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Chapter 2152: Within Qingqiu Mountain

Yus.h.i.+ Moli proceeded with caution after entering Qingqiu Mountain. Beasts and monsters roamed the land, even celestial rank cultivators had to be on their guard when traveling inside.

Although a strange confidence flourished in his heart, it was his first trip inside Qingqiu Mountain proper and he was indeed a bit weaker than ideal for this undertaking. There were many things that he didn’t understand—although he instinctively felt that none of it was a challenge to him, he still didn’t take things lightly.

It was his first time venturing into Qingqiu Mountain, but he didn’t seem like a boy fresh behind the ears.

“Is there really no one following me?” Yus.h.i.+ Moli remained in place for a while before speaking in overly loud tones, then headed into the depths of the mountain.


“He almost discovered me!” Hidden behind a tree, Kang Cheng breathed out more easily when the boy moved on. “The kid’s too alert, I need to be even more careful or I’ll end up dead before the lord sends more backup.”

Kang Cheng excelled in tracking, but he wasn’t that strong. He was only lower human rank, whereas Yus.h.i.+ Moli had already killed an upper human rank cultivator from Coldnight Estate. He knew that he was no match for the boy.

Thus, he didn’t dare expose himself at this time.

But next thing he knew, a dense layer of gooseb.u.mps popped up on the back of his neck. A piercingly cold sensation laid horizontal to the back of his neck.

“Out with it, who are you?”

The voice was very young, like it belonged to a boy who’d yet to grow up. However, a frosty edge peeked through its playful lilt.

Yus.h.i.+ Moli!

Kang Cheng shuddered with dread.

“I’m, I’m a hunter who lives in the mountains. I’m out here to hunt!” He had indeed disguised himself as a hunter to prevent Yus.h.i.+ Moli from discovering him. Kang Cheng even carried numerous hunting tools on him—but, of course, they were all for show.

“A hunter? A hunter who dawdled around Clearsnow Estate for six days straight?” Yus.h.i.+ Moli’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. In fact, there was a dangerous curve to it.

Color drained out of Kang Cheng’s face. Yus.h.i.+ Moli’s mental strength was too powerful! Even if he didn’t specifically pay attention to someone, he retained an impression of a person’s movements if he so much as glanced at them.

Apart from his usual training, Yus.h.i.+ Moli spent time relaxing every day to alleviate his nerves. A careful balance of tension and ease was the most ideal way to cultivate. His previous dogged pursuit of training at the expense of his own health had indeed ended in his death.

Thus, he’d seen this person a fair number of times. Although the man was dressed differently each time, Yus.h.i.+ Moli still recognized him with a single glimpse.

He hadn’t thought much of it at first, or rather, he couldn’t be bothered with such trivial details. But who would’ve thought that this person would follow him into the mountain, staying so close that he could sense the steady circulation of true qi within Kang Cheng’s body?

“I…” Kang Cheng was flabbergasted. He’d thought that he’d disguised himself well, but the boy had seen through him on sight!


Kang Cheng’s right ear fell off when Yus.h.i.+ Moli waved his hand.

“AHHH!!” The man screamed, but didn’t dare move. It was like the boy’s sword hadn’t moved—it was still resting on the back of his neck!

“So out with it. Who are you, or you guys?” Yus.h.i.+ Moli instinctively felt that this man was with Luo Qing. Who was Luo Qing? A continuous string of people had come to take revenge for him, so he was no ordinary person.

Yus.h.i.+ Moli had already killed two people, so it didn’t matter if he killed a few more. They all wanted to kill him, anyway. Would a swordsman be afraid of killing people?

“I’m, I’m from Coldnight Estate!” Kang Cheng revealed under the brunt of enormous fear.

“Coldnight Estate?” Yus.h.i.+ Moli raised an eyebrow. He’d heard of the estate before—it was one of the very few who could talk back to Aurora City within one hundred and fifty kilometers. Although it was also called an estate, its scale of operations was numerous times larger than the diminutive Clearsnow Estate.

“You, you killed our lord’s nephew, so our lord wants to kill you!”

