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Words Count: 1838


(Tokyo, j.a.pan)


In the middle of Tokyo. There is a certain building that has a really weird structure. At the bottom of it, you can also see a bunch of people wearing some armors, robe, and weird clothes that look like they were about to fight in a war.

If you look at them, It looks like they were having a small meeting. They have all gathered around and the muscular guy in the middle that looks like the leader was saying something to them, and they were all seriously listening to whatever he is saying.

All of them are all holding different kinds of weapons. The combinations of their weapon are really peculiar cause if you observe their weapons, it looks like, some of it is really medieval. cause some of them are holding some swords, spear, a big a.s.s s.h.i.+eld, and a bow. Some of them are holding some normal Guns, which is pretty normal. But if you turn your gaze to the others, you will find it really weird cause some of them are holding some types of equipment that looks like a really High-tech. They even have a Gun that looks like it will fire off a laser blast at any moment, and a Glowing metal box, and many more.

Even if their pieces of equipment looks really fancy, the expressions on their faces are really serious, you can't even see a smile on their faces. But even if they do smile, that will only make them look more terrifying than they already are, added to that was their not so friendly faces that full of scars and ready-to-kill like expressions. Even the vibe or the atmosphere they are having was really tense.

While all this seriousness is happening, at the top of the building they were in; One man is having the time of his life. He was obviously Ray, he sitting on a chair, holding a gla.s.s of wine while enjoying the feeling of being under the sun. Of course, even though it's Noon and the Sun was really at the peak of it, he was not bothered by the heat cause he is lowering the temperature around him. He is just enjoying the Sunlight while looking at the view of the ruined city in front of him.


"..Aaah, this is life. This is really relaxing and so peacefu-"

"RAAAAAAA!!!!" Suddenly, a flying giant Monster that looks like a creepy version of Pterodactyl, approached him from his back.



But the moment it got close to him. The monster's head suddenly disappears like, it was not there in the first place, there's not even a trace of blood. After its head disappeared, the body continuously rushes towards Ray due to the momentum of its flying, but it crashed into some invisible wall before it reaches him. Several cracking noises can be heard due to the strong impact. Suddenly, the body of the monster was thrown away by some unknown force and landed on the rooftop of the other building.

[ You have killed a p.a.w.n ]

[ +82 Exp ]


".... Ahh, as I said, it's really Relaxing and so Peac-"

"KRAAAAAA!!!" Suddenly, another monster approaches him from the back.

".. G.o.dDAMMIT!"


A couple of hours

later. Ray was still sitting at the top of the building while having a deadpan expression, the gla.s.s of wine he was holding was long gone already. If you look at the rooftop of the building near him, you can see a mountain of dead monsters in there.

"*Sigh*, they are really taking their time, aren't they? I'm starting to get bored already. Oh, man.?"


Another Hour has pa.s.sed, and the chair that where Ray is sitting was also now gone. You can see him, floating and rotating around the air while having a really boring expression. The mountain of Dead Monsters on the nearby Rooftop of the building has also increased.

*Long Sigh*

"..They are taking too much time. Oh my G.o.d, what are they doing down there? Aaag d.a.m.nit, if they take another hour, I swear to G.o.d, I'll- hmm?.."

While floating up in the air, he noticed something. He immediately activates his 'Krost Eyes'. His vision suddenly burst forward and travel a couple of kilometers away. When his vision finally picks something, he saw a dozen of Military Helicopters going towards his way.

"..Hmm, is it about the thing that happened earlier? they are too early, aren't they? I'm expecting them to come here maybe in a couple of days or at least tomorrow but not now especially because of things that had happened yesterday. I thought that they will be busy for a while now but, guess not huh. *sigh.* Now, what to do.?"

He landed back to the Rooftop of his building and started to think about some changes to his original plan.

".. Hmmm.."

'. System.'

[ Unavailable ]

[ The System will be Accessible again once the System Upgrade is done. ]

[ The Host will be notified once the System Upgrade is done. ]

[ Current Status of the System. ]



[ Estimated time 58:22:19 ]


"Of course. Don't know what I'm expecting from that."

Ray looks up to the sky and thinks about something.

'.. Now that the military is here, what should I do? Hmm, think something good come on.'

He stays like that for a couple of minutes. But when he was about to give up, he suddenly remembers something.

