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Freya smirked, "Well.. well... that's dirty play now."

Adam snorted while Eve narrowed her eyes at her.

Eve's eyes flashed a spark, 'She's strong.'

She was surprised when their surprised attack failed and someone blocked it. What made her more surprised was that she didn't sense Freya making her move.

Both of them growled as their claws grew out and their aura grew darker.

Jinha let out a loud, "Mmmmm..."

Hak glanced at him and asked, "What?"

"Nothing... I'm just surprised to see their nails grow out so long.. It's so sharp."

Hak mentally slapped himself before turning away.

Jinha nudged at Liz who was observing the match. Only three demons remained as they wiped out the rest.

She knew they meant nothing for the demons as the thunder squad wouldn't stand a chance against them. They were weaker compared to one of them.

She glanced at Freya worriedly. Freya was stronger than all of them but even she would have trouble with this lot.

Liz wouldn't have worried if Freya was facing one demon but she knew it was hopeless to expect her to win facing three strong demons.

She heard him whisper, " This is why I say not to grow nails. Look at them, it's so ugly."

Liz rolled her eyes on seeing him gag. She elbowed him, making him yelp in pain thereby shutting his nonsense.

Freya glanced at Lyndel who was now staring at her with a deep gaze. She flashed her a smirk, irritating her.

Suddenly she felt a person beside her.

Zelal came to her side and she raised her eyebrow at him.

He shrugged, "I can help... I'm strong. I won't hold you back." Or my brother would kill me if I don't.

Freya scanned his face before she turned to look at Usui, who had his eyes set on her from the beginning. His heart almost leapt out of his chest when he saw her block their attack.

He hated himself for being weak now. He couldn't even protect the girl he loved.

Freya pursed her lips but her eyes widened slightly at the creature sitting on top of his shoulder. It was her adorable fluffy!

She squinted her eyes at him.

Usui, realising it, turned to look at the adorable guy on his shoulder and scratched its chin. Fluffy purred against his hand as it enjoyed his treatment.

Usui didn't know when this adorable beast sat on his shoulder but when he saw Freya flash past everything to block their attacks. He heard a low growl by his shoulder and was surprised to see this adorable beast glared at the demons nastily.

Fluffy had his eyes narrowed at them and emitted a low growl as it watched Freya block the attackers.

Usui patted its head as he awkwardly tried to comfort the beast." There... There.... she's powerful.. she won't lose."

Fluffy stared at him for five seconds before he turned away and found a suitable position on his shoulder. Fluffy purred against his shoulder as it watched the match lazily.

Usui looked at Freya who was scrutinizing him so he just shrugged. 'Don't ask me... ask your beast.'

Freya turned away from him and glanced at Zelal.

She sternly said, "Move back.. you will be in my way."

Zelal was fl.u.s.tered hearing her words. It was true that he's here because of his brother but he was not weak.

"But... But - "

Suddenly a huge arm wrapped around his neck as Hak leaned towards him and said, "There... There... I know the truth can hurt."

Zelal knitted his eyebrows annoyedly at him. He shrugged his arm off and was about to force himself to help her when Liz caught hold of his arm.

He stared at her hand for five seconds before he looked at her beautiful face. Her forehead was lined in sweats, her cheeks a little red due to the heat he thought, her hair stuck to her sides cupping her face.

He was mesmerized by her and lost track of what he wanted to say.

Liz tilted her head as she looked at him. She could hear someone's annoying chuckles behind Zelal.

Liz glared at Jinha before she sighed and smacked Zelal's head.

"Ouch -" he snapped out of his daze when he felt pain on his head.

"Go back inside the protective s.h.i.+eld... Stop giving us too much work." Liz said coldly.

Jinha whistled loudly, "Lizzie... Are you sure you want to say that to him?"

Liz ignored Jinha but someone couldn't do the same. He was irked when he heard Jinha call out to her with that stupid nickname. He whipped his head against Jinha and glared at him angrily.

'Lizzie.. my foot.' his eyes flashed in envy.

He looked into her eyes and saw that she just wanted him to go back.

So he sighed as he said, "I will stay back with you guys. That's fine, right?"

Before she could answer him, Freya answered, "Sure... you would be a great help."

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