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Chapter 955: Cooperation

The second meeting between Zhang Heng and E-Goat was not pleasant. It ended with E-Goat spilling beer on an innocent lady behind Zhang Heng. His move almost caused a commotion in the bar. When Zhang Heng came to the Central Shuttle Station early the next morning, he saw the gloomy E-Goat outside the gate.

“Good morning. You haven’t had breakfast yet, right? ” Zhang Heng greeted him and handed a bag of Polo buns to E-Goat.

“Were you antic.i.p.ating me?” E-Goat did not take the bag of buns from Zhang Heng and grimaced. “You are just despicable. You knew that I wouldn’t have sat back and watched when I found out that Xu Qian is in danger.”

“You overthink the whole thing. I just bought two Polo buns for breakfast. Since you are here, I don’t mind giving one to you,” Zhang Heng said. “Besides, if I remember correctly, I told you that Xu Qian might be in danger.”

E-Goat looked caught in a dilemma. But in the end, he still reached out and took the Polo bun from Zhang Heng. “Let me tell you something first. The only things that I care about are related to Xu Qian. If I find out that you want me to do things for you in the name of Xu Qian, I will turn around and leave.”

“No problem,” Zhang Heng nodded. “You fill in the application form first.”

According to New Shanghai 0297’s regulations, when the occupants of lower-level wanted to take the central shuttle to the higher level, they would need to submit an online application first. After that, they were allowed to purchase the tickets only after their applications were approved. Fortunately, the process was not that complicated. And for the people with no criminal record, the authorities would usually approve the application. If the applicant wanted to travel with another person, they needed to fill in the companion’s ID on the application form.

After hearing what Zhang Heng said, E-Goat suddenly became alert again. “Why don’t you apply for it yourself?” he then asked.

“Because I want you to be useful.”


Zhang Heng later explained, “No matter who is monitoring Xu Qian, the person is obviously well-prepared. When I started to investigate this matter, the person had already noticed me. That was why he used you to take the blame. So in the follow-up investigation, we must be extremely cautious. Since I am Xu Qian’s bodyguard, my presence will be more conspicuous. As for you, you can move in the dark.”

“But, according to your statement, if Walk The Moon is the one that is spying on Xu Qian, he should know me as well.” E-Goat doubted.

“It’s okay. Your presence shouldn’t bother him.” Zhang Heng patted E-Goat on the shoulder.


“Oh, I don’t mean that you are insignificant. Everyone knows that you are just Xu Qian’s crazy fan. Once you craft such an ident.i.ty for yourself, the enemy would not be too wary of you. By the way, Do you have any relatives or friends living at the fourth level?” Zhang Heng asked afterward.


“How about cla.s.smates?”

“Neither.” E-Goat shook his head.

“People you know?”

“A company on the fourth level is our company’s client. He bought a complete set of equipment recently. I go to them from time to time for network maintenance.”

E-Goat frowned.

“Very good. Just use this reason.”

Although E-Goat was a little unwilling to listen to Zhang Heng’s order, he was left with no other options since it was related to Xu Qian’s safety. In the end, he obediently filled out the application form, and as Zhang Heng said, he received approval less than five minutes later.

The two bought their own tickets and boarded the shuttle to the fourth level.

At the bar last night, Zhang Heng had only revealed to E-Goat that Xu Qian might be in danger, but he did not specify what kind of threat it was. Besides, E-Goat was in a bad mood last night, and he did not ask for more details from Zhang Heng.

He struggled the whole night, and it wasn’t until dawn that he made up his mind to come to the station. He initially thought Zhang Heng would tell him all the details when he got on the shuttle, but the latter seemed to have forgotten about the matter. Zhang Heng did not say anything to him after they boarded the shuttle.

Until the shuttle arrived at the fourth level, E-Goat could not help it anymore and stopped Zhang Heng after they stepped out. “Did you forget about something?” he tried to remind Zhang Heng.

“What did I forget?”

“We have now reached the fourth level. All you did was make me prepare this and that. You haven’t even told me what we are doing here,” E-Goat snorted.

“Oh, I want to visit this company.” Zhang Heng handed a note to E-Goat.

“New Shanghai Zhuorui Sensor Co. Ltd?” E-Goat took the note and looked at it. “What does this place have to do with Xu Qian?”

“You should ask what the boss of this company has to do with Xu Qian.”

Zhang Heng took back the note.

“Wait… Could it be that…” E-Goat seemed to think of something, and his expression suddenly changed.

“You guessed it right. The boss of this company is Xu Qian’s boyfriend, or more accurately, her fiancé. He’s already proposed.”

“Did Xu Qian say yes?” E-Goat was feeling anxious.

“No. He went on a business trip recently, but he’ll apparently be back soon, and that’s when Xu Qian will agree to his marriage proposal,” Zhang Heng said. “The good news is that we should have a few days left. So you treat this operation as your last chance.”

E-Goat did not show any joy after he heard what Zhang Heng said. On the contrary, he hesitated even more. “I… I followed Xu Qian once earlier, and now I am going to her boyfriend’s company. If she finds out about this, she’ll definitely block me permanently.”

“Believe me. Your current situation is no better than being blocked by her,” Zhang Heng said. “And you don’t have to worry about this issue. We are not going to enter the company looking like this.”

From what Xu Qian told Zhang Heng, her boyfriend was supposed to be at the earth right now. Still, Zhang Heng decided to use his Lv2 makeup skill to change their appearance just in case. When they stepped into the company, the two had transformed into the buyers of an electronic display company. E-Goat then handed over the newly-released electronic business card to the receptionist at the front desk.

After the receptionist looked at the names on the card, she asked, “Mr. w.a.n.g Hao and Mr. He Tian, have you made an appointment?”

“No. Our company needs to purchase a batch of sensors, and they sent us here to visit the manufacturer. However, your company is not included in our initial inspection list. We found your company’s information by accident on the Internet, and it happened that we were nearby. So, we came here to take a look.” Zhang Heng said.

“Oh. I see. Please wait comfortably in the second reception room. I will contact the manager right away.” The receptionist took Zhang Heng and E-Goat to the lounge and made two cups of tea for them. After bowing, she left.

Right after she walked out of the room, Zhang Heng pretended to look around before he blocked the surveillance camera at the upper right corner, allowing E-Goat to take out his microcomputer from his bag.

But E-Goat did not expect the table in the room was transparent. After he took out the microcomputer, he did not know where to put it. In the end, Zhang Heng threw his backpack on the table, blocking the microcomputer under the table.

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