Yus.h.i.+ Moli blinked. Their lord’s nephew? The one who wanted to kill him and take his Boneforge Pill?

He was speechless at the revelation. Coldnight Estate was much richer than the city lord of Aurora City. The city lord had to support an entire city, but the estate was all family. To think that its young master had wanted to kill and loot someone! Did he really need that little bit of wealth?

Kang Cheng was just an ordinary cultivator, so he revealed everything he knew in his overwhelming desire to live.

“So this Mister Zhou you speak of could tell from the fatty’s injury that I’m the one who killed Luo Qing?” Yus.h.i.+ Moli found it fascinating that this Mister Zhou could read so much from a wound. He was far more than met the eye, and it looked like Yus.h.i.+ Moli needed to clean up the corpses next time he killed someone. After all, he wanted to work for the Sanguine Dusk Tavern.

It wouldn’t do to have someone easily tell where he came from.

Yus.h.i.+ Moli had actually known all this beforehand, but he’d subconsciously dismissed it as a minor matter and thus overlooked its importance at this stage of his life.

“That’s right, that’s right. Mister Zhou said that.” Kang Cheng rapidly bobbed his head up and down. “Can you… let me go now?”

“You made quite a few marks along the way, didn’t you?” Yus.h.i.+ Moli abruptly asked.

“Huh?” Kang Cheng started, he hadn’t talked about this. He was actually thinking of how to stall for time until reinforcements arrived.


As he paused with confusion, Yus.h.i.+ Moli’s sword cut his head off. Kang Cheng’s eyes were wide with disbelief. Who would’ve imagined that the young man would be so decisive and kill without another word??

“There’s a hint of killing intent between your brows, so you’re obviously bringing people to kill me. I’d really be a saint if I let you go, but I want to be an unwavering swordsman!” Yus.h.i.+ Moli said in all seriousness, then used his sword to carve a few words into the tree next to him.

Yus.h.i.+ Moli is the killer!

The words were floated gracefully and brimmed with killing intent!

I, Yus.h.i.+ Moli, never offend anyone. I kill only because people want to kill me! Since Coldnight Estate has come knocking, I’ll make you wish you never bothered me!

These words were purposefully arrogant because he wanted to taunt Coldnight Estate. They knew it was his sword, anyway, so why not leave a prominent calling card? Maybe it’d come across as the impulsive hotheadedness of youth and cause them to underestimate him.

Hmm, not a bad idea at all.

Yus.h.i.+ Moli turned around and vanished in the mountain.


Arf arf arf!

The sound of dogs barking came from the road leading to Qingqiu Mountain, followed closely by thunderous horse hooves.

“Milord, you could’ve just left this matter to me.”

Three dozen fine horses sped over the paths heading into the mountain. Black hunting dogs the size of young cows ran in front of them. The contingent’s leader was Luo Hanye, lord of Coldnight Estate. Mister Zhou traveled next to him. They rode in front of a group of upper human rank cultivators and three earth rank experts.

Coldnight Estate commanded more strength than this, but if they sent a small army, that would raise attention from Aurora City. Luo Hanye didn’t wish to see an investigation develop into his matters. Additionally, this show of force was more than sufficient to deal with a mere Yus.h.i.+ Moli.

Luo Hanye had come only because he wished to personally execute the boy to a.s.suage his fury.

“These are Kang Cheng’s marks.” Mister Zhou looked at the un.o.btrusive marks left on the road, trees, or weeds. “Follow them!”

The group entered Qingqiu Mountain with the marks guiding them.

“Hold!” Mister Zhou suddenly stopped and dismounted. “We can’t ride horses inside the mountain. It’ll raise the attention of the monsters.”

“Mm,” Luo Hanye nodded as well.

Everyone dismounted and the hunting dog quieted down. They proceeded on foot, but a pungent scent of gore wafted into their noses not long after they entered the mountain.

“Is that… Kang Cheng?!”” Everyone stopped with shock.

Kang Cheng’s headless body sprawled beneath a tree while his head had rolled off to the side. A couple fierce characters were carved into the tree behind him.

Yus.h.i.+ Moli is the killer!

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