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The Abomination's eyes turned red while its claws became black and durable. More and more Kobold Guards kept rus.h.i.+ng out of the town but they were becoming fewer and fewer. I watched as the Abomination tore through the Kobold Guards and sucked some of them dry of their blood. To be honest I did not expect the Abomination to be so powerful. It was also getting stronger with every victim it drained of blood.

We walked into the city and after killing around 30 more Kobold Guards another Abomination rose. The Kobold Guards were no match for the two Abominations.

Sadly it appeared that the Abominations did not possess any intelligence and only used their instincts.

Thankfully they still follow any orders I gave them.

We continued walking through the city and to my surprise, I did not see any civilians and only could see Kobold Guards.

We started walking towards the Palace that was on the Volcano.

We killed another 20 Kobold Guards and got another Abomination before reaching the entrance of the Palace.

Now that I got a closer look at the Palace I would say that the Palace was absolutely stunning and the craftsmans.h.i.+p that was put into the Palace was G.o.dly.

I had the Abominations open the gate and once we entered the Palace we found a new type of Kobold called a Kobold Knight.

The Kobold Knights could fight 1 on 1 with the Abominations but sadly for them, I will still here and under the strikes of my sword the fell to the ground and died.

I had the Abominations equip the Kobold Knight's armor and toss away their broken Kobold Guard armor.

After walking for a while we found ourselves inside a throne room and to my surprise on the throne was a dragon.

I examined it and found that It was called a drake...not a dragon and its rank was A.

The drake had Knights surrounding its throne. I told the Abominations to attack the Knights while I fought the Drake.

I could sense the Arragoant att.i.tude of the Drake when it looked at me in disdain.

I charged at it with my sword and before I could react I was sent flying into a wall.

I coughed out some blood and got back onto my feet. I mentally cast Permafrost before charging at the Drake once again. The Blizzard forming around me blocked the drake's vision and allowed me to land a strike on its scales.

I could feel the effect of the Lifesteal as it healed me.

I continued to slash and stab the Drake while It couldn't see me and the Blizzard also continued to shoot sharp ice projectiles into its body. The Drake started to struggle while under my attacks and even breathed fire, but to no avail, he could not manage to hit me or stop the Blizzard and soon died while covered with ice and gashes.

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