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Xiang Shaoyun had sustained heavy injuries. The nether prison devil puppet had broken his lower spine and crushed his inner organs. Any other person would be dead by now.

However, Xiang Shaoyun was able to barely hang on to life, thanks to his tough body and his soul power. Because of that, after using several drops of lightning liquid, he started recovering from his fatal injuries.

Electrical currents swirled around his lightning bone, slowly rejoining the spine. At the same time, his inner organs were also being restored. Despite the recovery process, he did not regain consciousness. Rather, his soul floated out of his body.

If anyone saw this, that person would have thought that Xiang Shaoyun was dead for sure. That was understandable, as generally, when one died, one's soul would leave the body and slowly disperse, finalizing the death.

But for Xiang Shaoyun, his soul had not left his body only because of his injuries. Another contributing reason was that his Nether Soul Domain had shattered, but the main reason was that he still felt something calling to him from the statue.

He believed that this calling no longer came from that remnant soul. Rather, there was something else in the statue. His soul went inside the statue and was able to see what was contained in it. Apart from a simple and crude chakram and a jade dish, there was nothing else in the statue.

The chakram had lost its l.u.s.ter and had naturally failed to attract Xiang Shaoyun's attention. However, the sparkling red liquid in the jade dish had attracted him. With one look, he knew what these two were. The chakram was definitely the remnant soul's weapon, while this liquid was the remnant soul's blood essence extracted when alive.

After taking over Xiang Shaoyun's body, the blood essence here would be used to cleanse his body to increase the resonance between the body and the new soul, allowing the new soul to adapt to the body within the shortest time frame.

Unfortunately for the remnant soul, it could no longer make use of the blood essence. However, the blood essence would still be useful for Xiang Shaoyun. The lightning liquid was unable to immediately heal all his injuries, but the blood essence was definitely capable of that. After all, both of them had the bloodline of the Imperial Nether Clan.

Initially, Xiang Shaoyun was distressed about the existence of the Imperial Nether Clan's bloodline in his body, but he no longer felt the same. After all, during the fight over the devil edge gra.s.s, the Dark Devil Sect's old Emperor and the red-haired youth had definitely found out about the existence of the Nether Soul Domain. However, apart from fear, the two had not displayed any actual hatred toward him. 

From that, Xiang Shaoyun could conclude that the Imperial Nether Clan was most likely rather powerful on the surface world and that they had not suffered the rejection of all other surface races. Having figured that out, he no longer minded his Imperial Nether Clan blood that much.

What he needed to do now was feed his body the blood essence in the dish. Only then could he thoroughly activate his bloodline and make use of the power in the bloodline to restore his body. However, this statue was forged of an extremely rare material that was no lower than the sovereign grade. It was almost impossible for him to create an opening on the statue.

His soul flew out of the statue and stared at the immobile puppet as he muttered, "Looks like I can only rely on you."

Without any hesitation, his soul charged into the puppet's brain. Although his soul looked incomparably solid, it was still a soul and would have no problem phasing through obstacles. After entering the puppet, he found that there was no vitality left in the puppet. However, the inner organs and bones of the puppet were still well-preserved. In fact, the puppet was exactly the same as a living nether prison devil, with the only difference being the lack of a soul.

With his soul in the puppet's brain, he instantly received a clear picture of the puppet's structure. He spread his consciousness around the puppet, trying to control it. Sure enough, the puppet started moving in accordance to his will.


Under Xiang Shaoyun's control, the puppet punched the air, releasing a ma.s.sive impact that caused the entire castle to shake.

"Haha, what an amazing body. This body is comparable to a Sovereign's!" Xiang Shaoyun howled with laughter. This nether prison devil puppet was equivalent to an additional insurance for him. In the future, he would not be completely helpless when encountering a Sovereign.

He had a feeling this puppet had a combat prowess comparable to a top-tier Devil Sovereign. Of course, with the complete lack of vitality and blood in this body, it would be hard for it to attack with devilish energy. Even so, it still had the strength of a late-stage Sovereign and would be able to easily kill regular Sovereigns.

Xiang Shaoyun familiarized himself with the puppet in excitement before finally unleas.h.i.+ng a punch at the statue. However, the statue remained standing. Evidently, this was a statue built with sovereign materials. He was not discouraged. He rained punches on the statue, and finally, cracks started appearing on it.

"Break!" Xiang Shaoyun yelled and punched once again.


The statue crumbled. Xiang Shaoyun quickly grabbed the chakram and the jade dish. His soul then left the puppet and returned to his body with the jade dish before feeding his body the blood essence. After doing that, his soul returned to his body. Only with a soul would one's body be complete and be able to properly digest anything one consumed.

With the return of his consciousness to his body, he started fusing the blood essence with his own blood. Since his blood and the foreign blood had the same origin, they quickly blended together. His blood started boiling, and an abundant vitality started coursing through his body. The lightning liquid had already rejoined his broken spine. As for his damaged meridians, veins, and organs, they started restoring under the nourishment of the abundant vitality.

Xiang Shaoyun's bloodline fully came alive. Different from the situation when he absorbed devilish energy in the past, after blending with the blood essence, some information regarding the Imperial Nether Clan started awakening in his mind.

Scenes of the Imperial Nether Clan at the deepest layers of the Devil Domain appeared in his mind. The men of the clan were tall, bold, powerful, and heroic. Each of them had a wild mane of hair and a pair of gray pupils and a high intimacy with nether energy. The women were extremely beautiful, their figure perfect, and their outfits seductive.

Men or women, all were incredibly n.o.ble and majestic. They had access to numerous inconceivable abilities, as if they had won the lottery of creation, loved by the heavens. With their remarkable talent, the imperial nethers created the ghostrunes, a new species created with their soul power. As for the nether prison devils, nether yin devils, and so on...these were all branch clans sharing the same bloodline with the imperial nethers. All of them were under the control of the Imperial Nether Clan.

The history of the Imperial Nether Clan started awakening in Xiang Shaoyun's mind with the power of his bloodline. At the same time, some Imperial Nether Clan's innate abilities started awakening in his mind as well.

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