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In the next day, Henry reported everything to George inclusive of the situation occurred in the midst of their mission. As appointed head of the southwest team he had caused trouble to the injured teammates and bowed his head in dismay of himself.

" Henry, despite the danger you ushered your team with such a fearless decision. Narciso told us there was never any way to back-off. Or else, the 20 would terminate your team. In fact, no one has died from us, that is something you should be thinking even before you sleep at night but rather your leaders.h.i.+p has shattered 20 large number of opponents. Their tails were waggling now to recharge and refill new soldiers for their Tikaban barracks. Its officially recorded that there were 18 deaths ensnared by station one team while the five of you bushwhacked 20 and for just launching a few grenade. Over this, we need your signatures in our journal to witness the statistics. Likewise, later today, Baldur will meet the Gabok guerrillas to find out the death toll in the sh.o.r.eline. You may go if you want." George said.

" Thank you, Sir, for inspiring and motivating me."

Then he tapped his shoulder. "Henry, its not just a good job but an outstanding performance. I'll give you something this afternoon." Then he winked an eye to Henry. When Henry left, Amado was then called to get in but he pulled Sibaya's hand."

" Hey! haha, Anthony told me that your team was the craziest last night. How was it." George asked.

" Ikaw da pagtiyab ngawon." ( you talk about it there)."Sibaya urged him to ask what made him bothersome.

" Sir, why you chose me as team leader when we have two insular soldiers with us, Bruno and Anthony." Amado asked.

" Ah! haha, hmm, this is a shared responsibility because we're just protecting this country. Besides, being soldiers and guerrillas are both have expertise though in different ways but in the eyes of the j.a.panese soldiers we're labeled as 'guerrillas.' We don't exist anymore as soldiers now, though in our hearts - we are. The roles given to you was to run and distract the enemies and to let them think we're outnumbered so aside that you've been trusted, consistent in helping in medical concerns around so I made you led last night for southeast. You're also familiar with the terrain and can speak the native tongue around so your leaders.h.i.+p has to undergo that funny but one in a million military experience." George patiently explained.

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