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Chapter 485 Buddy, Let Me?

Proud, Voracious egged her on. Why don't you try it? With me to protect you, you'll be fine.

Hearing that, Selina made up her mind. With a burst of force, she leapt onto the rim of a trash can on the side.

Clang! The metal edge caved in, but Selina flew up almost six meters. Bam! A dent appeared in the wall on the third floor.

Bam! The corner of the fifth floor broke off.

Selina, however, landed lightly on the roof.

She couldn't believe it. It was that easy?

Voracious: I can improve your strength and your reflexes, but your body's very tough and flexible to begin with, which is why you can do so well.

Selina was silent for a moment. Let's go and find Luke.

She ran over rooftops and leapt across buildings at distances of more than five meters.

Picking up speed, she stomped on the ground and exerted force with her legs as she jumped off the edge of a roof.

Bam! She instantly flew more than ten meters to land on the roof of the building opposite.

Elated, Selina couldn't help giving a yell. Picking up speed, she took off once more, as nimble as a fairy soaring through the dark night.

Elsewhere, Luke's car had also reached his target location, an old four-story apartment building. This was a target that he had scouted out long ago.


This place belonged to Black Bones, one of the gangs that was conspiring to deal with the Ghost Butcher.

The members of this gang were mostly black, and they liked to burn their enemies until all that was left were black skeletons. That was how they got this scary name.


After deploying the drones, Luke started moving.

He had studied this gang for a long time, and there was nothing to be scared of.

He snuck in and as usual, headed straight for the boss, who was on the fourth floor.

Taking down an underling who was reporting to the boss with one punch, he tied up the boss and threw him onto the couch.

He then grabbed the boss by the neck with his left hand, and played the text on his fake phone with his right hand.

This time, he used the traditional black accent typical of some famous actor. “Why are you messing with William's widow?”

The boss glared at him with eyes as wide as a bull's. “You're looking to die…”

Luke tightened his grip slightly so that the man couldn't make a sound. “Wrong answer. One finger.”

Saying that, Luke raised the last two fingers on the boss's right hand and pulled as if he was picking a flower.

With a soft crack, the boss's little finger was twisted into an S.

The man's bull-like eyes got even bigger as he struggled, but he couldn't get away from the hand around his neck.

Luke played the question again. “Why are you messing with William's widow?”

The boss finally changed his tone. “Do you work for William? He's already dead. Why are you still protecting his wife?”

“Wrong answer. Another finger.” Luke reached for the boss's hand again.

Because of the grip around his neck, the boss could only wheeze harshly as he struggled once more. But it was useless.

His eyes full of fear and despair, he watched as his fourth finger was bent into a V. “Why are you messing with William's widow?” Luke played the question a third time.

The boss didn't hesitate this time.

He could tell that this person didn't think much of him at all.

He had eight fingers left for this man to bend out of shape; if the man was in a good mood, he might even twist them back again.

If he really wasn't satisfied, the boss still had toes as well as countless bones in his body.

Some people might be able to endure endless torture, but he wasn't one of them.

“For money. We discovered that William had a huge amount of money in a secret account. Since he's dead, the account was probably left to his wife,” the boss replied quickly.

Raising an eyebrow, Luke typed, “Can't his wife have taken out the money?”

The boss said, “The money is in an anonymous account, and it's not that easy for his wife to move it. We know that the money is still there.”

Luke thought for a moment before he played another question. “Why do you want the money?”

There was a reason why he was asking this question.

There were plenty of wealthy people in Los Angeles. William hadn't been clean, and Margaret had unloaded most of his illegal a.s.sets after his death. Logically speaking, there was no need to be so impulsive in acting against her.

If they really wanted to act against Margaret, they could've kidnapped her when she least expected it and slowly interrogated her to get whatever they wanted.

But Black Bones had been too hasty.

The boss said, “Recently, we started working with a few other groups to look for that Ghost Butcher, but we need a lot of money for this operation. n.o.body is willing to sh.e.l.l out the cash, so everybody agreed to look for money elsewhere first. It was the Demonic Saints who gave us this information and had us take action.”

Luke was enlightened.

The Demonic Saints was the other gang that was conspiring against him.

Of course, money to deal with him was one thing; whether or not they could really use it to act against Luke if they did obtain William's money remained to be seen.

Luke's face suddenly changed, and he played another question. “Give me your secret account.”

The boss hesitated.

He wasn't an idiot.

He would be useless after he gave up his secret account, and this man definitely wouldn't spare him.

Broken fingers were painful, but death scared him more.

Chuckling inwardly, Luke played the question again. “Give me your secret account.”

“Hey, buddy, asking like this is too inefficient. Why don't you let me do it? We'll split the cash 50-50, how about it?” A voice rang out from the window.

Luke turned his head to see a man in a powder-blue T-s.h.i.+rt, rhinestone jeans, and a pair of shabby boots slouching next to the window.

His lip curled under his mask, and Luke typed, “Okay.” He then pushed the boss toward the other man.

The man in the powder-blue T-s.h.i.+rt caught the boss. “Haha, thanks. Wait, what are you going to do?”

Luke opened the door. “You interrogate him first. I'm going to clean house.”

The man was still staring blankly when Luke disappeared from the door.

He mumbled, “My mission is to get rid of these trouble-making gangsters, right? If he's the one who does it… Will Haley pay me less?”

Saying that, he casually knocked the boss out and chased after Luke.

By the time he reached the stairs, two criminals had already collapsed.

He sped up. “Not good, not good. What if he gets them all?”

He jumped down to the third floor and caught Luke in the act of killing two criminals with a baseball bat.

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