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Chapter 863: Father and Daughter on the Verge of Bankruptcy

After the black armor was put on her, it suddenly expanded and covered her body.

But Damon frowned. Why did it look like a nightgown?

The armor on Mindy hung loosely, like pajamas on a baby.

Sensing that something was wrong, Mindy said regretfully, “Is it too long? Did you give me my father’s?”

Luke patted her head with a smile and the loose armor was suddenly put away. “It has an instruction manual. You can read it later. Simply put, it’s bulletproof, has basic optical camouflage, and has an anti-electronic surveillance function to a certain extent.”

Both father and daughter gaped. “So awesome?”

The armor which Luke had provided them with before was mainly bulletproof, and the other functions had to be made with external components.

In the last half-year, however, it had also allowed them to repeatedly escape the ambush of their nemesis, Frank D’Amico, and to even kill many of his subordinates.

Now, such thin clothing had even better functionality.

“It’s best to dress quickly in an emergency. There’s a separate bulletproof tablet in the box, and you need to carry it with you when you’re gearing up. If you don’t bring it with you, the armor will only stop small caliber bullets – large caliber bullets will still hurt. Also, the optical camouflage and anti-surveillance functions are rather ordinary, and can only prevent you from being detected by ordinary equipment in an emergency. You’ll still need to bring your professional equipment with you when you’re on an official operation.”

Mindy was already jumping around the room. “Wow, it’s so light. It’s much more comfortable than what I was wearing before.”

Damon was too experienced; after hearing Luke’s introduction, a thought suddenly popped into his head, and he asked, “How much does it cost?”

“Around a million dollars for two sets,” said Luke casually.

Actually, not even including the labor costs, the materials for the two sets of armor already cost almost a million bucks.

Damon said, “Well, our money…”

Looking at his face, Luke smiled and said, “Just put in on your tab for now. I trust you.”

Relieved, Damon said with a bitter smile, “Wait.” Then, he went to the secret room and came back out with a large box.

“This is 1.5 million. Everything we owe you from before is here.” Damon opened the box and gestured. “I didn’t expect you to give us the armor, so…”

Luke closed the box and said, “I’ll have the blueprint and equipment for the base ready in a week. If you have time, look for a suitable location. Hm, it’s fine that both of you know the place; you don’t need to tell me where it is.”

Damon nodded silently.

They were all people who worked in the dark. It was best to keep some things still secret.

However, he still felt a little lost.

He had always wanted to pull V into his team.

Given V’s ability to defeat Bullseye and cause the man to flee, as long as he was willing to help, Damon was confident that he could destroy Frank D’Amico’s nest and kill that nemesis of his.

But V’s att.i.tude was very clear.

They had talked for a long time in Damon’s house, and even when the father and daughter took off their masks and equipment, V still had no intention of taking off his mask.

It’ll be very difficult to get this person to help out, huh? Damon murmured to himself as he watched the car disappear into the night.

Suddenly, he heard someone sigh.

Damon looked at Mindy, who was also standing by the window. “What’s wrong?”

“Dad, are we going to be poor for the rest of our lives?” Mindy’s face was full of sorrow. “V’s equipment is indeed very good, and he even gave us a huge discount, but we’re going to be broke at this rate.”

Damon scratched his head at the practical question.

At the beginning, the two sets of armor had sold for 500,000 bucks, but now, the price of two sets was at least a million. V’s production skills were improving rapidly, and the price was skyrocketing.

Not buy? That was impossible.

However much money they saved was useless if they lost their lives.

The father and daughter didn’t care much about money; they were too focused on killing their nemesis to indulge in a lavish lifestyle.

But a lot of the small gangs in New York had gotten smarter recently.

They had been concealing their tracks in recent months, and the money would be handed over beforehand.

Damon and Mindy weren’t crazy enough to openly fight with a large number of gangsters, so they had to give up on the vaults which were heavily guarded.

Suddenly, Damon’s expression changed. “Do you remember the group we targeted last time?”

Mindy tilted her head. “Which group?”

“Didn’t a bunch of people become arrogant again in h.e.l.l’s Kitchen recently? I heard that their prices increased by 30%,” said Damon.

Confused for a moment, Mindy’s eyes suddenly glittered. “You mean…”

“Now that we have new armor, let’s familiarize ourselves with them tomorrow and get rid of that gang while we’re at it.” Damon fiddled with the new armor.

And in pa.s.sing, clean up the cash in their inventory! he added inwardly.

Mindy cheered. “Oh, yeah! We can finally kill those b*stards!”

Damon said helplessly, “Did you forget again? Don’t swear.”

Mindy stuck out her tongue and made a face. “Sorry, Dad. I’m going to the training room to test out this new armor.” She then ran off.

Damon, who was left behind, shook his head helplessly. In the end, she was still a child! She was only thinking about the new gift, and forgot that the new armor had increased their household debt once again!

But thinking about V’s usual habits, Damon did his best to convince himself and put this problem aside.

Although V was very clear about the debts, he had never been enthusiastic about collecting them.

Damon knew why. So, when V asked for information on the gangsters in New York, he simply gave him all the confidential information he had.

Only by returning the favor could they maintain a good relations.h.i.+p.

Thinking that, he picked up his armor and went to the training room.

He was as curious about the new armor as his daughter, except that he was better at controlling himself.

After Luke drove for a while, he put the box of cash into his inventory.

He had to take the money.

It didn’t really matter to him, but if he didn’t take it, the other party would start to harbor excessive expectations, and it would hurt when he made any outrageous requests in the future.

Habits were terrifying.

It could subconsciously change a person’s understanding.

Luke didn’t want the father and daughter to misunderstand him. For the time being, at least, he couldn’t help them unconditionally.

Their current relations.h.i.+p now was fine.

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