"..Hmm?, I think that could work. I can still do the original plan If this could just...."

Ray started to make revisions of it so it can fit his current plan.

"..Yeah, let's go with that. If they could just- ... Hmm, Oh?"

He suddenly felt something and immediately goes to the side of the Rooftop. He looks down on and saw a bunch of people, gathering in front of his building.

".. Oh, they're finally going in. Just right on time." He looks at his back to see that the Military Helicopters are already on sight.

".. Alright. Let's freaking do this" He said while clasping and rubbing his both hands together. And immediately vanish from the Rooftop.


At the front of the building, a bunch of rowdy people was gathered.

".. s.h.i.+mura, is it still not working?" Ask by the muscular guy named Anzai to the girl on his side.

". Wait, let me check." The girl named s.h.i.+mura put her hands on the wall and closes her eyes for a moment. After a while, she opens her eyes again and looks to Anzai while shaking her head.

".. No, it still not working. Maybe it should work once we get inside."

".. Alright. Everyone, prepare yourself. We have rested enough, prepare enough. Time has finally come. If we failed to do this, so be it. At least, we have tried our best to survive until now. But if we succeed, the prize will be worth the risks." He turns back and goes towards the big Door in front of him. He touches it lightly, and suddenly give it a heavy push.


The Big Door slowly opens and reveals a pitch Black room behind it. The light that comes from the outside when they open the door is not even enough to light up the way.

"..Now my brothers and sisters! Positions! Rise up your s.h.i.+eld and weapons! Be alert!" Anzai shouted back to the people behind him.

They immediately position themselves. The s.h.i.+eld guys are in the front and the ones that are holding the bows, guns, and the ones that have the attack skills are in the middle and the back, and the rest are being the vanguard. They slowly move towards the inside of the building.


When they all get inside, the door suddenly closes itself.


They immediately lit up their Flashlights and look if someone is coming to ambush them but they didn't see anyone, but they all felt that someone is watching them. They can't see that much because their vision is really limited.

".. s.h.i.+mura, can you use it now?" Anzai asked.

".. Let me try." s.h.i.+mura crouched down to the floor and put her hand on it. After a while, she stands up again and looks at Anzai.

".. Yeah, but only to this floor. I can't reach the third and the other floors. It's the same on the outside."

"Alright, that's enough for now. What did you see, is someone here?"

".. Yeah, I saw them. They are moving towards this direction. It must be the noise, they must have been alerted. But it will take a while for them."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, this floor is big. like really wide, and also. It's like a maze. There are so many paths in here so. It's not easy to go somewhere, even if they know where to go. But we need to be careful. There are many of them here, but they are all scattered. But the majority of them are at least, grouped into two, they are moving with partners. They are continuously moving and really fast, either they know this place really well or they have the equipment to help them see in the dark like night visions."

"..Hmm, alright. Did you saw where is the right path we should go?"

".. of course, I do. I have scanned this area already once, and I still remember it." Said by s.h.i.+mura while looking proud to herself.

".. Alright, that's good. Show us the way."


As they go further inside, they can see how big the floor is. They haven't encountered someone yet, but they are always hearing some strange noises as they go further.

They are walking at a really slow pace as Anzai keeps asking s.h.i.+mura to check the area they are in for some possible ambush and traps for every ten of meters they walked.

s.h.i.+mura keeps saying that it will be fine but Anzai keeps asking him and saying that they must have blocked her ability for a moment and decided to do it once they got close so he asks her periodically to check whenever he felt suspicious.

"..Alright, but this is the last time Okay? I'm saying that it will be fine. And also, my skill is a "Skill". It's not unlimited did you forgot about that? I have also a unique drawback, it's just that, it's much lighter than the others. And also, we still have a bunch of floors left to go. There is even a floor where we need my skill the most and trust me, you don't want my skill to be exhausted already once we get there."

".. Alright, alright. Just one last time, it's okay."

"..Ugh." s.h.i.+mura tiredly crouched down again and sense the area. But she suddenly tensed up and stands up immediately and look hurriedly to Anzai.

".. They're coming! In that direction and they are fast! There are at least ten of them! Be careful!"

They all immediately get on their guards and light up the direction where she pointed.

Anzai raised his Spear and so are the others.

".. Alright, finally. Bring it on."


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