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Chapter 554

“You deserve to die!”

An angry voice rang out.

The radiance of the immortal mystic arts vanished into thin air. There was a sound as blood fell from Immortal Emperor Fu Tu’s finger. That drop of golden blood was as heavy as mountains as it slowly dripped down.

There was a rumble.

The golden blood fell to the ground, causing the ground to collapse. It was unable to withstand the might of a single drop of Immortal Emperor’s blood.

It was extremely terrifying.

If an Immortal Emperor were to personally throw this drop of blood, he would probably be able to kill an Immortal King.

The gap between me and an Immortal Emperor is still very big.

If not for the protection of these Holy Weapons, the outcome… could be imagined.


“Immortal Emperor, is this ability of an Immortal Emperor? I am only at the Immortal Sovereign Realm, yet I am able to harm you. Your ability is a bit lacking. Don’t tell me that you are just a piece of trash.”

Lin Fan burst out laughing, looking extremely arrogant. He did not put the Immortal Emperor in his eyes at all.


What he was doing now could be called terrifying. He was the number one person in the world, the first cultivator in the world to injure an Immortal Emperor with his Immortal Sovereign cultivation.

If word got out, all the geniuses in the Immortal Realm would have to lower their brows, and no one would dare to fight with Lin Fan.

How could they fight over this?

While they were still invincible in the same realm, or perhaps they could escape from the hands of an Immortal King, the other party was already fighting against an Immortal Emperor.

It was better to have some self-awareness.

Otherwise, there would be no one to collect their corpses even if they were killed.

Immortal Emperor Fu Tu’s eyes released a destructive golden light. A storm condensed in his eyes, and the world became a bit strange. A terrifying might slowly appeared. Mountains and rivers shattered, and the caves of ordinary experts turned to ashes.

He was enraged.

The dignified Immortal Emperor Fu Tu was thoroughly enraged by Lin Fan’s actions.

Right after that.

Immortal Emperor Fu Tu raised a finger and slowly raised it. There was a river of stars revolving around the tip of his finger, and one could vaguely see a vast body sitting cross-legged in the starry sky. The surrounding stars seemed extremely tiny.

That was…

Immortal Emperor Fu Tu’s appearance when he became Emperor.

He had gone too far.

The other party clearly wanted to kill him in one blow.

Immediately after.

Lin Fan realized that the surrounding s.p.a.ce and time seemed to be about to freeze up. That was the understanding of the Dao of the Immortal Emperor. Even though the Laws that he controlled were not as powerful as the Immortal Sovereign, he had already touched them.

“What a pain in the a.s.s.”

He was not afraid of how high the other party’s powers were. He was just afraid that the other party would touch them. The things that he could not control were even more terrifying.


“Kid, fall into h.e.l.l for me!” Immortal Emperor Fu Tu struck out in anger. The s.p.a.ce around him gradually distorted, and with a whoosh, an invisible force erupted. The figure sitting cross-legged in the stars suddenly opened his eyes, and a cold light covered the vast universe.


The Eternal Divine Furnace wrapped itself around Lin Fan, and the Golden Gourd shone with a golden light, forming an indestructible barrier.


A shocking explosion boomed out across the entire world.

Lin Fan’s face changed. He had not underestimated the capabilities of Immortal Emperor Fu Tu. The moment the Eternal Divine Furnace collided with that power, he could feel an indescribable force crus.h.i.+ng down on him.

It was as if the entire world was on his shoulders.

It was so heavy that it almost couldn’t stand up straight.

“Golden Gourd! Protect my true body!”


The golden light of the Golden Gourd was dazzling to the extreme. Then, the Golden Gourd gradually turned into a liquid form and quickly wrapped around his body, forming a golden armor.

At this moment.

There was no longer anything in this area. Immortal Emperor Fu Tu’s finger was too terrifying. The river of light produced by the collision had already covered everything in the surroundings.

