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Chapter 534 Progress and Promise

“Gold Nugget, you come out first,” said Selina.

Gold Nugget quietly drifted out of her back in the form of a ball.

Without another word, Selina charged forward and began to attack.

Sensing her speed, Luke exclaimed in surprise. “Interesting.” As he spoke, Selina struck both hand targets in a storm of fists and legs.

Holding the hand targets up under her attack, Luke remarked in amazement, “You made a lot of progress.”

Selina kept up the attack for roughly three minutes, before she jumped back in annoyance. “Let's stop.” Luke took off the hand targets with a smile and tossed them aside. “Not bad. Is it because of Gold Nugget?”

Leaning against the workout equipment, Selina murmured angrily, “It doesn't make sense. Why can't I hit you when I'm already this strong? You must be cheating!”

Luke walked over and rubbed her head. “Young girl, you're too naive. I've never used my strength when we spar.”

Selina didn't know what to say.

Luke finally said, “Gold Nugget, why don't you roll over here?”

The golden Slime hopped onto the workout equipment and demanded, “Apologize.”

Luke glanced at it. “Why?”

“You told me to roll over.” The golden Slime kept bouncing furiously.

Luke put one hand to his forehead. “You're a ball right now. How can you move without rolling?” Gold Nugget was lost for words. It thought for a long while, but couldn't think of a retort. “Fine, forget it.”

Luke said, “Don't change the subject. Tell me what happened to her.” His expression turned calm when he said that.

He wouldn't blame Selina. He knew that she had been under some pressure lately, so it was inevitable that she would try a shortcut when she discovered one.

But Luke had to find out for sure how dangerous this shortcut was.

Gold Nugget replied without much hesitation. “I extracted the energy in her body before returning most of it to her; I ate a bit of it. It was sooo delicious, and I couldn't help myself.”

Frowning, Luke pulled Selina over and walked around her as he examined her carefully.

A moment later, he suddenly said, “Haven't you noticed that your b.r.e.a.s.t.s and b.u.t.t have shrunk again?”

Selina exclaimed and dashed off to her room in a panic. Luke didn't follow her. He simply pointed at the ball-like Slime, warning it silently not to think about running. After Selina left, Luke closed the door and looked down at Gold Nugget. “Tell me, how many times have you instigated her?”

Gold Nugget trembled and twisted its ball-shaped body without saying anything. Luke crouched down and stared at it. “I want your word that nothing will happen to her because of your instigations.”

Gold Nugget: “… How is that possible? In the first place, she's a cop. She's bound to run into criminals and danger.”

Luke sneered. “Huh, you're smart now. Then wouldn't her chances of running into danger increase significantly when you encourage her to beat up other people at night?” Gold Nugget was angry. “She said she wanted to be like you. I'm just giving her the power she needs.”

After a brief silence, Luke slowly reached out and touched Gold Nugget's ball body as he said in a soft voice, “Remember, I'll kill you if anything happens to her.”

Gold Nugget screamed in fear and pain. “Ah, no! This b.l.o.o.d.y energy again? Take it back, take it back!”

Luke's ice blue eyes were indifferent as he squeezed Gold Nugget in his palm, and it couldn't escape. He asked softly, “Do you understand?”

Gold Nugget kept screeching and trembling wildly as it did all it could to avoid some frightening thing. “I do! I do! I'll definitely do my best to ensure her safety and never let her run into danger! I promise!”

Only then did Luke draw his hand back and stand up. “That's my good boy.”

He opened the door and said, “Remember, I can give you anything you want to eat if you do your job well. I believe in giving rewards where they're due.”

Gold Nugget lay in an exhausted pool of liquid on the floor. “Really? You promise?”.

Luke turned back and smiled. “I promise.”

Selina came charging out of her room at that moment, and she gave Luke a conflicted look. “They're smaller! They're really smaller!”

Luke put his hand on her shoulder and sat down with her on the couch. “That's fine. I'll give you more nutrients and supplements. For the time being, don't let Gold Nugget run wild.”

Selina nodded, then suddenly thought the situation was odd. “Where's Gold Nugget?”

Dollar suddenly came out of her room and ran into the training room. A moment later, it ran back and sat before them.

“It's here now.” Luke glanced at Dollar with a smile. “Take a shower first. After that, we'll go to the bas.e.m.e.nt for a full body examination.”

Selina hummed in response and went to take a shower.

Half an hour later, Luke read Selina's data and was lost for words.

If Selina's measurements were expressed in system units, she was basically at 20 Strength and 20 Dexterity too.

Of course, her stats weren't multiplied by a coefficient like Luke's.

That meant that she was twice as strong and agile as an ordinary person.

Compared with before Luke's trip to Rio, these two stats of hers had increased by almost thirty percent.

It had only been half a month.

No wonder Selina had yet to notice her curves shrinking once again; she had been too enamoured by her new strength

Rubbing Dollar's head, Luke mulled over whether this was a good thing or not.

From Selina's questions previously, Luke knew a lot about Gold Nugget now.

Gold Nugget hitching a ride didn't harm its host, provided that Gold Nugget itself didn't want to hurt its host.

And for some strange reason, Gold Nugget would do practically everything Selina asked of it.

It looked like they had to keep this alien dog head here.

At that moment, he felt the dog head under his hand tremble incessantly.

He looked at Dollar, only to find that while it had a satisfied expression on its face, its body was shaking all over as if it had schizophrenia.

Clearly, the earth dog and the alien dog had different feelings about Luke's petting.

Amused, Luke drew his hand back. “Okay, I'll make you something good to eat tomorrow, alright?”

Dollar's body instantly stopped trembling and it started to whine and lick Luke's hand exuberantly.

Nothing happened that night.

The next morning, Selina was woken up by the aroma of food.

Looking at the open door and the empty doghouse, she knew that Gold Nugget had taken Dollar out.

“Seriously, I've told you a million times: close the door on your way out!” she grumbled unhappily before lazily getting out of bed.

Quickly was.h.i.+ng up, she walked toward the kitchen, only to see Dollar sitting obediently at the kitchen doorway and wagging its tail as it fixed its eyes on Luke.

Luke was bustling around. Suddenly, he threw out a xiaolongbao[1] and said, “Try this.” Selina stretched out her hand, but Dollar beat her to it. It stuck out its tongue and grabbed the xiaolongbao, before chowing down.

Selina gnashed her teeth. “Gold Nugget, you actually dare s.n.a.t.c.h my food!”

[1] small steamed bun

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