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Chapter 162

The elder saw the leader of the Dragon Gang looking at him, and he was stunned for a moment as if he wanted to say, what are you doing?

He confessed quickly.

“What do you want?” The elder asked with arrogance. No matter what, he had status in the Dragon Gang and Immortal Sect. He also had friends in Immortal Sect.


The flying smoke spirit sword was flexible and fast. It cut off the head of the elder among the electric light and flint.

The speed was too fast.

No one responded.

When they realized what just happened, the elder's already dead.

If the elder were still alive, he would say, “Why don't you let me talk a little more before killing me straight, it would be less embarra.s.sing.”

“It's all you need to know. I don't want to talk too much.” Lin Fan said indifferently, Nu Hetian was already dead, and his backer didn't need to say anything. The evil all had to die, to avoid any more trouble.

w.a.n.g Zhou looked at Lin Fan in astonishment, gazing at the old corpse.

Just dead like that


Emperor Renhe shot the dragon table angrily and roared angrily, “How dare you slay the Dragon Gang in front of me. Can you see it? I can tell you clearly that this matter must be investigated in the end, even if you are a disciple of an Immortal Sect.”

The emperor was both furious and terrified.

“Sit down.” Lin Fan scolded.

Emperor Renhe glanced at Lin Fan. He was shocked by Lin Fan's arrogance voice but still sat down involuntarily.

On the day of the emperor's birthday, blood was seen.

How unlucky.

The ministers around, if they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe that such a thing happened.


It was really terrifying.

Frightened, they didn't know what to say.

The Dragon Gang's elder dead.

They were too hard to be killed.

“Do you want to die or live? Give me a reason.” Lin Fan opened his hand, the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword flew into Lin Fan's hand, and then he put it on Zhou Zhentian's neck, the sharp edge of spirit weapon made contact with his skin, slicing his skin open.

“Which Immortal Sect's disciple are you? Did you think about the consequences in the Imperial Court? Did you think about the consequences?” Zhou Zhentian pretended to be calm, but he was frightened.


A scream was heard.

Lin Fan cut one of Zhou Zhentian's ears.

“I'll ask you a question, then answer my question, don't talk back, do you understand?” Lin Fan said slowly. His calm aura terrified everyone, what the h.e.l.l's wrong this guy? Was he really not afraid of Greatest Martial Sect?

“Ah!” The emperor's little princess shout. She was frightened, shrinking, and trembling there.

Lin Fan wanted to scold the ugly girl who was shouting and screaming that she didn't want to die.

But seeing that the little princess was indeed beautiful, he gently said, “Little girl, don't panic. Let me hold your hand to keep you warm.”

Emperor Renhe watched Lin Fan vigilantly.

What did this person want to do?

Could it be that he's attracted to my little daughter?


Various thoughts appeared in Emperor Renhe's mind. If this guy wanted my little daughter, should I fight him or let everyone back away, and provide an undisturbed environment for them? Or should I make the her stay and accompany him?

No, absolutely not.

Only diligence could defend dignity.

No one knew what Emperor Renhe thought at that time, and how many unimaginable pictures he had in mind.

As the leader of the Dragon Gang, Zhou Zhentian had pride. If he were in the gang, he would never encounter a situation like this. Even if his opponent were immortal, he would do anything to escape.

Blood flowed from his ear. The pain told him that everything was real.

“My master and my brothers were sent to the Imperial Court, and they should have been interrogated, but if there is no formal interrogation, they will be killed directly. I want to know who is involved,” Lin Fan asked.

“Say it, don't try to change the subject or I will kill you all.”

w.a.n.g Zhou saw Lin Fan's arrogance side, and his lips moved slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. What could he say when things have come to this situation.

There's nothing to say.

He could only watch Lin Fan silently. How could the person he valued the most solve this matter?

Zhou Zhentian was cold and sweating. It's not easy for him to live until now, and he still had so many lifespans. As long as he was not killed, there would be no problem. He would live for another 100 years.

But if he were to die now.

“Misnister Yang Sanjun, Sikong Li, General Tianshou, w.a.n.g Shouyun, Sansi Zuoyou, Zhong Shuling Taiyou …”

Zhou Zhentian said many names one after another.

Many people present heard this, and many people were not calm.

“Master Zhou, you can't spit on people.”

“I have no relations.h.i.+p with you for some reason. I don't know who you are, how can you frame me.”

“Yeah, how can you do this.”

