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Martin after heard what Alian said to him first smirked and he burst out a big laugh, and he started talking.

"Look me in the eye, do you think I'm stupid enough to believe that kind of thing?"

Alian took a deep breath. He thought the man in front of him was bluffing. That's why he kept talking and tried to say the same thing.

"My lord, I am saying the truth, If I talk about the "The Shadow" secrets, I will be going to die before I know what happened to me."

Martin conjured his fighting sword in his right hand after focusing lightly.

Afterward, Martin gently swung his sword and blade energy cut Alian's left arm directly clean as cutting the b.u.t.ter.

Alian collapsed with pain and screamed lightly.

He was used to pain because he was an experienced fighter, but the pain of having one arm amputated was not small. That's why he started screaming.

That's when Martin started talking.

"in the Cursed Guest The Shadow Mark, there's no such rule or conditioning added so if you lie to me again, your right arm is next."

Alian swallowed it at the time and started thinking about how stupid he was.

The man front of him knew the "Cursed Guest The Shadow Mark" "Soul Ability" of "Sani" this ability was entrance of the all of the "The Shadow" bases and it made by one of the big leaders which are named "Sani".

That meant he knew everything he said so far was a lie. That's why he cut off his arm.

Alian, with his right arm, after touching his left shoulder, sent his energy lightly and closed the wound.

After focusing, he stopped the bleeding completely and began talking after getting up from where he was kneeling.

"The Shadow has six headquarters, we're currently at Base 6th. I only know where Base 5 is it is leaders. I'm telling the truth!"

Martin could have more or less guessed if a person was telling the truth.

This was not because of any ability or similar way that the system helped him.

Martin knew a little bit about it before he came to this world, he was the human being in the end, and the people in his old world were human-like here too.

Therefore, body language, eye movements, did not change that much and had differences that unrecognizable from the humans in the earth.

It didn't matter if the human was King Level in the end it is still "Human" and had "Human" kind, body-language".

Martin pulled a piece of paper and pen from his waistband after confirming it with his head.

He took this paper and pen from his room when he was staying in "The Lake Methane Empire." After that, he tossed the paper and pen to lightly to Alian and started talking.

"Write down where you the place, the knowledge about leaders their soul abilities and how many people are in there, I'll leave you after you write everything you know."

Alian took the pen with his existing right arm and began writing quickly, he stopped writing five minutes later. Martin took the paper and the pen, with his energy without touching it.

After placing the pen back in the part of his waist, he began to examine what was written on the paper.

"The Shadow Base 6", The Purple Cloud Area / The Fingalia Tree, "Sea Dwellers Empire"

this place entrance is not known but much of the people, but at some point, beneath Fingalia Tree there is a "big stone" if a person has "Shadow Mark" of the "The Shadow" they will know and see the entrance, this The entrance can be found by going under the stone,

"Base itself, made directly into The Fingalia Tree, there are almost more than 3.000 to 5.000 "The Shadow" members in this base and they controlled by three managers.Each of the three people at the "King Level" Mystic level and their names are "Agat, Liac, and Markai,"

"Agat is 50 years old, a man carrying two large axes and one saber wound on the right side of his jaw -- a fighter like me he loves the attack with his "axes" and love close-fight like me, as I know, he has a "Pa.s.sive Soul Ability" increases his "attack speed by %10" for every ten seconds he is in the battle."

"Liac is a tall, skinny man with a beautiful face like a woman who looks like a 25-year-old - a person who fights from a distance and uses spells,

He most of the time uses spells in the form of fire and lightning in general, the name of the soul creature he has is called "The Lightning Fire Deer".

So he has a good attack ability for these two elements, His "Soul Ability" is an active ability, if the target fulfills his one to two conditions, the target will going to take 5 to 10 x more damage from the next attack.

"Brandi is a strange man with black hair and white beard in his 40s - the most authoritarian person in Base 5 in general unlike others.

He is a person who fights by turning into a creature and uses pa.s.sive talent as soul ability - he uses a "Soul Ability" to increase his defensive ability, but in return, reduces his attack power each second when using his soul ability."

Martin smiled and gently whispered after looking at Alian.

"You fulfilled your words, because of that I am going to leave you"

Alian smiled and he was going to start talking but, he understood something,

"Why my head is not on my shoulders"

This man named Martin was already cut his head before, started to walk towards to exit, before Martin left the "The Shadow Base 6" he said something.

"Sorry, But I don't like giving a chance to live to my enemies, I am not stupid enough to do that"


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