The girls prepare a beautiful maid dress for Kara because that style is her favorite. That dress is not only impressive but also very sensual, with a bold neckline that highlights her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, which have grown a lot and even making other girls jealous.

They also help make up Kara just a little because her natural beauty is already wonderful. They continue to help her get ready and clarify any doubts she has about s.e.x.

Meanwhile, Lucien finishes dinner with Ron and the others. Everyone had a great time at dinner, but it was time for the group to separate.

Lucien's wives started going to Purple World while Daisy, Eve, Donna, and other women who don't have his tattoo are taken to the best bedrooms in the castle by Ron personally.

After taking a walk around the castle and saying good night to Alden and Willard, Lucien also goes to Purple World. As soon as he arrives in the main hall on the fifth floor, he sees Angela and Kara talking on a large sofa.

"Oh, hubby." Angela smiles at Lucien as she approaches him.

He also smiles at her as he wraps his hands around her waist. Then they kiss pa.s.sionately while Kara just watches.

Angela's natural mature scent seems to get better every day. As much more powerful she gets, her lifespan increases, making her younger, but her mature look that Lucien loves so much remains perfect.

'You are so delicious, my Queen.' Lucien comments on Angela's mind as she starts to squeeze her soft a.s.s.

Her heart beats faster while her body craves Lucien's body. But she tries to contain her desires while responding to him. 'But today is little Kara's special day, so you can't eat me now.'

'Of course...' He comments as he slides his fingers between her b.u.t.tocks under her clothes. 'But then... I'm going to entirely eat you, including this perfect a.s.s of yours.'

Angela has to stop kissing before she can't get her body away from Lucien's. Then she smiles teasingly at him. "I and my a.s.s will be eagerly waiting for you in our bedroom."

Then she quickly turns around and smiles lovingly at Kara. "Have fun, darling."


Lucien can't resist slapping Angela on the a.s.s, making that sound echo through the halls of the house, leaving several other girls with blushed and jealous expressions on their faces.

Angela blushes even more as she gazes at Lucien and bites her own lips before walking towards the bathroom. She tries not to miss that royal look of a Queen, but she can't help looking like an excited young girl.

Inside Lucien's mind, l.u.s.t comments. 'I do not understand this. You prefer mature women, but you like to make them act like young girls...'

He shrugs. 'I don't try to understand it; I just love it... Making impressive women like Angela lose their composure and indulge the most primitive and feminine desires... that is really enjoyable.'

While l.u.s.t feels at a disadvantage for not having a natural mature look despite the fact that she is supposedly very old, Lucien walks over to Kara.

Kara's heart is beating faster and faster as the sound of Lucien's footsteps makes her more excited. She waited so long for that moment, but now she is shy and embarra.s.sed, unlike the bold att.i.tude she usually has.

Then Lucien arrives in front of her, takes out a beautiful ornate little box of his storage ring, and hands it to her. "This is for my perfect maid, the one who takes care of our family and our home so well."

Just Lucien's words are already a perfect gift for Kara. His praises make her ego jump out with joy as she feels proud and fulfilled.

But of course, she is also very curious to know what gift he prepared for her. Just that box is already so beautiful, so she is eager to open it and see what's inside.

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