The Rat Immortal Emperor was entangled with the two Immortal Emperors. Even if he was at a disadvantage, he had been paying attention to the situation on Fellow Lin’s side.

Seeing Immortal Emperor Fu Tu act so ruthlessly, he was extremely anxious.

He wanted to help.

However, Immortal Emperor Dong Cang and Immortal Emperor Yin Yang did not give him this opportunity at all.

“Rat Immortal Emperor! You don’t have to look anymore. That brat is dead for sure. We have never seen anyone who offended Immortal Emperor Fu Tu alive.” Immortal Emperor Yin Yang sneered.

His left hand was wrapped around the Yang World, while his right hand was holding the Yin World.

Yin and Yang becoming one would turn the sun, moon, and heaven upside down, possessing boundless power.

“Everyone, there is no need to be so overbearing. He has nothing to do with this matter. How about letting him go?” Rat Immortal Emperor said.

He felt that it was not a wise decision to have Fellow Lin fight against an Immortal Emperor with him. He even pushed Fellow Lin into a bottomless abyss. Thus, he wanted to have a chat with these Immortal Emperors. Could he give them some face and exchange my life for Fellow Lin’s chance of survival?

“Do you think that even if you don’t let him leave, you can still leave alive?” Immortal Emperor Yin Yang said.


Immortal Emperor Fu Tu’s attack vanished into thin air.

“Fellow Lin…”

Rat Immortal Emperor shouted,

He desperately wanted to know about Fellow Lin’s situation. But when he saw Lin Fan covered in blood and half of his body shattered, his heart ached.

Against an Immortal Emperor’s ultimate attack, how was he supposed to defend against it with the strength of an Immortal Sovereign?

“Eh? Not dead?”

Immortal Emperor Fu Tu frowned. This was not the scene he wanted to see. That attack just now was something he had comprehended when he was in the Immortal Emperor Realm. It contained the purest will of an Immortal Emperor.

Even an Immortal Emperor of the same rank wouldn’t be able to withstand this move so easily.

As for this fellow with the strength of an Immortal Sovereign, how could he be able to withstand it and not die?

Cough cough!


Half of Lin Fan’s body was shattered. Then, he activated his powers and his physical body was reborn. Following that, his innate ability started recovering at a shocking rate.

The talent Rapid Recovery was only a Golden Grade talent, and he still had the inheritance of the Fiery Phoenix Immortal Emperor, a flame that rose up without roots and wrapped around his flesh.

The aura of his life gradually rose.

Not long after.

He had reached the peak.

With the inheritance of Emperor Lie Huang, all the immortal mytisc arts he had learned were supreme secret arts. It would not be easy for him to die.

The Eternal Divine Furnace was completely red at this moment, resisting most of the power. Meanwhile, the light of the armor formed by the Golden Gourd dimmed greatly.

In the end, they were still able to resist all of it.

If he did not have these two Holy Weapons, his situation would not be good.

Perhaps he would die.


He looked up into the distance. Immortal Emperor Chunyang was about to escape. The Devil Crossing Scripture and Tripod of Heaven could not suppress him.

Within the seal.

Immortal Emperor Chunyang summoned the pure sea. The scorching pure energy transformed into pure dragons that frantically attacked the surrounding restrictions.


A rumbling sound rang out.

The Tripod of Heaven shook.

The Devil Traversing Scripture was unable to withstand the attacks of the Immortal Emperor.

“Come back.”

Lin Fan recalled the Tripod of Heaven. Then, he formed the Immortal Chant with his finger. The Devil Traversing Scripture that was wrapped around the surrounding suddenly swept towards Immortal Emperor Chunyang. Weng…

The scripture vibrated and released Buddhist light.

The impact was extremely powerful.


Lin Fan burst out laughing.

Even though the Demon Traversing Scripture could not cause any damage to Immortal Emperor Chunyang, it was enough to disgust him. He wanted Immortal Emperor Chunyang to know that even if his cultivation state was inferior to yours, he would still have no hesitation in killing all of you.

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