The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 894 - Jiang Ying Courts Feng Tianlan in Public

The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness -

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Chapter 894: Jiang Ying Courts Feng Tianlan in Public

Feng Tianlan was not in the least concerned with those voices. She commanded the Bailan Alliance’s men to investigate Jiang Ying and the Shen Family. She then entered the Pill Scroll Realm to cultivate in seclusion to strive for early advancement to the Advanced-stage Earth Supreme level.

As her Spiritual Force grew stronger, she spent longer periods of time in the Pill Scroll Realm, which was perfectly suited for cultivating in seclusion.

While she was quietly cultivating to advance, an upheaval was already happening outside.

A month later, Feng Tianlan came out of the Pill Scroll Realm. She had spent five months inside and had advanced to the Advanced-stage Earth Supreme level.

“Shui Jue.”

A figure appeared and immediately landed in front of Feng Tianlan. “Your Highness,” they greeted her.

Feng Tianlan glanced at her and asked, “How did the investigation of that matter go?”

Mobai had a.s.signed Shui Jue to her. She was the leader of the top ten guards of the Bailan Alliance. She was no more than thirty years old, but already an Advanced-stage Heavenly Supreme. She was also considered a top talent.

“I found out that Jiang Ying kept a concubine outside. She’s now pregnant and about to give birth. And she is also a fierce character. She is tenacious as well as inscrutable and shrewd. Her ferocity is not any less than Lady Jiang’s. If she were to enter Jiang Manor, perhaps the Jiang Family would soon collapse.”

Shui Jue also reported some of the things she had investigated over the past month, including the Shen Family and the Yuan Family.

Feng Tianlan quietly listened to Shui Jue’s report and thought to herself from time to time about how to make use of those fantastic connections and let them attack each other or how to attack head-on. The former option was obviously safer.

“Is there still no news from Mobai?” Feng Tianlan frowned. She was very worried. She had not received any news from Mobai a month ago. Now that a month had pa.s.sed, she had still heard nothing, which caused her much worry.

“The Bailan Alliance was attacked by the Fengyun Alliance as well as an unknown force, so Master is unable to return for the time being,” Shui Jue responded.

Listening to her words, Feng Tianlan made a light sound and said, “I will make a trip to the palace. You will make some arrangements for other matters. There’s still one month before Jiang Ying officially becomes the Master of the Xuantian Alliance.”

And she, of course, had to choose to cause a ruckus on that day. Only by tearing him down from a high place would he know pain.

Outside the Bailan Alliance.

Jiang Ying appeared sloppy drunk, holding a wine jar in his hand. He threw his head back as he poured it into his mouth. His bruised chin was full of straggly stubble. As he drank wine, he looked up at the three big words ‘The Bailan Alliance.’ He mumbled, “Dai’er, I want to see you again. Please, I beg you.” As he spoke, two lines of tears streamed down from both his red and swollen eyes.

A bloated Lady Jiang wiped her tears to the side and wailed, “Ying’er, let’s go back. This is the Bailan Alliance, the Demon King’s place. That woman belongs to the Demon King. We should not and better not think about her. She is fickle and not worthy of you.”

“Dai’er, I miss you and I love you. Please come back. Please, I beg you to come back.” As if he had not heard Lady Jiang’s words, Jiang Ying continued to drink his wine, cry, and talk. The sight of him really made pa.s.sers-by feel heartbroken when they saw him.

Lady Jiang looked even more distressed. She went up to pull him away and said, “Come back with your mother. What’s so good about the kind of fickle and wanton woman who would live in the groom’s house while unmarried? Come home with your mother. We have plenty of good girls for you.”

Jiang Ying abruptly pushed Lady Jiang away. He held the wine jar and said with reddened eyes, “I will not let you say that about Dai’er. She must be facing some unspeakable difficulties. She must have been coerced by the Demon King. She and I have been childhood sweethearts for more than ten years. How can the Demon King compare to that?”

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The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 894 - Jiang Ying Courts Feng Tianlan in Public summary

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