They were all ignorant. It was unexpected that Zhou Zhentian, who was once incapable of life, actually gave them away. It would be too much.

“Okay, please let everyone who had been named come out one by one. Let me see who it is.” Lin Fan was very indifferent, and his manner was very gentle, not like the killer they just saw before.

It's a pity.

Everyone looked at each other, but no one came out.

“Since no one wants to come out, then I'll kill them on the spot.” Lin Fan said coldly, with murderous intention, everyone there was panicking.

Some people were not named at all.

They were innocent.

“Yang Sanjun, what are you still doing here? You are responsible for the things that you provoke, but you can't frame us. Hurry, come out.”

“It is w.a.n.g Shouyun. It has nothing to do with us.”

Under Lin Fan's remarks, many people had been unable to calm down and directly pushed out the people who were named.

Although the people that had been named were all high-ranking people, in this situation, who would still care about that.

“Judge, help me out to prepare for the punishment of them.”

Those who were pushed out looked at them indignantly.

Those who used to make fun of them had not pleaded guilty yet.

Yang Sanjun's face was blue and white for a while, then he raised his chest and his head, stroking the beard and said, “The old man, who was sitting upright as a minister, is now framed by the sinister villain and has nothing to say, but you are an immortal. As a disciple of Immortal Sect, you have sharp eyes. You can't be fooled by a villain.”

“Even if the immortal wants to kill me, it won't be easy.”

Lin Fan glanced at Yang Sanjun. Although he pretended to be calm, his eyes shone with fear.


Suddenly, Flying Smoke Spirit Sword broke through the sky and flew directly to Yang Sanjun's throat, leaving a blood hole, blood flowing gurgling.

Yang Sanjun didn't expect Lin Fan to do that.

Before he said anything, Lin Fan cut his head directly.

Yang Sanjun fell to the ground and shocked everyone. They didn't expect Lin Fan to kill him.

Even Zhou Zhentian was completely dumbfounded.

Which Immortal Sect was this man from? Was he really going to turn the Great Zhou Empire upside down?


“I don't want to die.”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty.”

Lin Fan didn't use his qi. Instead, he carried the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword and killed him directly. His head fell to the ground.

He came to the Imperial Court for w.a.n.g Zhou and his brother.

If he let them go and didn't kill them, what else would he be doing here? Those people could have killed his brothers.

Blood splattered on the Imperial Court hall.

The screams of terror continued.

Emperor Renhe saw this scene and was very anxious. These were the ministers of the Imperial Court and high powered ministers. If they were all dead, then he wouldn't have people to help him.

“Don't kill, please don't kill anymore.” Emperor Renhe shouted, begging Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said, “My brothers, who are innocent, were almost killed by you, and they still suffered a lot in the dungeon. Even if you say not to kill, do you expect me not to kill you? What a beautiful mind you have.”

And just then.

Lin Fan looked at w.a.n.g Shouyun and to the empress. w.a.n.g Shouyun didn't want to die. When the empress saw w.a.n.g Shouyun, she was also anxious.

Just when Lin Fan was about to kill w.a.n.g Shouyun.

The empress exclaimed and even ran down from the high platform, “Don't kill him…”

The empress couldn't help; she screamed not to kill w.a.n.g Shouyun.

This was also the first time the empress spoke.

“Oh,” Lin Fan looked at the emperor and the empress, and then looked at w.a.n.g Shouyun, “Why can't I kill him?”

“He is…” Emperor Renhe didn't know what to say. How could he say that w.a.n.g Shouyun was his son, and also the son of the empress's sister? This matter was quite complicated. When he was a prince, he was drunk.

The empress's sister was married at the time. If this matter were publicized, it would be a big deal, and his position as the prince was definitely not guaranteed.

So, he hid it for a long time.

Until w.a.n.g Shouyun was born, he secretly disposed of the empress's sister.

Later, w.a.n.g Shouyun was handed over to others, but he had also been watching him. He had become a general admirer at a young age.

That's why the empress said he couldn't kill him.

But it was not important now.

If this matter were mentioned, then his lie would be exposed.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, and it seemed that the matter was very complicated.

But for whatever reason.

A killer would still be a killer.

And just then.

A voice came from afar.

“Who dares to make trouble in the Great Zhou Empire? Zhang He, the disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, is here.”

The voice was condensed, but it was sent off as if it were reinforced.

Emperor Renhe heard this voice and immediately exulted, “Master Zhang is here, Master Zhang is here…”

There's still hope.

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