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“Goodness me, how confused does your brain need to be to make such a decision?”

“Letting others borrow Vatti's brand and sharing the money that they earn? This is abuse!”

Everyone's mind went blank. They looked at Ma Ding in disbelief and began discussing amongst themselves.

Chairman Ma's expression sank too. He glared at Ma Ding all of a sudden and his breathing immediately turned heavy.

“Ma Ding. Did such a thing really happen?” Chairman Ma's voice was slightly trembling.

Ma Ding's scalp was numb and he did not dare to look up. The only thing he could do was bite the bullet and say, “Yes…”

Originally, he wanted to wait until Grandmaster Ye's design successfully impacted the luxury goods market before reporting the situation. After all, that was the only way to quell his father's anger, but he did not expect his secrets to be known to his elder brother.

It appears that his elder brother paid a lot of attention to him!


Chairman Ma's glared and slammed the table. His roaring voice thundered, “Your head is muddled!

“You're betting the whole of Vatti!” Chairman Ma's face turned red and he coughed a few times. Concealing his anger proved to be difficult. “Have you ever thought of a situation where the other party uses this situation to bite Vatti back? If the design turns out to be garbage, the reputation that Vatti maintained for all those years will go down the drain! Why would you be so reckless when it comes to something so serious?!”

“Dad, I've already considered this matter carefully and I won't disappoint you!” Ma Ding could not help but remark.

Bang! Chairman Ma slapped the table again. “You are to address me as Chairman Ma in the company! You've already considered it carefully? What exactly have you considered? You're considering how to ruin the entire company?”

“Chairman Ma, Little Brother's motives are good. Based on his performance, the other party's designs are of incredibly high standards. Little Brother is doing this for the company,” Ma Ding's brother said again, as if to excuse his younger brother.

“You don't understand, Ma Ke!” Chairman Ma looked at Ma Ding and was thoroughly angry at Ma Ding for being a disappointment. “First thing he does is show you how incredible his design is. That's his long-term plan to get major returns. It's the simplest trap in the business world. You're still too young, Ma Ding!”

“Yeah, isn't this courting trouble?”

“No wonder their results show such ma.s.sive growth. It's at the expense of our entire Vatti.”

“Vatti has historically been a big company. How could we set up such a department? Ridiculous! ”

“The foolishness is appalling. He's Chairman Ma's son. He could not possibly do such a mindless thing.”

“Ma Ding doesn't have much experience, after all. On the contrary, Ma Ke is much more reliable.”

The performance that everyone envied had turned into a target of criticism.

“Hey, Little Brother, the business world is like a battlefield. You can't be sloppy. I hope you won't hate me. I took note of the situation on your side because I was worried for you,” Ma Ke lamented and remarked earnestly.

“You've done well this time.” Chairman Ma looked at Ma Ke. “Thank goodness you found out about the collaboration in time and prevented Ma Ding from causing disaster! It's not too late to terminate the collaboration!”

“Terminate the collaboration?”

The silent Ma Ding raised his head suddenly, and said, “You can't stop it now! It's reaching the most critical stage. Whether Vatti can make headway now depends on this step!”

“I think your judgment really is clouded!” Chairman Ma's eyes suddenly turned cold. “He's only one person. How in the world can he help us make headway? Are you under his spell or something?!”

“He's no ordinary person, Chairman Ma. You have to believe me! If we don't seek a breakthrough, we will definitely be eliminated!” Ma Ding did not back down and argued with reason.

He had learned a lot after studying abroad. Compet.i.tion in the market had become increasingly fierce. Aside from well-known brands, there were also plenty of rising stars. Vatti had acc.u.mulated years of reputation but it had reached the twilight period.

Compet.i.tion in the clothing design industry was far too cruel, and that was precisely the factor which spurred his determination to collaborate with Ye Lingchen.

“You're crazy!” Chairman Ma shook his head and said disappointedly, “It seems that I shouldn't let you manage a district from the beginning. With your present ability, you should stay in the company and continue learning!”

The corner of Ma Ke's mouth could not help but curl up. He looked at Ma Ding and had a teasing look in his eyes.

'Stupid Little Brother. You've really taken the wrong step, muahaha…'

“Dad, I'm not doing it for the performance, and I'm not doing it so I get first place. I'm doing this for Vatti!” Ma Ding shouted.

“I told you. You are to address me as Chairman Ma in the company!”

“Dad, please believe me. The products have entered the review stage, and with this, I promise to enter the ranks of luxury goods!” Ma Ding's eyes met Chairman Ma and continued.

Chairman Ma continued looking at him. His eyes flickered slightly and he stopped talking.

After a long time, he sighed and said, “It's useless to tell me all that! I'll give you one chance to explain your thoughts and see what the senior executives of Vatti think about it. We'll follow the usual practice and vote.”

Ma Ding took a deep breath and began to express his opinion.

At the same time, a modern high-rise building stood at the gate of the export of Chinese products. International appraisers of Chinese products were present there to discern the quality of exported products. Among them, there was an independent luxury items appraisal center.

Not every company was able to apply to the luxury items appraisal center. The most basic requirement was to get their acknowledgment. Being a first-cla.s.s local company was a must. After all, the brand must be strong enough before they could apply to be luxury goods.

Besides, there were certain standards for the company's annual sales, the situation of the target audience, and even the product design.

Even so, the daily workload of the luxury items appraisal center was still very large. Numerous companies would send products deemed to be the pinnacle of luxury for appraisal. Whether it was clothes, bags, or handicrafts such as jade, they each had their own standard for luxury. Creating a luxury product was definitely a lifelong dream pursued by every brand.

China was known to have never made luxury products that could be marketed to the international market, which clearly demonstrates the difficulty of doing so.

After the appraisal of those luxury goods, the items would naturally appear amongst the ranks of luxury goods. It was equivalent to being labeled the best of the best. Aside from the high price, they would be eligible to be sold internationally in the future, and there was a definite possibility for it to reach unprecedented heights. If they did not pa.s.s, then it would naturally be considered as ordinary goods, of which the marketing method would be left to the respective stores.

The appraisers in the building actually placed a variety of appraisal equipment in front of them. They looked at the products one by one. From time to time, they would shake their heads with disdain and mockery in their eyes.

“I'm going to laugh myself to death. China's design is too uninspiring. Except for imitating and copying, we'll never achieve the qualifications to go global!”

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