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Chapter 1674: Strength of the Fox Race

Ziling Sect. After the establishment of the Nine Star PaG.o.das by Xiang Shaoyun, the ambient energy around the sect had grown thicker and thicker. Every night, a vast amount of astral energy would converge there, accelerating the cultivation of all Ziling Sect members.

The Ziling Sect had expanded to the point where they had 30,000 members. Their number had grown significantly, as that number didn't even take their subsidiary organizations into consideration.

In the surrounding area, numerous cultivators viewed joining the sect as an utmost glory. Every single year, parents would send their children to the sect, hoping that their children would be able to step onto the path of the strong.

After several crises, the Ziling Sect finally showed signs of rapid growth. Perhaps after 100 years, it would be able to grow into a top organization. The only thing they lacked was the acc.u.mulation of time.

When Xiang Shaoyun returned with the azure dragon and Little White, the entire sect boiled with excitement. All of them knew that Xiang Shaoyun was one of the candidates for the Guardians Guild's young guild master position. If he was truly able to take that position, n.o.body would dare to provoke the Ziling Sect in the future.

The first thing Xiang Shaoyun did after returning was meet his loved ones to quench his yearning for them. However, he soon found that something seemed different in the sect. His father, Purple Lightning Marquis, Yu Caidie, Devil Concubine, Lu Xiaoqing, and Lady Shura were all missing. He could only ask Tuoba Wan'er about them.

Everyone was already aware that Tuoba Wan'er was the sect master's wife. She had been watching over the sect on Xiang Shaoyun's behalf and would rarely leave. On the other hand, her son, Tuoba Lingtian, seemed to be completely out of control.

"Sister Ji and Xiaoqing had returned for their respective breakthroughs. Lady Shura has not returned from her cultivation journey. Caidie was brought back to the Yu Clan," said Tuoba Wan'er. She also told him about Purple Lightning Marquis and Xiang Yangzhan's departure in search of more strength.

"Is the Yu Clan really looking to be eliminated?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"Husband, there is no rush to deal with the Yu Clan. Your top priority is the young guild master position," Tuoba Wan'er hurriedly persuaded.

"You also wish for me to be the young guild master?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

Tuoba Wan'er nodded. "Of course. Only an unrivaled hero like you is worthy of that position."

"For my Wan'er, that position will be mine," declared Xiang Shaoyun as he wrapped his arm around Tuoba Wan'er and laughed. After a while, he asked about his son. He was starting to feel guilty for being an absent father.

After he learned that Tuoba Lingtian was tempering himself in the Buried Monarch Mountain Range, he did not say anything else. Because chaos was coming, every bit of strength mattered. After spending some time with Tuoba Wan'er and Gong Qinyin, he held a meeting with the sect elders to get updated on everything that had happened with the sect.

Next, he spent some time enhancing all the formations around the sect, pus.h.i.+ng the G.o.d-grade formations to an even higher level. Not even G.o.ds could easily penetrate their new defenses.

At the same time, he also had the few G.o.ds he had placed under his control stay and protect the sect. Finally, he went to the fox race's territory. The fox race did not seem to be doing very well. Due to their proximity to the Dusk Dynasty, the fall of the dynasty to the devils had also affected the fox race.

The fox race had long been connected to the Ziling Sect through a teleportation formation, but before they could leave for the sect, the s.p.a.ce around them was completely sealed. The three-eyed fox devils were a part of the invading devils, and among them, two were Devil G.o.ds. They intended to capture all the foxes. Thus, they had sealed the entire mountain range where the fox race resided.

Currently, the two Devil G.o.ds of the three-eyed fox devils were fighting an old fox of the fox race. The old fox was the guardian of the fox race, and he was a second-stage Demon G.o.d. He was Hu Tu, the fox race's ancestor, and he had the bloodline of the eight-tailed fox, which granted him a formidable combat strength.

However, the two Devil G.o.ds were not weak either. One of them was a third-stage Devil G.o.d while the other was a first-stage Devil G.o.d. The two worked together against Hu Tu, and blood sprayed everywhere as they tore and bit at each other in the intense battle.

Each three-eyed fox devil had a third eye that was the source of their unique ability. With their third eyes, the two fox devils inflicted heavy injuries on Hu Tu.

Mustering all his strength, Hu Tu was able to tear the first-stage Devil G.o.d into two, nearly killing that Devil G.o.d.

"This is a pointless struggle. If all of you submit, we won't treat you unfairly," offered the third-stage Devil G.o.d.

"If we submit, we will be nothing but slaves. Nothing good will come out of it," said Hu Tu as he transformed back into his true form.

His entire body was dyed red with blood, and half of his eight tails had been cut off. He looked incomparably miserable.

"I have already given you the offer. Since you don't seem to appreciate it, all the women in your race will become our toys," said the third-stage Devil G.o.d. With a roar, he charged Hu Tu and resumed the battle.

The third-stage Devil G.o.d was extremely strong. He had the form of a ma.s.sive fox shrouded in a layer of black gas. He was much larger than Hu Tu, and he had three long, slender tails. Each swipe of his paw seemed capable of tearing the world apart.

Due to his serious injuries, Hu Tu was unable to last long in the intense battle. Eventually, his aged body was torn apart. The fox race members howled in grief when they saw Hu Tu being torn apart. After all, that was their ancestor.

"d.a.m.n it! If we had moved to the Ziling Sect earlier, none of this would have happened!" said Hu Detian, deeply blaming himself.

"Patriarch, now is not the time to blame yourself. We need to try to break this seal and see if we can send the princess to the Ziling Sect. The royal son-in-law will avenge us," said a Demon Saint fox.

"It's too late. They're already attacking. Prepare to fight with all your strength. Even if all of us have to die, we can't submit. The alternative will be worse than death," said Hu Detian in despair before leading his people against the fox devils.

As the princess of the fox race, Hu Meihui did not see any reason to flee. She was already a third-stage Demon Saint. However, her strength was still not enough against the fox devils.

A fox devil prince personally stood before her path. As he gazed at her enchanting appearance, l.u.s.t filled the prince's mind, and a deep urge to conquer Hu Meihui rose within him.

"Little beauty, follow this prince. I will treat you well. Refuse me, and you will die a miserable death," said the devil fox prince. He felt incredibly smug due to his much higher cultivation level.

As Hu Meihui sank into despair, a voice rang out, "For daring to lay your hands on this overlord's woman, you deserve death!"

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