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Chapter 762: A Combat

Xiao Luo clenched his teeth. He loosened his grip and let himself fall. Two wolf-like beasts collided with each other in the air. Since the impact was very strong, it was an intense collision. With two painful wails, these two wolf-like beasts fell to the ground from the tall tree.

It was a close call, but he managed to dodge a bullet. However, the danger had not pa.s.sed yet. More and more wolf-like beasts climbed onto the tree, jumping on Xiao Luo from all directions. Duck Emperor was small in size, but still, two such beasts aimed at it. They kept jumping on it wildly and worrying about it.

“Mother ducker, I don't believe you pieces of sh*t can fly!”

After dodging here and there for a good while, Duck Emperor suddenly recalled it could actually fly. Flapping its wings, it flew high. Those two wolf-like beasts could do nothing but snarl at it, reluctant to give up. However, in the end, they had to turn around to deal with Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo was in a terrible situation. His injury had not fully recovered yet, and his strength had retrogressed. Currently, he was only a Martial Master, so he could only jump to dodge the attacks from those wolf-like beasts. However, those beasts were fierce and fast. Sometimes, he clearly saw there were only thick leaves in the front, but a giant wolf head would suddenly poke out, attempting to give him a fierce bite with its mouth wide open.

“G.o.dd.a.m.n jerk, let me help you!”

Duck Emperor charged down. It grasped Xiao Luo's shoulders with its webbed feet and took him into the air.

“You are finally useful,” Xiao Luo told Duck Emperor, lifting his head when he had suddenly been safe.

“I will roll my eyes at you. What do you think I am implying?” Duck Emperor said unhappily.

Xiao Luo laughed. However, his laughter stopped very soon, because although Duck Emperor had taken him out of the dangerous zone, those wolf-like beasts did not give up hunting them. They were still running through the forest to follow Xiao Luo and Duck Emperor. Their dark green eyes looked like some spooky lanterns. As they ran forward, they left green traces in the forest.

Even in the air, Xiao Luo could still clearly hear those wolf-like beasts' rapid footsteps and low gnarls.

Duck Emperor obviously had realized that, too. It cursed, “Those pieces of sh*t! There are so many animals they can hunt in the forest. Why can't they just let us go? Are they jealous of my handsome face or what? That's right. That must be the case. But what can I do with my handsome face? I've got good genes. I can do nothing about it.”

Handsome? What the h.e.l.l?

Xiao Luo really wanted to shout at Duck Emperor. What a narcissist it was! How could it have a.s.sociated this situation with how handsome it was? What a freak!

However, he restrained himself. He urged, “Stop talking nonsense. Fly faster to get rid of them!”

“I can't fly faster,” Duck Emperor replied instantly.

“You can't fly faster?” Xiao Luo frowned. “That isn't what you said.”

Duck Emperor flushed, because it did tell Xiao Luo before that no one was better than it at escaping. If it claimed it was the second-best, no one would have the nerve to claim the first place.

It argued immediately, “G.o.dd.a.m.n jerk, I am injured, too. Taking you to fly with me is already the best I can do, but I can't take you to show off my flying speed, okay?”

Looking at it calmly for a while, Xiao Luo said plainly, “Of course, I just can't rely on you.”

“Shoot, that's not music to my ears. Okay. You want to get rid of those pieces of s.h.i.+t down there? I will risk it all!”

Duck Emperor forced itself to fly faster. However, it was more than what its body could handle. It opened its mouth and spit up blood. Then they accelerated all of a sudden. Duck Emperor and Xiao Luo flew across the night sky as fast as a shooting star, leaving a white shadow that disappeared slowly wherever they pa.s.sed by.

Those wolf-like beasts were left far behind instantly. Their footsteps and those low gnarls also disappeared.

Xiao Luo was kind of surprised to hear wind whoos.h.i.+ng across the sky. It was beyond his expectation that the annoying duck was after all good at something. He sincerely commended it, “Nice. I'm really impressed!”

“Nice my foot! We are gonna die!”

Duck Emperor cursed. It really could not persist longer. Its feet loosened the grip of Xiao Luo, and it fell freely to the ground as well.

It was after all his companion. Xiao Luo certainly would not let it get hurt. After having landed on the ground steadily, he caught the exhausted Duck Emperor falling freely to the ground.

“G.o.dd.a.m.n jerk, I…I will sleep for a while. Hold on…”

Duck Emperor was totally exhausted. It lost consciousness as soon as it spoke to Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo put it carefully into his pocket. He knew this annoying duck had tried its best. There was blood around its beak, which aroused his pity for it.

Grunt. Grunt. Grunt.

The low gnarls came nearer and nearer. Some dark green cold rays of light penetrated through the dark dense forest behind him. Xiao Luo knew that meant those wolf-like beasts had caught up to him.

“I will kill all of you when I recover!”

It was not easy to deal with Xiao Luo at all. A cold light twinkled in his eyes. He had suffered so much under those wolf-like beasts' noses. He certainly would not forget about that.

Then, he started to run as fast as he could. Like a ghost, he was extremely fast. However, those beasts were faster, and they knew the terrain of the forest very well. Soon, dozens of beasts surrounded him in a fan shape.

This was an inevitable fight.

Xiao Luo unsheathed the Dragon Saber from his back, ready to fight.

A wolf-like beast ran over fast from one side and jumped on him while snarling, but he cut its head off at one go. Next, another wolf-like beast ran over from behind. It jumped more than 10 feet into the air and crossed 10-odd miles in one leap to jump on him, as if it could fly.

Xiao Luo stopped immediately. He turned around to fight the wolf-like beast leaping over fiercely.


The blade of the Dragon Saber was pierced through the beast's belly. As it struggled, the Dragon Saber sliced its belly more. Blood spurted everywhere. The ground was covered with its viscera. A strong smell of blood was spreading.

It was only one attack, and Xiao Luo was covered with blood. His clothes were all tinged red by the blood of that wolf-like beast. His fair-skinned face was also covered with terrifying blood.

The other wolf-like beasts were slightly shocked. They were obviously surprised that their prey could be so fierce. However, the smell of blood further stimulated the nature of the beasts. Their leader snarled, and dozens of wolf-like beasts started to attack Xiao Luo. That strong smell of the beasts was suffocating.

“You want to eat me? It will depend on your strength!”

Xiao Luo was totally provoked by them. He was filled with killing intent. Brandis.h.i.+ng the Dragon Saber, he started to fight against those wolf-like beasts.

Every wield of the saber would be greeted by blood. Every movement of his would cause death.

In only a matter of seconds, several wolf-like beasts fell in blood, screaming.

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